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Bad Ass Extension Cords

Bad Ass Extension Cords

Manufacturer: Bad Ass
Model number: General Purpose Cords
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We still require power in a world where the bulk of our job sites is cordless! How do we keep our batteries charged? The obvious solution is to use a charger, but what if the power supply isn’t nearby? Extension cords are useful in this situation. Since 1925, the word “extension cord” has been in use. Extension cables are available in a wide range of colors, lengths, and thicknesses. In general, the thicker the cord, the more electricity the device requires (meaning larger wires inside). Outdoor cords, cords that will be utilized in damp regions, and cords that will be exposed to sunlight for lengthy periods of time should be chosen for these environments. We recently received a few extension cords from Bad Ass Extension Cords to review and evaluate on our job sites.




What’s a Bad Ass Extension Cord?

  • Flexible: 100% soft drawn, annealed, bunch stranded copper conductors guarantee maximum flexibility.
  • Water Resistant: Water cannot penetrate the insulation covering the copper conductors and cause life-threatening electrical shocks.
  • Flame Retardant: Bad Ass Cords have special jacket composition that inhibits flames and combustion.
  • Don’t weather check-in direct sunlight or extreme cold.
  • Use plugs with heavy-duty, full-sized industrial brass blades, contacts, and ground pins for superior electrical contact.
  • Have oversized, molded strain reliefs that anchor the plugs and connectors to the cord body and keep them from separating if the cord is accidentally yanked from the outlet.
  • Are safety tested and rated by UL/cUL or ETL/cETL

General Purpose Lighted Cords

Bad Ass general-purpose lighted extension cords are built for heavy-duty use on the toughest of job sites. The GP cords come in a variety of high visibility colors to reduce job-related mishaps. These cords are water-resistant, fire retardant, and will maintain flexible up to -40°F.

Some cords come with multiple female connectors in close proximity to one another; others have female connectors spaced along the length of the cord. Cords generally contain either grounded or ungrounded connectors.

Available Colors:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Yellow

The TBB Crew is a big supporter of Breast Cancer awareness. Pink cords to show our support!

Safely Grounded

The patented Continuous Ground Monitoring systems in Bad Ass Extension cables show that you have power AND that you are sufficiently and continually grounded. For professional contractors, this is a critical safety aspect.  When the male end lights AMBER, you got power.

When the female end glows GREEN, you are properly grounded. This feature is accommodated with molded clear connections that do not tear away from the cord body.

25 Foot 12/3 SJEOW Cold Weather Lighted Triple Tap Extension Cord

Working outside in sub-zero temps is not anyone’s idea of fun. Get the job done faster by using Bad Ass Cold Weather cables, whether you’re conducting emergency repairs or simply running snow removal equipment. This cold weather cord contains the most up-to-date safety features that are required on all high-profile and dangerous job sites. Furthermore, the cord’s distinctive “Sub Zero®” rubber sleeve ensures that it retains its elasticity even at -58°F.  Because not every day is sunny and 75 degrees, the product was put to the ultimate test.

Custom Print

Bad Ass Extension Cords offers free custom printing up to 80 characters on their cords. Label your cords for easily ID’ing purposes and keep thieves away!

Don’t Cut The Cord We Need

We spend all our efforts trying to cut the cord when it comes to job site equipment but we can not cut them out completely! We need them when electricity is not close by or when we need to plug multiple items in at one time. Extension cords will always have a place on the job site.  We recommend keeping 100′,  50′, and 25′ on hand for your electricity needs…TBB Crew Recommended!

Bad Ass Extension Cords
Prices Vary

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