RIDGID TwinBlade Saw Review – Model R3250

RIDGID TwinBlade Saw

The folks at Ridgid recently sent me a unique new “dual blade” circular saw to test. The Ridgid TwinBlade Saw (Model R3250) offers the ability to cut through different materials with it’s unique design.

The TwinBlade Saw rips through brass, plastic, galvanized iron, wood, PVC, copper, stainless steel, aluminum and steel without changing the blades. The counter rotating blades reduce kickback and provide maximum versatility to cut forward and backward and make effortless plunge cuts in most materials. With its unmatched Fuego design the TwinBlade Saw offers the best ergonomics for user comfort and is compact enough to get in the most confined areas to make precise cuts.


  • TwinBlade Cutting Technology – Counter-rotating blade design to reduce kickback and provide maximum versatility
  • Cuts variety of materials with same blades
  • Ability to cut forward and backward for maximum versatility
  • 10 AMP Motor – for tough job site applications
  • Hex Grip – Innovative micro texture for secure grip and maximum user comfort
  • Compact Design – easily maneuvers to different cutting orientations
  • Side Handle – increased comfort for cutting in different orientations
  • Spindle Lock – for easy blade changes
  • Die Cast Upper/Lower Guards – increased durability
  • Wax Dial – feeds wax to blades when cutting copper, aluminum and brass


  • Motor: 120 V AC, 10 Amp
  • No Load Speeds: 5,500 RPM
  • Blade Diameter: 5 in.
  • Inner Blade Arbor: 1-1/10”
  • Outer Blade Arbor: ¾”
  • Cut Depth: 1-1/32”

My Thoughts On The TwinBlade Saw

So when I first got my hands on the TwinBlade Saw I was really at a loss as how to use the saw. When you stop and start looking over the saw you quickly realize it’s not your typical “circular saw”. When I noticed there was no “shoe” on the saw I started to have a panic attack! Seriously how on earth do you use a saw without a shoe?

All kidding aside it definitely took me some time to get used to this saw. However…..I was pleasantly surprised at how versatile it is to use and how well it cuts. The key to the saw is it’s counter-rotating twin blades. The small (5″ diam.) blades have carbide tips and rotate opposite each other which helps do several things. First and foremost it helps reduce kickback which is extremely important especially when cutting metal products. Secondly the counter-rotation helps balance the torque which ultimately helps balance the saw.

I tested the TwinBlade Saw cutting a variety of materials including: plywood, pine trim, Alucobond (a composite aluminum/plastic siding material), aluminum angle, PVC pipe and copper pipe. All of those materials were easy to cut and produced really nice smooth surfaces.

As you can see in the photo above the cut edges are extremely smooth. If I had cut that same piece of plywood with a circular saw you’d see all kinds of splinters and tear-out on the opposite side.

Cutting without a shoe seems strange at first but I quickly got used to the design. On the front of the saw is a small “foot” or “shoe” that you can use to guide your cuts. After practicing for a bit I was able to cut along a straight line just as easily as I could with a circular saw.

The saw had plenty of power cutting all of the materials I noted above. The product specifications also say it will cut galvanized steel (I’m assuming electrical conduit and other similar thin walled pipe) and I have no reason to doubt that based on how the saw performed in my tests.

Overall Impression

The Ridgid TwinBlade Saw is very unique and extremely versatile. This is a great saw for all kinds of tradesmen that want flexibility. For example, an electrician could use this saw for cutting steel conduit one minute, a whole in a wood wall another or PVC conduit. With the TwinBlade he can do it all with one tool instead of having multiple saws. Priced at $149.00, the
5 in. Twin Blade Saw R3250
is a great value. You can buy the saw at The Home Depot.

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  1. Mark Wallner

    If it’s supposed to cut “stainless sttel, galvanized iron, steel…”, why the h*** didn’t you TEST it on those materials? I already have a basement full of tools that cut wood and aluminum. I would be much more impressed if it actually cuts any substantial amount of ferrous metal.

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Mark – Thanks for the feedback. I tested it on materials that I would use it for. I don’t work with stainless, or other ferrous materials. It’s still a tool that is very useful for people cutting sheet goods like aluminum sign panels, plastics, etc.

      1. Chris Kiroff

        Hi Todd. Do you know where to buy replacement saw blades for this saw?

        1. Todd Fratzel

          Chris – I do not, I believe the saw was discontinued unfortunately.

  2. Lety Williamson

    How does this tool compare to the Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw Kit? I have never used an electric saw, and I need to be able to do shelving and basic carpentry in my home without the help of a man. Thank you.

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Lety – If you’re doing basic work then I’d recommend a small cordless or a basic circular saw. The TwinBlade is really meant to perform other tasks like cutting metal. If you need suggestions please don’t hesitate to ask.

  3. I agree that this review would be 100 times more helpful if you could test it on all materials it says it will cut. I want to use it to cut steel, but am concerned about thickness. How much can I get away with? Also, do you find that guard annoying? Am thinking of removing…

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