SKILSAW Southpaw Circular Saw

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SKILSAW 7-1/4 In. SPT67M801 SIDEWINDER Circular Saw Review

Lately it seems that I’ve mostly been talking to you guys about cordless tools. Not today….

As an “East Coast” contractor I’m accustomed to working with a right-bladed side-winder saws, but SKILSAW SOUTHPAW provides visibility that’s hard to deny, with the durability of a worm drive.

SKILSAW Southpaw Circular Saw Construction

From the magnesium components to cord length this saw was built for the pro’s and every day jobsite demands. Designed with durable magnesium motor housing, guard and shoe plate, the SIDEWINDER is the lightest weight saw in its class, weighing only 8.6 lbs.

The secret to it’s lightweight is the all-magnesium construction which helps reduce user fatigue.

Left-Blade Circular Saw

It’s a left-blade saw, NOT a left handed saw. With a left-blade saw, you have improved blade and cut-line visibility for improved accuracy.

The new blade-left saw, which is nearly identical to the previously released SPT67WM, will be available this month.

SOUTHPAW Sidewinder Power

The SOUTHPAW’s brushed 15-amp motor spins a 7 1/4-inch blade at 5,300 rpm. The motor is a  Dual-FieldTM Motor that is designed with dual copper motor windings. The dual windings increase copper surface area dissipating heat, and keep the motor 40% cooler. This increased cooling extends tool’s life.

SKILSAW Southpaw Bevel and Depth of Cut

This 7-1/4 in.SKILSAW Southpaw Circular Saw has a max cutting capacity of 2-7/16 inches at 90° and 1-7/8 inches at 45°. the saw has a maximum 56° bevel capacity featuring positive stop at 0° and 45°.

The bevel and depth of cut levers are large and easy to maneuver. The bevel gauge is engraved and painted black which we found highly visible.  The depth of cut gauge is labeled with quick reference locations such as:

  • 2X
  • ¾ Ply
  • ½ Ply
  • ¼ Ply

There are 0° and 45° cut lines both on the front and rear of the saw’s magnesium shoe plate. A feature that seems to fly under the radar but is well appreciated.

The SOUTHPAW has an on-tool multi-function wrench for blade and brush changes and a 24-tooth carbide SKILSAW blade.

Using the Tool

The SOUTHPAW is a lightweight, durable, and powerful cutting saw with unparalleled cut visibility. I liked using it, there’s not a lot of bells and whistles here, it’s a workhorse saw that will give you reliable service.

While I am mostly cordless on my jobsites, I ALWAYS have a corded circular saw in the trailer.


The SKILSAW Southpaw Circular Saw sells for $129 and is available this month.

SKILSAW Southpaw Circular Saw

SKILSAW Southpaw Sidewinder Circular Saw Review


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  1. Dan Schwetz Service

    I always enjoyed using a left play a left-sided saw. It is a lot easier what you are cutting.

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