RIDGID 8″ Wet Tile Saw Review

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RIDGID 8″ Wet Tile Saw – Model R4040S

RIDGID 8" Wet Tile Saw - Model R4040S

Manufacturer: RIDGID
Model number: R4040S
Price: 499.00
Power source: 120v AC
Motor size: 12 Amp
Weight: 49 lbs

If you are looking for great performance, a powerful and an easily portable large wet tile saw then you have come to the right review. RIDGID has always been a reliable brand when you think of plumbing equipment and power tools but now they are working their way up the ladder when it comes to tile saws. RIDGID has built their reputation on great tools, reasonable prices and a one of a kind lifetime warranty. They have incorporated all three of these values into their R4040s 8″ Wet Tile Saw. I have done enough tile work to know that quality built tools such as this tile saw will not only make your work load easier, it will help you get the job done fast with much less aggravation.

RIDGID 8 Inch Tile Saw R4040S

Love at First Sight:

I had this unit out of the box and ready to use in less than 20 minutes. I got the “it’s so beautiful, I hate to use it” feeling once it was ready to go. Come on, I can’t be the only one out there! From the stand, to the sliding table, the three tier main water tub, or the removable water tray, this saw is dead sexy.

Another attention grabber was how user friendly this saw is. With set up a cinch, disassemble just as easy, and all areas in between, this saw is incredibly ease to use.  Lets take a closer look at the specifications, stand out features, and how it performs.

RIDGID R4040S Specifications & Standout Features

Manufacture’s Specifications:

  • Input: 120 V AC, 12 Amps
  • No Load Speed: 5,000 RPM
  • Cutting Wheel Diameter: 8 in.
  • Rip Capacity: 24 in.
  • Diagonal Capacity: 18 in.
  • Back Splash Capacity: 5 in.
  • Max Depth Of Cut: 2-3/4 in.
  • Weight: 49 lbs

Standout Features:

  • Heavy duty 12 AMP motor powers through natural or man-made tile and pavers.
  • Over-sized Cut Capacity – 24 in. rip, 18 in. diagonal, 2-3/4 in. deep, can cut up to 5 in. wide extra-long backlash or threshold material
  • Removable water tray – Captures over-spray and water from larger tiles to help keep work area dry and clean
  • Aluminum miter guide – Precision straight and miter cuts from 0 to 45 degrees left and right
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum arm – Prevents flexing while keeping the blade aligned
  • Cast aluminum frame – Heavy duty performance yet lightweight for easy transport, aluminum prevents rusting
  • 5-gal. water tray with wheeled system – Allows for quick setup and easy transporting of saw
  • Folding Stand – Tool-less height adjustment and scratch resistant feet to help protect flooring

Setup and Breakdown:

My favorite thing about this tile saw is how easy it is to set up and breakdown. RIDGID really stepped up their game in this category.  The R4040S comes with built-in wheels on the water tub which allows for great portability to and from the truck to the job site. The rail system secures nicely onto the water tub with 2 nice clips allowing you to keep the rail system secure while transporting it.

The saw also comes with a scissor leg stand which has tool-less adjustable legs for uneven surfaces and folds and unfolds like a camping chair. The water tub sits on top of the stand in built-in grooves providing stability. I will mention that it does not secure to the stand, just sits on top so use caution if you plan on dragging it a few feet. The removable water tray also conveniently slides into position and is hassle free.

Breaking down is just as simple. There is a drain plug on the back side of the tub which a great feature. You do not have to dump all the water in the driveway or the grass. You can put a 5 gallon bucket down and drain the water into the bucket and carry it to the street instead of letting it drain down the driveway leaving a chalky mess when dried up. RIDGID also provides a cleanable mesh filter which prevents pieces of tile clogging your pump. The drain plug is located on the back side of the mesh, allowing water to exit but tile pieces to remain in the tub. Un-clip the rail system and you can clean the tub with ease. Secure the system, close the legs and wheel it to the truck and you are ready for the next job. Well done RIDGID!


I just finished a pretty standard bathroom tile job using 12×12 tiles in the shower and walls and boy did this saw come in handy. Whether cutting your typical straight forward 90˚ cuts, beveled cuts or having to make the tough plunge cuts, this saw was worth its weight in gold.

Once squared up, see below, the R4040S cuts straight cuts with ease. RIDGID provides a nice aluminum miter gauge that secures easily with a twist knob to the sliding table. The miter gauge has an easy to use locking level with positive detents at 0˚, 22.5˚ and 45˚.

Changing the bevel on the saw is real simple. There is a large wing nut located on the rear of the saw that loosens and you can set the saw to your desired angle. Whether you are cutting at 22.5˚ or 45˚  it only takes seconds to set or your angles, and seconds to return to making your standard straight cuts. I have not tried out the plunge cut feature, so more testing to come on that.  One additional feature I would like to see RIDGID include would be a side extension for the sliding table to accommodate larger tiles like 18×18 or 24×24.


I guess if there was room for improvement on this saw it would be with its accuracy. Out of the box the saw was slightly out of square. I adjusted the rails to square it again using the hex key that RIDGID provided located on the rear arm of the saw but over time I realized it was off again about a half of blade width.

One suggestion would be that the two rails be factory welded together permanently to prevent them from moving ever so slightly. In no situation would you want them to be out of parallel to one another.  The only thing you want to being doing is sliding the table and having confidence that the rails are square. RIDGID also included a nice laser feature to improve accuracy. This actually assisted me with realizing the rails were slightly out of whack.

Overall Impression:

The RIDGID R4040S is a well made and designed wet tile saw. They have incorporated portability into their design without giving up things like power or ease of use. I really enjoy the refinements of this saw and the main water tray in my opinion is a piece of art. T

his saw is loud so I recommend good hearing protection, but then again is cutting stone or tile ever a quiet affair? Instead of renting a tile saw that you know has been abused over the course of its lifetime, do yourself a favor and go out and purchase this tile saw, you will not be disappointed!

RIDGID 8" Wet Tile Saw - Model R4040S



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