DeWalt DCL079 Cordless Tripod Light

DEWALT DCL079 Cordless Tripod Light Review

A friend of mine asked me what I thought it would cost to run an electrical line from his house to a shed in the far end of his backyard. He does occasional carpentry work in the shed and wanted task lighting. I told him what I thought it would cost to run wiring to his shed for lighting. After he picked himself off the ground, I suggested a real good alternative to solve his lighting issue.

Recently, I got a DEWALT DCL079 Cordless Tripod Light and used this light to work in the dark spaces under my barn. I highly recommended this light as a solution to his shed lighting problems.

In my early working days, I started using spot illumination for my work using a metal crash light. Not only was that solution a way to buy copious numbers of incandescent light bulbs for each time the light got bumped, but I still have the burn marks from a few untimely encounters with the metal reflectors.

Today, contractors, woodworkers and anyone who has the need for supplemental lighting has a variety of LED products from which to choose. If you stroll in any of the home improvement centers near you, you will see a wide variety of work site lighting solutions. They come in a wide variety of sizes, costs and output. In this space, the DCL079 is one product worthy of your attention.

DEWALT DCL079 Tripod Light

DEWALT produced the DCL079 to provide industrial grade work lighting that will stand up to every day tough use. Designed as a heavy-duty portable lighting solution, you will find this light works under the toughest conditions and eliminates the heat hazard of halogen or incandescent bulb lights.  The DCL079 produces a natural white color output to ensure accurate color rendition.

The unit has three levels of brightness to match the illumination need to the workspace while offering longer battery life at the lower settings. The peak light output is 3000 lumens. The other two settings are 2000 and 1000 lumens. DEWALT advertises an 11-hour runtime that I assume is at the lowest setting using the 6Ah battery that comes with the unit.

In practice, I use my DCL079 with a 6Ah battery at the 3000 lumen setting and get about 3.5 hours of very bright lighting from a full battery.


The DCL079 stand is a tripod-type design. The legs fold against the body of the light with a simple press of the button. I collapse this light using one hand with no problem. The unit weighs only 16 pounds.

I can extend the telescoping head to a maximum height of 7 feet above the floor. DeWalt designed the head in two sections with friction collars to stop the extension at any height. DEWALT designed the  LED light head in a fixed position at the top of the pole. I wish that the head would swivel as the entire light and base needs to be turned to change the lighted the work area. Sometimes the legs are in the only place they will fit and in this case, I cannot adjust the light exactly where I want it. I hope DEWALT gives at least some adjustment capability to the head in a future iteration of the product.



When I retract the head to its lowest position, I like the tough shroud that surrounds the LED head. The shroud is the same material as the rest of the unit. I find the construction of the unit is very rugged and should hold up well under normal use.

The unit has a sturdy handle that goes around the circumference of the light. I have knocked over the light in a folded position. This handle is what absorbed the impact. When unfolded, we have not yet knocked the unit over. It is very stable with the legs extended out.

DEWALT designed the battery to fit into the base of the unit and the case protects the battery. The weight of the battery in the base contributes to the stability.


  • Natural white LED provides accurate color visibility
  • Light head remains cool to the touch
  • Telescoping pole raised the light to 7 ft. above the floor with the legs extended.
  • Tough shroud protects the light head against job site conditions.
  • Multiple stages of illumination allow the user to set the intensity and battery life settings.


  • Lumens – 1,000 to 3,000 in three settings
  • Power Source DEWALT 20v and FlexVolt batteries
  • Height retracted – 39 in.
  • Weight without battery – 16 lb.
  • Over 11 hours runtime as published by DEWALT


The DCL079 is available where DEWALT products are sold.  The cordless tripod light is available as a bare tool (DCL079B) for $199.00 or kitted (DCL079R1) with a 6.0Ah battery and charger FOR $310.71. The DCL079 has a standard DeWalt 3-year limited warranty, I year free service and 90-day money back guarantee.

The DEWALT DCL079 cordless tripod light is a rugged design, heavy-duty construction site lighting solution. Even my friend with the lighting need in his shed can benefit from this portable light. We use the DCL079 in our construction sites. Everyone working a job can really use this tool. It is light, easy to use, portable to carry and store, virtually instant setup and has no cords and long run times. Get a DEWALT DCL079 and get lit up!!


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  1. Hutchy

    Can you guys check the pricing on that LOL. I think $4000+ is a bit much.
    (Probably just one too many zeros)

    1. Stan Durlacher

      Good eyes! The ‘4’ should be a ‘$’ and the bare tool price $199.00.

      1. Rick hanby

        Rual king has them 4 $149

    2. Stan Durlacher

      Actually I did not hit the SHIFT button to make it a $ instead of a 4. At the time of the article, it was $199.

  2. Daniel Ingalls

    I’ve seen the Milwaukee version and it can operate on battery or be plugged in. Is this the case with the DeWalt?

  3. Stanley H Durlacher

    The DEWALT light is only battery powered.

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