Holstery Tactical Tool Holders Review

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Holstery Tactical Tool Holders Review

Tactical Tape Measure and Hammer Holders

Manufacturer: Holstery
Price: $24.99
Toolbelts are often a love-hate relationship. A high-quality belt system may offer all-day comfort but require a bulky loadbearing set-up. Holstery is a company that is helping to change that mindset. This tool review will take an in-depth look at the Holstery tactical tool holders as well as their other products.

Holstery Tactical Belt Tool Holders Review

While the toolbelt world may be lagging behind a bit in terms of innovation, the concealed carry holster industry continues to leap forward with innovations. Holstery is examining the technology of the holster world and adapting it to tools. Just look at their name. Holstery products focus on lightweight, easy on/off, rugged, and versatile designs.

Holstery Tactical Tool Holders Review

Holstery Tactical Hammer and Tape Measure Holders

Two products from the Holstery line up that immediately appealed to me were the Tactical Tape Measure Holder and the Tactical Hammer Holder. A dedicated tool belt is not something I wear daily. I spend more time in the truck or in meetings than I care to admit. Wearing a dedicated belt-mounted leather hammer loop is a recipe for back pain and a damaged truck interior.

Holstery Tactical Tool Holders Review

However, working in construction has taught me to be as flexible and adaptable as possible. When I need a tape and a hammer on hand, I need those tools to be in place and easy to reach. Holstery gives me exactly that. Purpose-built dedicated tool holders with easy on/off belt clips.

Standout Features of the Holstery Tactical Tool Holders

Easy On/Off

Holstery Tactical Tool Holders Review

The tactical tool holders feature a body made of a rigid polymer material known as Kydex. Attached to this body is a molded plastic clip that easily mounts to your regular pants belt. The clip will accommodate up to a 1.75″ belt. This width covers the thick “rigger” style belts that are commonly available. The clip also has a hooked inside edge to grab your belt and ensures the holder only comes off if you want.

Comfortable Ride Height

Holstery Tactical Tool Holders Review

When mounted on the belt, the Holstery tactical holders provide a comfortable and intuitive ride height for your tools. I found that the hammer holder sits “just right” and does not dig or poke into the body. Holstery sized the steel loop  to accommodate a range of hammers from small finish work models up to larger framers.

The tape holder does slightly offset the position of the tape. Traditionally belt-mounted holders keep the tape body in one with the belt. The Holstery off-sets it slightly lower. But it is still comfortable and effortless to remove or replace the tape. The steel clip mounted to the Holstery body offers a secure mount for the tape.

Holstery Tactical Tool Holders Review

Save Your Truck Interior

I mentioned back pain before from wearing a traditional hammer loop in the truck. But what grinds my gears even worse is the damage the loop does to my center console while driving. I do my best to preserve my vehicles as much as possible. Unnecessary scratches from wearing a hammer loop while driving makes my blood boil.

Holstery Tactical Tool Holders Review

The Holstery Tactical holder allows me to mount a hammer loop easily to my belt when I want one. But to remove it quickly when I don’t need it. Holstery Tactical Tool Holders Review

Holstery Workshop Tool Holder Options

In addition to belt-mounted options, Holstery offers custom tool holder options for your shop or vehicle. I can mount these clips and holders  to almost any surface. I mounted a tape measure clip and magnetic tool holder to some of the cabinets in my personal workshop. The tool magnet option is capable of holding a 28 Ounce framing hammer with ease.

Price and Availability

The tape measure and hammer holders both retail for $24.99 each at the Holstery website. In my opinion, this is a fantastic price. I have spent far more on tool accessories that aren’t anywhere near as useful before. The Holstery website also features other options like a speed square holder and tool magnet. The DIY options for shop mounts are also available for about $7.00 each. To me, $25 is a small price to pay for an accessory that is as practical as the Tactical Tape Measure Holder. Mine rides in the door pocket of my truck now with a couple of tapes.

Holstery Tactical Tool Holders Review

Holstery is a small American business. All of their products are designed and built in the owner’s shop in Idaho. Unfortunately, you won’t find their products at big box stores, yet. They are available directly from the Holstery website. Follow the Buy Now link below to purchase directly from Holstery.

Tactical Tape Measure and Hammer Holders

Overall Impressions

A dedicated tool belt is one of the best all-around options for framers, carpenters, and other related trades for managing commonly used tools. However, for many professionals, a large belt is unnecessary or unwanted. But when commonly used tools like a hammer, tape measure, or speed square are needed, a versatile and easy on/off holder for those tools is invaluable. That is where Holstery comes in.  Their Tactical Tool Holder’s line is an outstanding accessory for anyone who finds themselves jumping onto job sites frequently, but does not require a dedicated belt system. Furthermore, they offer an intuitive and repeatable spot to store the tool when you aren’t using it. Every put a full-size framing hammer in the stupid loop sewn to your pant leg? Yeah. You know what I am talking about.

Holstery Tactical Tool Holders Review

I found the Holstery line of accessories to be innovative and infinitely useful. The low purchase price also makes this an excellent affordable gift option for the tool users and professionals I know. My only criticism of the design is the material selection of the belt clip. A spring steel piece would allow for a thinner and more rigid profile and tuck the holder in closer to the body. Overall I am very impressed with the design. Check out  Tactical Tool Holder’s line from Holstery as a stand-alone option or as an upgrade to your current belt system.

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