Milwaukee M12 LED Compact Flood Light

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Milwaukee M12 LED Compact Rover Flood Light

Manufacturer: Milwaukee
Model number: 2364-20
Price: $79.00
Power source: M12 batteries
Weight: 2.2

Milwaukee M12 Rover Flood Light Review 2364-20

The Milwaukee M12 LED Compact Flood Light  is the missing link in the M12 platform.  Sure Milwaukee had the M12 lantern and stick light, but this one its different. Its designed more box shaped with a lower more stable base and an angled lens bezel.

The light measures 5-1/2″ x 5-3/4″ and weighs 2.2 pounds.

Milwaukee M12 LED Compact Flood Light

Quality of Light

The Milwaukee M12 LED Compact Flood Light has Milwaukee’s TrueView technology. TrueView produces a high definition light output with true color representation.  The flood light is even beam and bright.

Milwaukee M12 LED Compact Flood Light


When equipped with a 4.0XC battery the Milwaukee M12 LED Compact Flood Light has the following runtimes:

  • High:         1000 lumens for 3.5 hours.
  • Medium:  400 lumens at 7.5 hours.
  • Low:          200 lumens at 15 hours.

Milwaukee M12 LED Compact Flood Light


The M12 compact flood light Durability is easy to operate. The stem pack battery slides into the rear f the light. One button turns the light on or off. A “Mode” button cycles through high, medium and low. If the light is turned off and back on, it remembers the last light setting.

A battery gauge and low battery indicator is also mounted on the light near these two buttons.

The M12 compact flood light has an IP54 rating which protects it from water sprays and dust. It has a drop rating test from 9 feet, which covers most ceiling hanging applications.

The lens is impact and chemical resistant. The LEDs are designed to never need to be replaced

Milwaukee M12 LED Compact Flood Light

Integrated Hanging Features

The Milwaukee M12 LED Compact Flood Light size has several hanging features, such as:

  • Strong magnet on bottom
  • A spring loaded clamp for mounting to 2×4 stock
  • A key hole hanger to mount on a nail or screw
  • Handle to carry or hand from a hook, Romex or wire

Milwaukee M12 LED Compact Flood LightCost

The Milwaukee M12 LED Compact Flood Light is selling for $79.00 as a bare tool.

Milwaukee M12 LED Compact Rover Flood Light

Milwaukee M12 LED Compact Flood LightConclusion

The Milwaukee M12 LED Compact Flood Light is the perfect addition to the M12 platform. Its a compact, easy to grab and go light that produces clean, even and bright light.

This little light is going to be a big hit with M12 user. Its a high quality LED lighting solution, on or off the job-site.

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