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Little Giant 17’ Revolution Ladder, Model 12017 Review

Little Giant 17' Revolution Ladder Type 1A

Manufacturer: Little Giant
Model number: 12017
Price: 283.00
Weight: 32 lbs

The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) report on ladder safety shows mind blowing statistics concerning the severity and number of ladder-related accidents that occur in the United States. Every year thousands of people are injured, and hundreds are killed in ladder accidents that usually can be avoided. More than 90,000 parties receive medical treatment from ladder related injuries every year, and 15% of all occupational deaths are caused by ladder injuries. OSHA believes that 100% of all ladder accidents can be prevented if the proper safety precautions are followed.

Little Giant claims their Revolution is designed to be the safest ladder on the planet and I would totally agree with them. This ladder can be used safely on stairs, ramps, curbs or any other uneven surface. Their LiteWave™ aluminum technology is the same material used in aerospace construction. This material has ultra-strong characteristics without sacrificing size or portability.

Little Giant Ladder 12017


First Impression:

I reviewed the following Little Giant products:

  • Little Giant 12017 Ladder
  • Aluminum Work Platform 10104
  • Aluminum Wingspan 10111
  • Aluminum Work Plank 11013

My initial thought was this ladder is heavy and not going to be as portable as I thought it would. Weighing in at 37.5lbs, it is almost 3x heavier than my aluminum step ladder and 2x heavier than my fiberglass step ladder, but I quickly realized it could do things that my other ladders can not.

Over several years of contracting work, my ladder collection has grown, due to the need to have different heights and configurations. I literally have everyone of those ladders built into the Little Giant 12017.

I immediately noticed that the lower base of this ladder has flared out legs.  This leg flare design provides outstanding stability. People who may get nervous on ladders will immediately notice the leg flare provides balance and support. Having that wider base will allow you to reach left or right with lesser risk of tipping. I’m was impressed with the portability of this ladder. All of the accessories are tool-less and attach with ease by either locking into place or sliding on a rung. Little Giant does a real nice job on hassle free attachments.

Model 12017 and Accessories Specifications:

Below are the manufacture’s specifications for the Little Giant Revolution Type 1A ladder, 10104 aluminum work platform accessory, 10111 aluminum wing span accessory and 11016 aluminum telescoping work plank accessory.

Little Giant 12017 Revolution Ladder Type 1A Specs

  • 300-lb weight rating (Type 1A)
  • Exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Built with LiteWave™ technology (aerospace-grade aluminum)

Work Platform 10104

Wing Span 10111

  • Great for working around obstacles
  • 4 foot fixed span
  • Attaches easily
  • 1-year warranty
    The Little Giant Wingspan can be purchased for $40.00 on Amazon here: Little Giant Wingspan-Model 10111

Telescoping Work Plank 11016

  • Aluminum construction
  • Rated for 250 lbs
  • Exceeds load requirements set forth by OSHA & ANSI
  • Adjusts from 10 to 16 feet
  • Slip resistant surface
  • Weather resistant
    The Little Giant Work Plank can be purchased for $245.99 on Amazon here: Little Giant 10’-16’ Work Plank-Model 11016

4-in-1 Ladder

When discussed on the job site, a few common things talked about are the weight and cost. Yes, the Little Giant 12017 be 3x heavier than your standard aluminum ladder (weighting 37.5lbs) and yes it is more than double sometimes triple the cost of your aluminum or fiberglass step ladder ($283), but if you think about the versatility this ladder offers than those are moot points. This ladder is designed to be 4 different styles of ladders all in one, for example:

  • Typical A Frame Ladder with 4 adjustable heights: 4′, 5′, 6′, & 7′
  • Staircase style ladder
  • Extension ladder
  • Scaffolding Position

Typical A frame ladders are the most common use for the Little Giant 12017. Extending to four different heights 4′,5′,6′ & 7′ in a matter of seconds is my favorite feature of this ladder. Instead of carrying several step ladders in various heights, you have them all in one and save a boat load of room in your van, truck or trailer. The price reflects the versatility of this ladder. When you add up what it would cost to just own a 4′,5′,6′,& 7′ ladder, you are looking at $200-$250 easily. This is not including the extension ladder or right angle ladder features, therefore making this ladder worth the $280 purchase.

Work Platform – Model 10104

The movable Work Platform Model – 10104 is constructed of the same aero-space material and fits on any Little Giant ladder rungs. Rated Type 1A, it can support up to 300 pounds, perfect for contractors who need the extra weight capacity for their work applications.

The 10104’s design allows it to tuck away when not needed, yet easily moves into place with your foot when ready to use. Once you climb up the ladder past the rung where the platform is mounted, you drop your heal back and extend the platform. Very nice feature Little Giant added here. By having the platform stored prior to climbing, you do not have to worry about bending down and trying to secure it while up on the ladder thus preventing injury.

Aluminum Work Plank Scaffold – Model 11016

Since the Little Giant pulls apart to form two scaffold trestles, you just add the Little Giant 11016 Aluminum Work Plank to form a scaffolding system. Additionally, Little Giant provides 2 aluminum brackets that secure the outer ladder rails together, forming a second ladder Using the scaffolding feature was my only concern. As a contractor who weighs 250lbs, I noticed that there was a bow in the plank when used at the 10′ length. I did not try to walk on the plank at the 16′ extension length, not until I go on a diet! Little Giant does not recommend going higher than the second ladder rung to support your plank. The third rung can be used with the plank as a work bench only, not as scaffolding.

The work plank is weather resistant and has a slip resistant work surface. This scaffolding feature is great for painters, or carpenters doing outside siding work, or large crown molding jobs.  The scaffolding weighs 53 lbs, telescopes from 10′ to 16′, is 12″ wide and is rated at 250 lbs.

4-Foot Wingspan Accessory – Model 10111

The 4′ Wingspan – Model 10111 makes working on rain gutters, around windows, bushes, overhangs and other obstacles much easier. Having a larger point of contact on whatever surface you are working on provides that much more stability and makes you safer. This is my favorite accessory, especially for a guy who doesn’t like heights all to well.

Great for Tight Spots

For those tight to get places in the stairwell, the Stairwell style ladder is extremely helpful. Painters and plasterers drool over this feature. My painter loves this ladder so much, he tried to steal it. “Forgot it was in my truck” he said. Yeah right, I know this game, and I cant blame him for trying. This ladder is loved by all contractors.

Extension Ladder

For projects that require more than 17′ of height,  the Little Giant easily transforms into a sturdy extension ladder allowing you to reach places such as rooftops, trees and much more with ease. By pressing in the hinge locks, you can turn the 12017 into an extension ladder with amazing stability. Flaring on both top and bottom are what creates the extreme stability Little Giant is known for.

Overall Impression:

I could not set up the Little Giant 12017 as fast as the guy in the infomercial, but after spending some time and watching the provided DVD I was able to get the hang of it. Although I use the ladder for mostly business purposes, when I am using it, I feel like I am a kid again getting to play Transformers when I operate it. Love it!

With the addition of Little Giant 12017 Revolution Ladder, I was able to reduce my ladder collection from 4 down to 1. I increased my storage space without having to give anything up. The Little Giant Ladder is perfect for my line of work.

If you are looking for a reliable, versatile and transportable ladder than the Little Giant 12017 Revolution Ladder Type 1A is your go to ladder. Anyone that does not mind the price would be very proud to have this ladder in their truck or shop. The construction of this ladder, the great features it has and when used properly will no doubt eliminate personal injuries.

Little Giant 17' Revolution Ladder Type 1A

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