COAST FL60 LED Headlamp

COAST FL60 LED Headlamp

Manufacturer: COAST
Model number: FL60
Price: 43.00
Power source: 3- AA Batteries

COAST FL60 Fixed-Beam LED Headlamp

COAST, a company well-known for their knives and multi-tools, and now an industry leader in LED flashlights from the DIY-er’s to the Navy Seals and soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, recently came out with a new headlamp line.  We took a look at one of their headlamps, the COAST FL60 LED Headlamp.

COAST FL60 LED Headlamp

Lover of Lumen

I’ve carried a flashlight of some sort everyday for twenty years and I know what I like and what works. I’ve been a COAST flashlight user for a few years now, ever since I reviewed HP7 flashlight. I appreciate that they make feature-rich, dependable lights that are used across an array of fields and working applications from Law enforcement, public safety personnel to contractors and tradesmen.

I’ve reviewed a handful of COAST products, see reviews here, and find most of them easy to use, durable and highly functional, and have recently found the value of a quality headlamp in construction applications.  Let’s talk headlamps!

COAST FL60 LED Headlamp

First Impression

The COAST FL60 LED Headlamp is all black with a red colored COAST logo printed four time on the flexible headband.  The power switch on the unit is also red.

The FL60 combines both battery pack and light into one unit on the front of the headband, which I have found results in more compact, and lightweight headlamp, especially if your wearing it in tight spaces or on a hard hat.  The bezel pivots on a dual pin-hinge from 90-degrees straight ahead to approximately 45-degrees down.  This adjustment fast, easy and I found myself using the tilt adjustment when I needed to see better in close-up tasks, such as, changing fastening bits or reciprocating blades in a dark space.

Using the COAST FL60 LED Headlamp

The FL60 is “simple-stupid” easy to use with one power button cycle through all three light settings [high. medium and low]

The unit is powered with 3 – AAA batteries, enclosed in the headlamp bezel  compartment, which has an rubber o-ring seal for weather resistance.

The light comes with the batteries and hard hat mounting clips to keep the straps from slipping of your hardhat.  I was frustrated with the clips as they did not fit well on my particular hardhat.  The adjustable headbands is easy and fast to adjust and comfortable to wear.

I often find myself using this headlamp in the tool trailer, low light conditions, basement, attics and crawl spaces.  Its small enough to fit in my pocket and I even bring it with me on estimates.   Having the ability to go “hands-free” with light directly focused on my line of sight is not only a nice convenience, its a safety and quality issue.

COAST FL60 LED HeadlampWide Angle Light Beam

The COAST FL60 LED Headlamp light system features the all-new COAST Wide-Angle Flood Beam which is ideal for shedding light on up-close work and provides wider illumination than a long distance spot beam. The light quality is crystal clear and the beam is a perfect completely filled with light circle.

Lumen and Runtime

The FL60 emits an impressive 300 lumen on high and when used in the low setting will run up to 22 hours. Here’s a breakdown of the settings, lumen and run-times:

  1. High Setting:           300 Lumens:   –  95 feet [49m] distance beam        –  2 hour and 45 minute run-time.
  2. Medium Setting:    175 Lumens:     –  72 feet [39 m] distance beam       –  3 hour 30 minute run time
  3. Low Setting:            39 Lumens:      –  32.8 feet [18 m] distance beam   –   22 hours run time

ANSI FL1 Tested

The COAST FL60 LED Headlamp is tested and rated to the American National Standards Institute, ANSI/FL1 standards which is a specification standardizing flashlight performance. The purpose of the standard is to allow consumers to make apples-to-apples comparisons of lights and to eliminate exaggerated light performance.

This means that the FL60 headlamp has an unbreakable LEDs and is impact and water resistant. Additionally, COAST backs up this lamp with a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.

Overall Impression

The COAST FL60 LED Headlamp is compact, powerful and rugged enough for job-site applications. At the end of the day we all want to be safe and efficient in what we do, this light provides all of that, and does not disappoint with price either.

How Much and Where To Buy?

The headlamps will sell for $43.00 and will be available this fall.

COAST FL60 LED Head Lamp Video Review

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