Werner Multi Position Ladder MT-001AA Review

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Werner Multi Position Ladder MT-001AA Review

Werner Multi-Position Ladder MT-001AA

Manufacturer: Werner
Model number: MT-001AA
Price: 289.00
Weight: 23.5
The Werner Multi Position Ladder MT-001AA solves problems. Often people think of a problem in terms of its consequences but in reality, problems are nothing more than an opportunity to identify a specific need.

Werner Multi Position Ladder MT-001AA

As a remodeling carpenter, problems are integral to the work I do on a day to day basis. Whether it is trying to match an existing molding, repair rot, or reach something in an awkward position, I am constantly identifying what I need to get the job done.

Werner Multi Position Ladder MT-001AA

The Werner Multi Position Ladder MT-001AA  has helped me get the job done time after time. To start, it can fold up into a really compact size and fit into a 6 footbed of a pickup truck. It has 32 adjustable positions, allowing you to quickly and safely adapt to Jobsite conditions. And for a multi-position ladder with as many options as it has, it is reasonably lightweight at 23.5 pounds.

Unique Problems Need Unique Solutions

The Werner Multi Position Ladder MT-001AA can accommodate all of your climbing needs. It has 32 adjustable positions, which make it comparable to 5 separate ladders. As someone that works out of a pickup truck and can be installing crown molding in the morning and installing a 2nd-floor window after lunch, I need a ladder that can facilitate all my climbing needs and fit into the bed of a pickup.

Werner Multi Position Ladder MT-001AA Features

What makes the Werner Multi Position Ladder truly unique is that it is really 5 ladders in 1:

  • Extension Ladder
  • Double-Sided Twin Step Ladder
  • Stairway Ladder
  • 90 degree Wall Ladder
  • 2 Self-supported Scaffolding Bases
  • Specifications
  • Number of Positions 16
  • Number of Height Adjustments 15
  • Load Capacity 375 lb
  • Closed Height (in) 42.9
  • Closed Length (in) 9
  • Closed Width (in) 21.9
  • Ladder Width (in) 88
  • Duty Rating Type IAA Duty Rating
  • Product Weight (lb)   23.5
  • Base Width (in) 88
  • Certifications ANSI certified, OSHA compliant
  • Reach Height Extension Ladder 14ft 3in
  • Reach Height Step Ladder 9ft 4in
  • Reach Height Stairway 9ft 4in
  • Reach Height Wall Ladder 9ft
  • Reach Height Scaffold 8ft 7in
  • Highest Standing Level – Extension Ladder 7ft 7in
  • Extension Height 7ft to 11ft
  • Extension Ladder Open Length 13ft
  • Foot Material Slip-Resistant PVC
  • Ladder Material Aluminum
  • Number of Sections 3
  • Number of Steps 12

Werner Multi Position Ladder MT-001AA

Adjusting the Werner Multi Position Ladder

To adjust this ladder you release or engage the newly designed shatterproof aluminum j-locks. We found them easy to use, especially with the oversized impact-resistant push knobs. The innovative POWERLITE™ rail system allows this ladder to be lighter than any previous Werner 375 lbs. Multi-Position Ladder.

Werner Multi Position Ladder MT-001AA

Day to Day Use

I found that there were three main features to the Werner Multi Position Ladder that improved my workflow and helped me with the type of work I do day-to-day.

Double-Sided Ladder

First, when set in the Double-Sided Twin Step Ladder, I found myself moving the ladder around far less than I did with a traditional step ladder. Because I am able to safely climb both sides of the ladder, I can effectively reach twice the area without moving the ladder. This undoubtedly helps when installing crown molding, repairing siding, or fastening longboards above your head. In the twin step ladder position, the ladder has a maximum working height of 13 feet and 2 inches.

Extension Ladder

Second, the Extension Ladder feature allows me to reach a maximum height of 22 feet, which is more than enough to reach most second story roofs. It is incredibly easy to adjust the height of the extension ladder with the J-locks. No longer do you need to pull a frayed rope to extend your ladder. The extremely durable aluminum J-locks can be effortlessly disengaged to extend the ladder and then re-engaged to lock the ladder in the desired position.

Werner Multi Position Ladder MT-001AA

Self  Supporting Scaffold Base

Finally, the 2 Self-supported Scaffolding Bases are an added bonus for such a compact and light-weight ladder. Often, staging is needed to replace a window or siding or to level or insulate a ceiling. The fact that I can easily and safely set up staging with a maximum reach height of 8 feet 7 inches is a huge bonus for me.

All of these applications are possible with 1 ladder.

A Design that Solves Problems

At first, the Werner Multi Position Ladder MT-001AA looks bulky. However, after operating the ladder for a few hours it became clear to me that the innovative design of this ladder makes it worth the added bulk. Whether you operate out of a box truck, van, or pickup truck, this ladder can solve so many problems regarding climbing and staging and can be a valuable “everyday carry” ladder.

Werner Multi Position Ladder MT-001AA

32 Adjustable Positions

The 32 adjustable positions, shatterproof aluminum j-locks, the oversized impact-resistant push knobs, and the POWERLITE™ rail system make the Werner Multi Position Ladder MT-001AA easy to adjust between positions and carry in and out of the job site.

Now, when I roll up to a job site with this ladder I know I’ll have all the solutions I need for whatever challenges the job presents to me. For me, when a tool solves problems it has earned its value.


You can find the Werner Multi Position Ladder MT-001AA for $289.00 at Lowes.

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