Milwaukee M12 Heated Jackets Get Top Marks – Camo and High Visibility

2nd Generation Milwaukee M12 Heated Jackets – Realtree AP™ Camo and High Visibility

Milwaukee recently introduced their 2nd generation heated jackets. Along with the previous Red Jacket they are now offering 3 more styles including:

  • Realtree AP™ Camo JacketM12-Heated-Jackets
  • High Visibility Jacket
  • Black Jacket

The addition of the new colors/styles allow Milwaukee the ability to sell a stylish jacket that can be used by not only Contractors but also anyone partaking in outdoor recreation activities. Hunters will be excited to see that Milwaukee has teamed up with Realtree AP™ Camo. Jobsite safety at construction sites will get better with the ANSI Class III Certified Jackets which Meet or Exceed Jobsite and Roadside Construction Standards.

I recently added to my heated jacket collection with the Camo and High Visibility Jackets. Two years ago I reviewed the Milwaukee M12 Red Heated Jacket so I was eager to try the latest jackets and compare them to my previous experience.Milwaukee M12 Heated Readtree Camo Jacket - Todd Fratzel

M12 Heated Realtree AP™ Camo Jacket

Last fall during deer hunting season I had a great opportunity to test the new Realtree AP™ Camo Jacket. Deer hunting season here in NH runs in late November which means really cold temperatures combined with rain, sleet and snow.

This jacket was clearly designed by people who spend time in the wood hunting. First off let me say the heating element works as well or better than the first generation jacket I tested 2 years ago. On one fresh battery I was able to keep warm while hunting for the entire day. I always used just one battery even on a couple days when it was really cold and snowing.

RealTree Camo

Second I love the fact that Milwaukee teamed up with one of the premiere camo companies on the market with Realtree AP™ Camo. Their products are proven within the industry and a brand that sportsman know and trust. Lastly, and most importantly the fabric is a soft, QUIET, material that’s perfect for hunting. When you brush up against trees and other foliage it’s as quiet as a mouse!

On the Camo and High Visibility jackets the heat controls are located on the inside of the jacket. Obviously that’s important for the Camo jacket but I think it’s a great idea even on the high visibility jacket. By installing it on the inside the jackets really appear to be normal outerwear and nothing unusual.

Milwaukee M12 Heated High Visibility Jacket - Todd Fratzel

M12 Heated High Visibility Jacket

I was really interested in the high visibility jackets when I saw them last summer at the Media Event. This winter I’ve had the chance to use this exciting new addition to the heated jacket lineup while plowing snow. A vast majority of the time I’m out plowing snow is in the middle of the night when visibility is very poor and temperatures are really cold.

The M12 High Visibility jacket kept me really warm and gave me an extra sense of safety when getting in and out of the plow truck at night. This jacket is perfect for all sort of contractors including highway work, bridge work, emergency response personnel and contractors on busy job sites.

Lighted Switch

M12 Battery in Jacket PouchJust like the CAMO jacket the switch for the jacket is located on the inside of the upper chest area. Milwaukee uses a color scheme (shown above) to tell you which setting you have it on from low (blue), medium (white) and high (red). The control is super easy to use and it’s so slim and compact you won’t even know it’s there.

The M12 battery is carried in a convenient pouch on the back of the jacket. A wire in the pouch is connected to the battery pack. When washing or cleaning the jacket you can simply disconnect the wire.

Again, this jacket was designed by people who wear similar jackets in the field. This jacket has quite a different design offering:

  • Removable hood
  • Oversize / relaxed fit making it much more comfortable to work in
  • Large, soft cuffs that fit under work gloves nicely
  • ANSI Class III Certified which meets or exceeds jobsite and roadside construction standards
  • Hidden inside pocket to facilitate custom embroidery by construction companies
  • Chest pocket for phone or radio
  • Pen/Pencil sleeve pocket
  • The battery pouch can be expanded to use the larger XC batteries.
  • You can purchase an accessory that allows you to bypass the battery and plug the jacket into a cigarette lighter. This is especially convenient for people riding ATV’s and Snowmobiles and also construction workers riding in excavation equipment.

M12 Battery Pack

 Overall Impression

It’s clear that the Milwaukee M12 Heated Jackets have become quite popular considering the release of three new designs this year. I think it’s a great product and a brilliant extension of the cordless battery lineup. Furthermore, I’m impressed that each jacket has been designed for the specific use instead of just using the same jacket design with different colors. This is a case where you really do get the style and usability in a well thought out design. For those reasons I think the entire lineup of Milwaukee M12 Heated Jackets gets an A+ from me.

The entire lineup of products can be found at Milwaukee retailers or online at Amazon. Below are links to several of the jackets and accessories.

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  1. Jeff Williams

    I have the black jacket and love that it has hand warmers and a usb port so I can run a cord up through the jacket and charge my phone. I know winter is ending soon (hopefully) but seriously look at getting one of these jackets, you won’t be disappointed.

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