LAVA Soap Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

LAVA Soap Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner Review

LAVA Soap Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner gets its name from the primary ingredient used to power away surface stains from your hands and skin. Pumice, a by-product of volcanic activity, combined with cleaning and moisturizing agents cleans and softens hard working hands.

We are excited to do a LAVA Soap Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner Review and see how much better the pumice powered soap performs over conventional soaps.

I do a lot around the house to maintain it. From carpentry, to lawn care, to painting. With a young family and a full time job I have to maximize my time spent keeping the house in good order. That’s code for, I work quick and dirty! Emphasis on the dirty.

Removes Grease and Oil

If you use tools around the house, you probably have to clean them from time to time. I use 3-in-ONE Multipurpose Oil to keep my tools clean and operating properly. As important as this maintenance is to my tools, I don’t have a ton of time to do it. So when I get the chance I work quick and am NOT shy with the oil. This leaves me with dirty, oily, and stinky hands. LAVA Soap Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner removes grease and oil with ease, and does an excellent job removing the stench from my hands.

Grease and oil is like a magnet for dirt and grime. Oil gets into your skin and deeply stains hands, finger nails, and pores. LAVA Soap removes grease and oil with the exfoliation of the pumice and deep cleaning agents to remove embedded stains and smells that conventional soaps struggle with.

Removes Dirt

LAVA Soap removes dirt that can get worked into your hands from real dirty jobs like landscaping or outdoor tool maintenance with ease. Working with a lawn mower can expose you to some grease but mostly dirt. Landscaping in general tends to cake and stain my hands and skin with dirt making clean up a little tougher.

LAVA Soap Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner removes dirt much faster and with fewer washes, I found, than conventional soaps. Typically, I’ll wash and rinse my hands once, then repeat to get rid of those tough embedded dirt stains. I love that LAVA Soap expedites my clean up so I can actually enjoy my free time around the house.

Removes Paint

Paint is messy. Rushing painting only makes it worse. Given the short amount of time I have to finish my home improvements, even painting doesn’t get a pass on my “get it done now and clean up later” approach. Without LAVA Soap I’d probably get a lot of looks at the store or at a BBQ with my stained hands… Luckily for me LAVA Soap Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner removes paint!

Before this review I knew LAVA Soap removed grease, oil, and dirt extremely well. I was skeptical about LAVA Soap for paint removal, the pumice seemed like too light of an aggregate to power away paint. I was definitely wrong. Once the LAVA Soap got a decent lather, the combination of the cleaning agent and the pumice literally wiped the paint from my hands!

Overall Impression

Working fast around the house can make a mess, luckily LAVA Soap keeps my clean up quick too. Any soap can remove dirt, but you can spend a lot of time trying to remove grease, oil, and paint with conventional soap. Even worse, a conventional soap, can make your hands look clean, but they can still smell like grease or oil. Not with LAVA Soap. My overall impression of the soap is that it provides a significant added value over conventional soaps.

A surprising bonus of using this soap is the moisturizing characteristics. I don’t do much moisturizing, surprise surprise, but I’ve definitely suffered dry and cracking hands in the winter. I’m definitely going to keep this soap under the sink for quick clean up after messy work around the house and an extra in my toolbox!

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