Milwaukee M12 Cordless Heated Jacket Review

Milwaukee M12™ Cordless Heated Jacket

Back in November we told you about a really innovative new product from Milwaukee, the Milwaukee M12™ Cordless Heated Jacket. The Milwaukee M12™ Cordless Heated Jacket is certainly a tool accessory that is sorely needed here in New England this winter! We are having one of the snowiest and coldest winters in recent memories and this jacket has been my secret weapon!

From Milwaukee

Compatible with the entire line of M12™ professional power tools, the new heated jacket utilizes the innovative M12™ RED LITHIUM® battery technology to actively warm the body and stimulate blood circulation in even the coldest jobsite conditions. Hidden in a sleek back pocket, the RED LITHIUM® battery delivers superior runtime, with up to six hours of continuous heat on a single battery charge.

And The Verdict Is…..

Anyone that lives and works during the winter here in New England know that keeping warm can be really hard to do. As you can see in the photo I was recently wearing the new jacket during a hefty snow storm while snow blowing our driveway. With the help of the M12™ Cordless Heated Jacket I was nice and warm!

The jacket is really easy to use. There’s a small pocket in the back of the jacket where you plug in a M12™ RED LITHIUM® battery pack. Then to control the heat you simply push a built-in button that’s sewn into the upper chest (above the logo) of the jacket. If you look closely in the photo you’ll see the button is glowing red to indicate the jacket is on.

There are three settings on the heat, each consecutive setting is twice as warm as the previous and they are color coded from blue, to white, to red.

The jacket itself is made from a water and wind resistant material that appears very durable. I received a 2XL and it fit well including the length which is sometimes a problem for me with jackets.

So for me the final verdict is a huge thumbs up!

Final Thoughts

This jacket may sound like a crazy marketing idea but the reality is it’s a very functional jacket. Not only will I wear it on the jobsite but I can wear it around the house doing winter yard work like snow blowing, I can wear it deer hunting (it’s even red!), or I could wear it to a football game or skiing. The possibilities truly are endless and so far the jacket is kept under lock and key as the guys on the jobsite are quite envious!

Where To Buy

So if you want to own one of these nifty new jackets you can pick one up at your local Milwaukee dealer or purchase them online. You can buy either the jacket alone or with a battery and charger.

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  1. jeff_williams

    I have this jacket too and it is as awesome as Todd says. It has become far and away my most used tool this winter. It is a warm jacket even when turned off. I’ve found that I get a little less than 6 hours out of a battery though (even with the Red Lithium line) despite its rated 6 hours. Other than that the jacket rocks. The jacket runs true to size (at least my XL does).

    ps- Todd, the battery holder slips into the elastic webbing. Cord on one side of the stitching and the holder on the other side.

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Jeff – I haven’t worn it for more than a few hours at a time so I hadn’t tested the time on the battery. Yes the battery does fit into the elastic inside that pocket to keep it nice and secure.

  2. jeff_williams

    Oh and Acme apparently has the jacket on sale (and all Milwaukee tools) until the 15th. I think the jacket is $143 with their promo code.

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  6. Tracie

    What does the M12 light mean

  7. Leonard withrow

    My battery only last about 2 hour got at home depot on the 24 and try to see if they could do anything for me but they told me no can your guys please help

    1. Todd Fratzel

      If you were running it on the highest heat setting that’s not unusual depending on the size battery pack you had installed. If you turn it down to low or medium you’ll get a much longer run time. When I wear the jacket for long periods hunting I’ll bring an extra battery, and I often will set it on medium.

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