Werner Aluminum Linking Pro Work Platforms Review

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Werner Aluminum Linking Pro Work Platforms – Model AP-2030L-MP2

Werner Aluminum Height and Linking Pro Platform

Manufacturer: Werner
Model number: AP-2030L
Price: 145.63
Weight: 23.0
Work platforms are becoming more and more prevalent on job sites. They are adjustable in height, and now you can link them together making them even longer, therefore moving as you go is becoming less and less of a hassle!

The market leader in ladders, Werner offers a full range of climbing equipment for working at heights. Ladders, attic ladders, scaffolding, pump jacks, stages, planks, step stools, and all the accessories. Werner offers a complete variety of climbing gear that is engineered to provide you with the maximum level of safety, durability, and productivity at every height, from ladders to fall protection. Every Werner product complies with or above the relevant international safety standards.

Manufacturer Specifications and Features

  • Extra-large 46-inch x 14-inch platform
  • Adjusts from 20 inches to 30 inches high
  • Wide feet provide stability
  • Height adjustment allows the work platform to be set on stairways
  • Quick setup with one-handed lock and height adjustments
  • The lightweight, compact size and EASY-GRAB handles make it simple to carry your work

Werner AP-2030L on the Job Site

During a large renovation, we utilized these linking work platforms when installing our window trim. Having the ability to safely stand and move while working was key to our success. Not having to relocate a small step ladder multiple times allowed us to install the window trims faster.

Each platform is almost 4′ long. Combining them together and the ability to safely work to the right and left we were able to cover about 10′-12′ at once without moving the platform.

The 14″ wide platform makes walking and turning around a non fall issue. Doubling your work length without having to move the platform is a really nice feature.

Set Up | Quick Link Technology

With Werner’s quick link technology, no tools are required to set up. You can safely link two or more platforms together. The work platform is fast to set up with one-handed lock and height adjustments.


To connect the platforms together you must first slide out the connecting plate. Once pulled out all the way, you can connect the second platform

The second platform links into the first by sitting on the connection plate.


When you are ready to disconnect, you have to press the yellow levers on both sides and lift up. This will release the locking mechanism and you are disconnected.

Adjusting the Height

Adjusting the height is simple once the work platform has been safely opened. The platform step has a lever that you push to raise the legs  bottoms to the appropriate height. The work platform is adjustable between entirely closed (20′′) and fully extended (30′′). The same is true for locking them up; all you have to do is push a button and slide the legs upwards. The work platform is also very well stabilized by the large feet. The best part is this is all a one-handed operation.


The Werner AP-2030L platform is extremely versatile. There are several options in which you can deploy this work platform.

Due to the variable height adjustment on the legs, you can work on uneven ground without a stability issue. Working in areas with steps is no longer a safety hazard. Pairing multiple platforms allow for longer work areas and less moving of the platforms.

When folded up, the platform is extremely compact, measuring just over 4″.

Lightweight | Aluminum

The Werner platforms are made of aluminum and really lightweight. Each platform weighs only 23 lbs. The aluminum legs have non-slip threads and have yellow and blue plastic “bumpers” on the edges to avoid marring or scaring on delicate surfaces.

The large carrying handle in the middle allows you to carry the platform with ease to and from the van or work truck.

Safety | The Utmost Importance

Let’s stop and think about safety for a minute… Or make a quick phone call.

It makes sense to have a dependable work platform. Werner now has combined safety with the ability to work in longer spans by producing linking platforms. Now for our review, we only had two platforms linked together.  Werner says you can link up to 5 total! That 20 feet of workspace from side to side.  Werner remains an industry leader because they continue to produce products like this AP-2030L-MP2.

Werner Aluminum Height and Linking Pro Platform




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