SkilSaw Super Sawsquatch 16-5/16” Worm Drive Saw Review

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SkilSaw SPT70V-11 16-5/16″ Magnesium Super Sawsquatch Worm Drive Saw

SkilSaw SPT70V-11 16-5/16" Magnesium Super Sawsquatch Worm Drive Saw

Manufacturer: SkilSaw
Model number: SPT70V-11
Power source: 120v
Motor size: 15 amp
Weight: 30 lbs.
There are two types of carpenters in this world. Those who prefer their circular saw blade oriented on the right, and those who prefer it on the left. I most certainly fall into the latter group. I exclusively used worm drive saws for years while I was a framing contractor. One common issue we ran into was cutting 6×6 posts for decks and large LVL beams for the open-concept rooms that have become so desirable. A traditional sized circular saw would take several cuts and many times, a hand saw or reciprocating saw to finish the cut at that. The SkilSaw Super Sawsquatch worm drive saw was developed to solve this problem.


  • Arbor Size: 1″ Round
  • Blade Size: 16-5/16″
  • Cord Length: 10′
  • Height: 17.5″
  • Housing Material: Magnesium
  • Max. Cut Depth at 45°: 4-5/16″
  • Max. Cut Depth at 90°: 6-1/4″
  • Amperage: 15
  • Max. RPM: 2,500
  • Bevel: 45
  • Bevel Stops: 0°, 45°
  • Blade Location: Left
  • Weight: 27 lbs

Cutting Capacity

Let’s get down to it. The only reason to own this saw is to cut big boards. The Skilsaw Super Sawsquatch worm drive saw does just that. With a max depth of 6-1/4” at 90° and 4-5/16” at 45°, you can rest easy knowing this saw cuts almost any conventional lumber in one pass.

Magnesium Footplate and Housing

A massive saw needs to offer usability, enter magnesium parts. A magnesium footplate and housing offers the durability that SkilSaw users have come to expect in a (somewhat) lightweight package. Magnesium is a durable and relatively lightweight material that saws have used for several years to reduce weight while maintaining the “toughness” that job sites require. What this means to you is a VERY capable saw at a mere manageable 27lbs.

15amp Duel-Field Motor

A 15 amp duel-field motor spins the massive 16-5/16” blade. Designed to keep the motor cooler, this motor also offers ample power for the toughest cuts out there. It almost goes without saying, but this is the biggest motor Skilsaw has ever designed.

Electric Brake

An onboard electric brake slows the blade when the trigger is released. This has been a common feature on newer tools, and one that I am glad they have introduced. This is huge as far as safety is concerned for the user as well as protecting boards and electric cords.

Adjustable Dust Port

One of my favorite features on the SkilSaw Super Sawsquatch worm drive saw is the adjustable dust port. As you can imagine, cutting large boards creates large amounts of sawdust. You can angle this to create a more clear line of site, or better yet, hook it up to dust collection. EVERY saw should have this feature, and I am glad SkilSaw has worked to solve this problem.


As you can imagine, this is one big ass saw. There aren’t many “dainty” features. It is big, powerful and pretty unapologetic about it. That being said, the magnesium housing makes it about 5 pounds lighter than the competition. The repositionable handle allows the user to find a spot more comfortable for them, and the adjustable dust port is a VERY welcome feature. As a self-proclaimed SkilSaw worm drive expert, I have found the saw particularly comfortable.

Using the Skilsaw 16-5/16” Super Sawsquatch Worm Drive Saw

I have been using the SkilSaw Super Sawsquatch worm drive saw for months now. I cut a lot of 6×6’s for porch posts and while building decks. As with every large circular saw, the blade takes a bit to get up to speed. Once it does, no dimensional lumber stands a chance. The saw is as well balanced as can be expected and offers an unparalleled line of sight (at least for right-handed users). The adjustment handles are easy to use and the depth of cut and bevel degrees are easy to read, even when dusty. I personally preferred the reposition able handle in the same location as it came from the factory, but an employee preferred the handle in the other location. To have the option is great. The upper handle position is great when cutting 90 degrees but when beveling, the lower position is ideal.


I honestly can’t find any faults in this saw and to do so, would be just to find something. This is a rare case where a tool does just what it is designed to do.

Final Impressions

While this is most certainly a specialty tool, it does it to perfection. 5-star ratings are hard to come by here at Tool Box Buzz, but this saw is deserving. It is smooth, powerful and offers a host of features that are unique to this tool alone. The SkilSaw Super Sawsquatch worm drive saw is, quite simply, the best large diameter circular saw on the market. While I may be biased as a self-proclaimed left-blade-oriented circular saw user, but this saw is truly a joy to use. There is FINALLY competition in this market, and you and I are both the beneficiaries. You can pick one up online for around $550.

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Will Endicott

William Endicott is a licensed contractor in the State of Missouri and is the principal of a custom home building and renovation company. After attending the University of Kansas, he began working full time in the trades and soon after, started his own company. As a second generation carpenter, William grew up around job sites and discovered his love of tools. He now enjoys finding tools that help give his clients the best possible quality, while also helping to keep his company productive and profitable. In his spare time, he enjoys woodworking projects, fishing and spending time with his wife and three children.

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  1. Hi Will,
    The Super Sasquatch SkilSaw is a tool our company could certainly use but our voltage is 230/240 and USA is 110. Would you know if Skilsaw put out a 240v saw? If you don’t would you be able to give me a contact point of where I may be able to get this information.
    Derek Mullooly.

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Derek – I’m not familiar with any other voltage options. I have to imagine you must be able to use a transformer to step the voltage down.

  2. Tim Locks

    Looking to purchase this for use in the U.K. . Will this run at 110v via a U.K. transformer?

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Tim – Above my pay grade! I imagine it would though…..

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