Milwaukee 2357-20 M18 PACKOUT Light/Charger

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Milwaukee 2357-20 M18 PACKOUT Light with Built-In Charger Review

Milwaukee M18 PACKOUT 3000 Lumens LED Light

Manufacturer: Milwaukee
Model number: 2357-20
Power source: 18V Li-Ion
It must be a fun job to work for Milwaukee and invent neat things to work with their PACKOUT™ systems. Milwaukee introduced a few notable PACKOUT products in 2020, such as the drawer units, the storage crate, and the small toolbox, etc. However, I rate the Milwaukee PACKOUT Light/Charger at the top of my list for sheer convenience and safety . I have a couple of portable cordless light towers, and when I take them to job sites, they either get strapped onto the Packout stack, get carried in a free hand, or retrieved on a second trip.

No longer. Now I transport the portable lighting I want into the Packout stack in a secure manner and still have a free hand. Also, I can turn the swivel lights to face outward on the Milwaukee PACKOUT Light/Charger 2357-20, turn them on and enter a dimly lit or dark space safely.

Product Overview

The M18™ PACKOUT™ Light/Charger provides users with extended use, multi-directional lighting, and charging. This portable light delivers up to 3000 Lumens of TRUEVIEW™ High Definition quality light intensity.

TheMilwaukee PACKOUT Light/Charger 2357-20 is fully compatible with the PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System. The Light/Charger is the same stack thickness as two (2) 48-22-8435 pieces or four (4) 48-22-8436 storage modules

Three independent rotating light heads allow for complete control over lighting direction, whether using it on a PACKOUT™ stack or as a dedicated light independent of the PACKOUT™ stack. Users can manage the output and adjust the runtime on this portable work light with three modes (All Lights, Main Panel Light, or Back/Front Lights).

Also, Milwaukee provided three separate illumination settings, high, medium, and low for each of the three modes. The PACKOUT light/charger creates nine selectable lighting combinations. That way, the user can adjust the lighting for the specific task. Milwaukee indicates that the Milwaukee PACKOUT Light/Charger can run for up to 31 hours on one M18™ REDLITHIUM™ XC 5.0 Battery.

There is an AC input for continuous runtime, and M18™ Battery charging capability. Also, the AC capability allows the user to recharge devices with the 2.1AMP USB output. Milwaukee provides a storage compartment to store small items inside, or house the user’s phone while charging in the storage compartment. This compartment is protected with seals to prevent dust and dirt intrusion.

Milwaukee 2357-20 M18 PACKOUT Light/Charger

Milwaukee PACKOUT Light/Charger Features

  • Three Independent Pivoting Light Heads Provide 3000 Lumens of TRUEVIEW High Definition Output.
  • Integrated M18 battery charging.
  • Back/Front Lights Provide Up to 31 Hours of Run-Time on an M18™ REDLITHIUM XC5.0 Battery Pack.
  • Low Battery Indicator.
  • 2.1 AMP USB Output for USB Device Charging.
  • Full System Compatibility with the PACKOUT Modular Storage System – Lighting On and Off the Stack.
  • 9 Total selectable combinations to manage output or runtime.
  • Powered by M18 REDLITHIUM Batteries or AC Power.
  • Small Storage Compartment for Devices and Small items.
  • Height of (2) 48-22-8435 or (4) 48-22-8436 storage modules.


Power SourceCordless or Corded
Modes LumensHigh 3,000L/Medium 1,500L/Low 1,000L
Run Time - All Light Panels4/8/12 Hours
Run Time - Main Light Panel5.5/12/19 Hours
Run Time - Front & Back Panels10/21.5/31 Hours
Height 8.7"
Tool Warranty5 Year Tool, LED Limited Lifetime
Battery SystemM18
Weight11.4 #
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Transporting the Milwaukee 2357-20 M18 PACKOUT Light/Charger

I find the PACKOUT Light/Charger fits a nice niche in transporting equipment to various project sites. Securing the 2357-20 into a PACKOUT stack is a key to its effectiveness and how often I will use it. I stack it and forget it until it is time to employ it on the job site. Frankly, I do not see this product staying home very much.

Not only is it a great lighting solution, I like having the battery charger available. Even the largest M18 batteries will fit into this product’s battery bay.

Milwaukee added the convenience of a USB charger for cell phones or other 5v rechargeable devices. Any USB device that uses more than 2.4A of DC electrical current will trip a self-resetting overload protector and disable the output. After tripping, the USB thermal breaker will cool down and be usable again in a short time.

Finally, I can use it with an a/c cord and not worry about the battery life.

Operating the Milwaukee 2357-20 M18 PACKOUT Light/Charger

Operation of this device is extremely simple:

  1. Insert battery pack or plug into AC power.
  2. Press the power button to turn on the light.
  3. Select the brightness to cycle through High, Medium, and Low.
  4. Choose the MODE button to select full lighting, main light, or front/back lights.
  5. Press the power button to turn OFF the light.

NOTE: The light will default to the selected brightness and mode settings the next time it is turned on. On battery power, the light will flash to indicate the battery is reaching its end-of-charge.

What I Like about the Milwaukee PACKOUT Light/Charger 2357-20 

  • I often take the 2357-20 off of the PACKOUT stack to use it as a standalone light source when entering dark or dim space. At 11.4 pounds, it is certainly heavier than a flashlight, but it is light enough to grab and go.
  • The 3000 lumens are plenty of light for most of the lighting tasks that I have. I often use it on a workbench when I am looking for pinholes in epoxy inlays or for seeing where I have applied finishes. When I shine it obliquely on the drywall-taping job I thought was darn near perfect, it lets me know that I am far from perfect. Being able to line up the head on the wall surface is a real help for quality control observations.
  • Having a USB charging compartment protected by a door lets me know that my phone or laser measurer is not being covered in dust and debris when it is charging.
  • I routinely use the 2357-20 in the portion of my workshop that has the cnc machines. These operations need a lot of light for optimal performance, and the flexibility to move this light around is a great feature.

  • If I am pulling an 8+ hr. shift at the CNC, I use the 2357-20 with an a/c extension cord. That way, I do not ever have to worry about when I need to change out the battery or keep a conga line of batteries going to and from a remote charger.
  • I appreciate the value of the light output, “TRUEVIEW High Definition Output” may be a marketing phrase, but for trades that need true color rendition, this is an essential feature for accurate work.

What will I do to improve the effectiveness of the 2357-20 Light/Charger

  • Manufacturers design almost every light cordless lighting tower product with a base that extends the lighting head to a high level for better light distribution. As part of the PACKOUT system, the 2357-20 relies on the height of the user’s PACKOUT stack for its vertical elevation. As a result, I will probably purchase or make a mounting plate for the Milwaukee PACKOUT Light/Charger so that I can mount the plate on a column or wall and then get the Light/Charger the height it needs for good area lighting.
  • My iPhone 10 fits well within the USB charging compartment. But users with larger phones will have the outside door of the compartment open if their phones do not fit on the diagonal. A small increase to the compartment depth would be a great addition to this product.


The 2357-20 Light /Charger is $199 online as a bare tool and can be found at our partner:


In closing, I consider this price a great value for a device with so many light level options, an M-18 battery charger and a USB charging capability. Importantly, I find the ease of transporting this light as a part of the PACKOUT system very compelling. By rights, the PACKOUT system will keep the Milwaukee PACKOUT Light/Charger protected when part of a large stack.

The three independent and adjustable lights provide the user with a flexible and adaptable lighting solution.

Finally, the TRUEVIEW light quality is an essential part of any lighting system I would consider having in my tool crib. I am very pleased with the Light/Charger and I am looking for ways to justify buying a second one to increase the flexibility of my job site portable lighting components.



Milwaukee 2357-20 M18 PACKOUT Light/Charger – Video Review

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