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Little Giant MightyLite Ladder Review

6-Foot, 1A Rated

Manufacturer: Little Giant
Model number: MightyLite
Price: 97.50
Weight: 17.3
Every day nearly 2,000 people are injured while using a ladder. Nearly 100 of them suffer a long-term or even permanent disability. And every day one person dies. The folks at Little giant Ladder invest a lot into research and development into their ladders. They recently released an innovative step ladder called the Little Giant MightyLite ladder.

Pro Construction Rated Materials

The Mightylite is significantly lighter than comparable traditional stepladder. The MightyLite is a high visibility green folding step ladder with non-conductive fiberglass side rails.

It is extremely well constructed and rated in both Type IA 300 lbs and Type IAA 375 lbs ratings.

Height Options

The Little Giant MightyLite comes in three different height configurations:

  • 4-foot  [Max reach 8’4” Assuming a 5/6 person with a 12” vertical reach]
  • 5-foot  [Max reach 9’4” Assuming a 5/6 person with a 12” vertical reach]
  • 6-foot  [Max reach 10’3” Assuming a 5/6 person with a 12” vertical reach]
  • 8-foot  [Max reach 12’2” Assuming a 5/6 person with a 12” vertical reach]

Light Weight

The MightyLite is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry.  The 1A ladder weights are listed beoe. The 1A ladders are slightly heavier by approx. 1+ lbs.

  • 4-foot   – 12 lbs
  • 5-foot  – 14.2 lbs
  • 6-foot   – 17.3 lbs
  • 8-foot   – 24 lbs

Safety Measures in Design

The most common cause of step ladder falls is from people improperly using the top step. The MightyLite was designed to help to prevent the temptation of users stepping on the top rung. A no-rung top cap prevents users from standing on the top rung. This top cap also allows to you keep some tools close at waist height.

Mightylite’s also installed a clicking mechanism “ground cue” on the bottom step the prevent people from stepping off the step above, thinking they are on the bottom step.  Ankle, knee, and back injuries have resulted in users missing the bottom step while descending and dismounting the ladder.

I found the “ground que,” incredibly annoying. Once I got past the notion that it wasn’t about me, it was for safety, I quickly accepted it and moved on.

Slim Storage Profile

A no-pinch platform design opens easily from a slim 5″ storage profile and has two spacious treads and, a comfortable standing deck. It is light weight and super easy to carry.

Standing Platform Deck

The MightyLite’s standing platform is wide, comfortable, allows you to comfortable position yourself to work, and provides complete heel to toe coverage.

Major Features:

  • Significantly lighter stepladder
  • Design helps to prevent users from standing on the top rung
  • Ground cue prevents injuries by signaling the user when it is safe to dismount the ladder
  • No-pinch platform
  • Slim 5″ storage profile
  • 6-foot height
  • Type IA 300 lbs.
  • Type IAA 375 lbs.
  • High visibility green
  • Non-conductive fiberglass side rails

Overall Impression

After using the Little Giant MightyLite ladder for 4 months I am seriously considering getting rid of my heavier step ladders. We use a folding work platforms a lot on our remodels. Between the MightyLite an the work platform our step ladders never left the tool trailer,

6-Foot, 1A Rated

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  1. What size working platform? How about a review?

    1. 13″x13″ fits most peoples feet comfortably!

  2. David

    What is the source of the statistics on injuries and deaths cited in the article?

    1. EHS Today.

      EHS informs safety, health and industrial hygiene professionals in the manufacturing, construction, and service sectors about trends, management strategies, regulatory news and new products that help them provide safe and healthy work sites.

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