Bosch Airsweep™ 13 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner with Power Broker™ Review – Model 3931A-PB

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Bosch Model 3931A-PB Wet/Dry Vac

Bosch Airsweep™ Wet/Dry Vac

Manufacturer: Bosch
Model number: 3931A-PB
Power source: 110V AC

Dust management has become such an important issue in our industry. Whether it’s wood dust or concrete dust the fact is we need to deal with it to protect our own health, our client’s health, and portray our worksite as a clean and organized area.Bosch 3931A-PB Wet-Dry Vacuum

The real challenge is offering vacuums that can effectively remove fine dust particles yet keep on working so we can be productive. Well it seems those days are finally here with products like the new Bosch 3931A-PB wet/dry vacuum. These new vacuums actually shake the filter in order to keep it cleaner and working longer before it gets clogged up.

Features and Specifications

  • 4 modes of operation for maximum vacuuming versatility: — Regular vacuum, Power Tool Activation, Pulse-Clean™, Pulse-Clean™ with Power Tool Activation
  • Activation by power tool — Allows power tool’s switch to turn vac on and off. 7-second run-on after power tool is turned off to clear hose of remaining debris.
  • Bosch 3931A-PB VacPower Broker™ Dial — For allocating power (15 amps on a 15 amp circuit, 20 amps on a 20 amp circuit) between vacuum cleaner and connected power tool to optimize usage of the available power and avoid blown circuits. Also allows suction control for other purposes as well.
  • Bosch exclusive Pulse-Clean™ electromagnetic filter cleaning system — Shakes the dual filter cartridges to remove dust and maintain maximum suction power. Pulse-Clean can be activated manually, or automatically, when a connected power tool is switched off (a helpful remote control.)
  • Elevated filter location — Filters sit above maximum dust or water accumulation height to help maintain maximum airflow and suction power
  • Fine dust filtration capabilities — Captures 99.93% particles of 3.0 microns and larger in diameter
  • Large rear wheels and front casters with rubber tires, plus push handle, for easy transportation.
  • 6.5 Max HP / 11.1-Amp motor with soft-start and bypass cooling — Powerful suction with features to protect motor and extend its life
  • Carrying handle — For easier lifting
  • Rugged construction / polypropylene tank — Durable and rust free
  • Wet vacuuming capability with water level sensor and drain valve — Automatically shuts down vacuum when water reaches a maximum height to protect motor
  • Low center of gravity — For excellent stability
  • Cord wrap — For convenient storage of cord
  • Compact size — Fits in crowded storage vans and tight storage areas
  • Agency approved

Bosch 3931A-PB Controls

Performance and Innovation

Bosch 3931A-PB Cartridge FilterThe new 3931A-PB isn’t your dad’s old “shop-vac” folks! Jobsite/shop vacuums have transformed into serious pieces of construction equipment built to withstand the rigors of tough jobsite use. Several key features on this new unit really impressed me including; Pulse-Clean™, Power Tool Activation and the Power Broker™ Dial.


Once again I want to beat my head off the wall and wonder to myself why I didn’t think of “that”. The engineers at Bosch have solved one of my pet peeves  and that’s how to deal with filters that clog up faster than you can get work done.

The new Pulse-Clean™ feature does something that each and everyone of us has done 100’s of times. It automatically shakes the filters so the fine dust particles can fall to the bottom of the barrel. Seriously, how many times have I removed the filter from my shop vac, banged it on the side of a trash barrel just to get the extra dust off the filter? This new feature does that automatically for you and allows you to work much longer with a vacuum that has much better suction.

Power Tool Activation

The power tool activation feature is something that has become standard equipment on better vacuums. This is a must have feature for contractors that work in sensitive areas where dust control is critical. What I like most on this model is how they have coordinated the power tool activation with the other two features; Pulse-Clean™ and Power Broker™ Dial. The total integration of all three features puts this vacuum on a very high pedestal.

Bosch 3931A-PB Vacuum full of dust

Power Broker™ Dial

This new feature is pretty darn cool as well. Anyone that does remodeling for a living has no doubt run into power issues when working in older buildings. It’s not at all uncommon to plug in a saw attached to a vacuum for dust control. It’s also not uncommon when the two are turned on at once for the circuit breaker to pop. Obviously a high draw of amps from both the saw and vacuum on startup can easily overload a full circuit.

To combat this Bosch developed the Power Broker™ Dial. Essentially this allows you to distribute the power between the power tool and the vacuum so that you do not over load the circuit. This is a huge benefit for remodelers and contractors working with limited power sources.

Generous Features

In addition to the innovative features mentioned above the 3931A-PB offers many very generous features including:

  • Long, Heavy-Duty Cord – This vacuum includes a heavy-duty power cord that’s 26 feet long! Now that’s a vacuum you can pull around the jobsite without hunting down a long extension cord.
  • Large Wheels – The rear wheels are large and stable. This combined with a low center of gravity on the unit means this vacuum doesn’t have a tendency to tip over like some of the other brands on the market.

Bosch 3931A-PB Vacuum Wheels

  • Low Point Drain – This vacuum has a low point drain at the rear of the container for emptying liquids. This is a great feature considering how heavy the container can be when it’s full of water after using the wet feature.
  • Removable Cart Handle – I really like the removable handle that comes with the vacuum. It allows you to push the vacuum around without bending over or pulling with the hose.
  • Hose – Last but certainly not least is the actual vacuum hose. It’s a high quality plastic hose that won’t kink, yet it’s very flexible and easy to coil up. Much nicer than the hard plastic hoses I’m used to.

Bosch 3931A-PB Vacuum Hose

Bosch 3931A-PB Video Review

Final Thoughts

The Bosch 3931A-PB is an impressive jobsite vacuum! The engineers at Bosch really hit a homerun with a combination of innovation and performance. Time is money in construction so having a vacuum that keeps working at a high level longer, while acclimating to jobsite conditions (power), will only help contractors be more efficient and ultimately more profitable. I honestly can’t think of anything that I’d change other than I wish the accessories came with it as standard equipment.

If you’d like to buy this vacuum check out the link below from Amazon.

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  1. […] I am very impressed with their Power Broker™ Dial. This feature is a huge asset for contractors working in older buildings that might not have sufficient power to handle a saw and vacuum at the same time. The dial allows you to adjust the power to the vacuum so the saw combined with the vacuum won’t trip a breaker. You can read my detailed thoughts on this product here: Bosch 3931A-PB Wet/Dry Vacuum. […]

  2. Samuel A Galano

    Does anyone know if this product will return to the market? It is currently sold out at every supplier I’m aware of.

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Most likely a newer version will replace it. That’s happening a lot with many manufacturers right now.

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