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Southwire 48006SW Cord Reel Power Station Review

In many cases, power cords are one of the least desired tools a contractor or DIY’er owns. They are not a “sexy” tool and don’t perform a function that makes a project look better. However, they can be one of the most frustrating and possibly dangerous aspects of a project. The Southwire 48006SW Cord Reel Power Station aims to solve several of these problems, particularly in the shop.

The deficiencies in most power cords can be seen with the extremely rapid development in cordless (battery-powered) tools in the workplace. Cordless tools, however, cannot entirely replace electric-powered tools (at least not yet). While using electric tools on a job still remains a necessity, power cords become tangled and caught on seemingly everything creating a dangerous and frustrating job site.

Features of the Southwire Cord Reel Power Station

The Southwire cord reel station retracts and extends to declutter your workspace. The power block provides ample outlets for your tools.

The power cord is constructed with 14/3 grounded wire and comes equipped with a 3 outlet power block and is 30’ in length. An adjustable stop is also included to change the amount of cord that is retracted.

The bright, red hub is constructed of a heavy-duty steel which will help with the abuse on a job site or tool trailer.


Also included is mounting hardware to attach the hub to your ceiling, wall or some other structure in your shop, tool trailer or any other place you would like easy, decluttered access to power.

One of the only issues I had with this product was the way the mounting hardware attached. When attaching to a ceiling, the hub can not fully swing out of the way making it difficult to attach. While it is possible to disconnect the mounting bracket, it looked harder than just working with it attached. I would like to see an easier way to disconnect the bracket from the hub making it easier to mount.

Using the Southwire Cord Reel Power Station

I mounted the Southwire Cord Reel Power Station on the ceiling next to an overhead door. Using the adjustable stop, I got the desired length of cord so I could comfortably reach the cord but high enough that it did not interfere with my work.

The hub is heavy-duty and feels much more substantial than most reels I have used in the past. The cord is flexible yet tough and the power block end is well attached. The cord feels very durable and is in-line with most heavy-duty cords. The hub extends and retracts smoothly and the adjustable stop functions as it should.

While this tool does not offer many frills, it works as it should and feels very durable. For those looking to clean up their workspace for increased safety and productivity, the Southwire 48006 Power Cord Reel Station should be at the top of your want-list.

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  1. Ken

    I’d be interested in buying one if it had either a 12-3 or a 10-3 cord. 14-3 isn’t heavy enough for serious shop use. It’s really to light-weight, and operating 15 amp tools at 30 feet with it is questionable to say the least (i.e., a 15 amp saw and a 5 to 10 amp shop vac is probably overloading it)…can you say, “Melted wire insulation”?

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