DAP DynaGrip Wood-Panel-Trim Adhesive

Applying DynaGrip to Birch Ply

DAP DynaGrip Adhesive

Adhesives, glues, staples and screws… we hate to admit it, but we need them. Gone are the days of banging a few nails into something and calling it a day.

Using Adhesives on the Job Site

The use of adhesives on job sites is becoming more popular in job site best practices and even code required in some circumstances like anchoring systems.

Adhesives offers many advantages over binding techniques including the ability to bind different materials together. Adhesives also distribute stress more efficiently across a joint, they’re cost effective and easily applied

DAP DynaGrip Wood-Panel-Trim Adhesive

I recently had the opportunity to use DAP’s DynaGrip Wood-Panel-Trim Adhesive. DAP a leading manufacturer and supplier of caulks, sealants, foam, and adhesives. DAP recently came out with an entire new line of DynaGrip adhesives. The DynaGrip line includes adhesives for the installation of sub-floors, drywall, heavy remodeling, trim and new construction applications.

DAP DynaGrip Wood-Panel-Trim Adhesive

The DAP DynaGrip Wood-Panel-Trim can be used for bonding all trim materials including wood, foam and PVC. It is a latex formula that wipes off and washes off your hands later fairly easy. I always use a fingernail brush to remove adhesives from my fingers and was very pleased that the DynaGrip cleans nicely

New DynaGrip Adhesive Formula

The new DynaGrip adhesives were designed to deliver high-strength bonds in hours, not days, and to provide exceptional performance even in the most extreme weather conditions. Let’s face it, many times I find myself using adhesives in the hot sun, cold rain, sleet and snow. Having an adhesive that flows and bonds well in a extreme temperatures is important.

Using the DAP’s DynaGrip Wood-Panel-Trim Adhesive

The first think I noticed was that the adhesive is white and comes out in a creamy consistency. It was also easy to apply with the caulking gun. Additionally, there was no odor that I could tell, although DAP describes it as low odor and it is compliant with VOC regulations.

I used the DynaGrip to construct a laundry room shelf system. This shelf system was constructed out of a Birch plywood frame / shelves and Poplar nosing and cleats. I used the DAP DynaGrip Wood-Panel-Trim Adhesive to adhere all of the Poplar wood to the Birch plywood edges, and to apply the cleats to the plywood and plaster walls.

One notable point is that I noticed that the adhesive had an immediate grip. I was still able to adjust the cleats, but the grip was strong enough that I could remove my hand, if needed. Having the ability to get instant grab with an adhesive basically gives me a “third-hand.” Instant grip helps hold the material in place for precise alignment prior to installing fasteners. It also reduces the number of fasteners and nail holes, which later need filling with putty.

I was so impressed with the DAP Dynagrip adhesive that I also used it on my baseboard base- cap miter joints.

Overall Impression

The Dap DynaGrip Wood-Trim-Panel adhesive is perfect for general contractors, remodelers, framers, drywall, and finish carpenters. The main selling point to me was the instant grab feature which reduces the need for nailing, bracing, and clamping. Having an adhesive that grips well and dries to a durable, long-lasting glue bond if important to my work’s quality, longevity and of course the elimination of “call-backs.”.

DynaGrip products are available in a variety of sizes and can be found at your local home improvement retailer. For more information, visit www.dap.com.


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