Rigid 10” Wet Tile Saw with Gravity Rise Stand (4091)

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Rigid 10” Wet Tile Saw – “The Beast”

Rigid 10” Wet Tile Saw with Gravity Rise Stand (4091)

Manufacturer: Ridgid
Model number: R4091
Price: $699.00
Power source: 110
Motor size: 15 amps
Weight: 102

Rigid has a full line of wet tile saws ranging from a 7” job-site to a 10” commercial version.  They all come with a lifetime service agreement which includes free parts and service for life (registration required). Their wet tile saws are sold exclusively at The Home Depot and only in the U.S.  I had the pleasure of reviewing their 10” wet tile saw on a gravity rise stand called THE BEAST.

34" Rip Capacity

First Look at Ridgid’s  10″ Wet Tile Saw

My first impression after opening the box was that there are a lot of pieces to assemble.  After assembly, I sat back and just admired how sharp looking the saw is.  I was also eager to use the gravity raise stand.  In the past I had to set up a scissor stand first, then carry a heavy wet saw over to the scissor stand and clip it on.  Now Ridgid has saved my back with the Gravity Raise Stand.

Saw Includes:

  • Hex Wrenches
  • 10” Diamond Cutting Wheel
  • Cutting Wheel Wrench
  • Miter Guide
  • Table Extension
  • Submersible Pump
  • Water Trays
  • Water Tank
  • Operator’s Manual

The Beast Features:

  • Max Cut Capacity is 34 “rip, 24” diagonal & 3 ¾” depth.
  • 15 amp motor provides the power to glide through glass, stone & varies tile products.
  • Plunging Head gives you the ability for clean center cut outs.
  • Auto Brake will stop the blade quick when saw is turned off.
  • High Intensity LED Work Light improves visibility on & around cut line.
  • Adjustable Laser Alignment System will help align cutting wheel with cut line for improved accurate.
  • Removable Rear & Side Water Trays assist in keeping the water contained to the main tray.
  • Aluminum Miter Guide can be use for repeat cuts, miters cuts from 0 to 45 degrees left & right.
  • Micro-Cut Fence Support is designed to prevent tile from cracking deep.
  • Water Tank Designed for easy filling, emptying, as well as extended work periods between refills while high volume submersible water pump provides water for cutting.
  • Removable, easy to clean water nozzles that provide clean water with each cut.
  • Dual Support Table Extension provides table extensions located in the front for straight cuts up to 34” and in the rear position for diagonal cuts up to 24” tiles.
  • The saw can slide on a bar to give you multiple positional cutting.

Ridgid Wet Saw 4091 Specifications:

  • Input 120V AC, 15 amps
  • No Load Speed 4,500 r/min. (RPM)
  • Cutting Wheel 10”
  • Rip Capacity 34”
  • Diagonal Capacity 24”
  • Max Depth Of Cut 3 ¾”
  • Weight 102 lbs

              Work & Ridgid Wet Saw 020


Ridgid 4091 Wet Saw = Performance & Versatility

I had this saw for a while to review.  The saw was a Beast plowing through a variety of material and cutting efficiently.  First project was to install ceramic flooring tile.  Ripping and crosscutting ceramic tile without chipping the baked on finish is just one example of cutting efficiently.  Next project the material was marble floor tile 4”x12”.  Once again clean smooth cuts, no bogging down on the motor. Using the clamp on miter gauge to do repetitive cuts worked perfectly.  The clamp on miter gauge is all aluminum construction, fits snug on fence, locked down tight and was adjustable for your angle cuts.

Another bathroom I recently completed, I had subbed out the tiling. Figuring this would be great feed back since he has an older Ridgid 7” wet saw and a bridge saw (a wet saw that rides on an overhead track).  After setting up The Beast in the garage where we could leave it set up.  Then proceeded to show off the cutting capacity, laser, LED light, clean water design, splash trays and lastly the gravity rise stand.  After he was able to use it for a few days his honest opinion was “Overall, it’s a nice saw”.  His feedback was the LED light is in a bad spot, would have rather seen it more forward toward the blade.  And blade deflection and table could have been a little smoother.

This next job raised the bar about this wet saw.   Installing 180 sq ft of natural stone that was flat on the back but different highs on the face.  Starting off just crosscutting the 6” natural stone.  Then ripping some pieces down to ¾” to fit under the window casing.  The saw handle this task without any issues.  Never had the saw bog down while cutting the stone.  Using the plunge feature this saw offers was a great advantage to tack a couple of the cuts. I know we have complained about the position of the LED light on this saw, but having a light did come in handy.  I was installing the natural stone in the late afternoon in November and in New England.  For those of you that are unfamiliar, it gets dark starting around 4-430 pm.  I was able to complete my cuts using the LED light to get me to a good stopping point.

Lastly, the conversation piece on the Ridgid wet saw is the laser.  I have read more and more about how a laser is pointless on wet saws or not needed.  That Ridgid laser saved me a ton of time and the laser was spot on for cutting angles.  The natural stone I keep referring to was installed on the side of a home and had to be cut against the soffit on the gable end of the home.  How the laser efficiently lined it up on my two marks and cut away.  So here is a little in depth about the marks.  The natural stone pieces are 6” x 24” with a very uneven face surface.  I would measure over 17” put a mark, then measure from the bottom 4” up and place my second mark.  Next  lining the laser on both marks and proceed to rip.  There were a lot of angles to rip and measurements variety but the benefit of the laser in my opinion is priceless.

Ridgid Laser

Ridgid Laser

Suggested Improvements

The first improvement is the amount of time needed to set this wet saw up.  I opened the box, laid everything out for assembly and was taken back on how much assembly there was.  An hour and half later the wet saw was complete and ready for use.  Now for the gravity rise stand I have noticed rust at a few joints.

In the future stands, I would like to see a gasket to stop water from getting in, and prolonging the life of the stand.  My tile man and I both agreed that the LED light should have been positioned a little more forward toward the blade.  We found it to have some shadows.  My last improvement I would like to suggest is the sound.  I am not talking about while cutting material.  I found the saw on the louder side especially when in use indoors where I was set up to get out of the cold weather.

Ridgid 4091 Wet Saw – Overall Impression

I have used a couple different wet saws in the past.  By far this was of the easiest, smoothest saw to work with.  The gravity raise stand, need I say more.  The cutting capacity, splash guards, LED light and laser are just some of the great features. The clean water system Ridgid designed worked very well.  The tray system did a great job holding back the material remnants.

Rigid 10” Wet Tile Saw with Gravity Rise Stand (4091)

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