DEWALT DCS387 20V Compact Reciprocating Saw

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DEWALT DCS387 20V Compact Reciprocating Saw


Manufacturer: DEWALT
Model number: DCS387
Price: 249.99
Power source: 20 volt Lithium-Ion Battery
Weight: 5.0 Lbs
Since DEWALT announced the 20 volt platform in June of 2011, it has certainly proven to all of us that it is worth it’s weight in gold. With the addition of cordless compact tools such as the DCS387 Compact Reciprocating Saw, DEWALT in my opinion is clearly the front runner for the top professional brand of power tools.


DCS387 20V Compact Reciprocating Saw  Specifications:

  • Length: 14.5”
  • Height: 7.5”
  • Weight: 5lbs
  • 20 seconds of backlight
  • 4 position blade
  • No tool needed blade release
  • 2900 strokes per minute (SPM)
  • 1-1/8” Blade Stroke
  • Over rubber mold for great ergonomics

DEWALT DCS387 at First Glance:

The DEWALT DCS387 is unique looking tool for sure. The drop motor design makes this tool extremely compact, furthermore giving you access to the tightest of spaces where a normal reciprocating saw would never allow. Due to the shape of this reciprocating saw it really reminds me of a rotary hammer. Weighing in at around 6 lbs, you could easily use the saw with one hand if needed, however not recommended.

DEWALT’s Keyless Four Blade Positioning on the DCS387:

Four Blade Positioning: The DCS387 has a great 4 position blade clamp feature. This allows me to cut in both left and right directions horizontally and both up and down vertically.  The most important part of this feature in my opinion is the ability to make flush cuts with ease. Just make sure you have a blade long enough to allow for flexibility to get your flush cut.dcs387 flush cut Keyless Changing Feature: There was nothing more frustrating than losing the Allen wrench when you needed to change out a dull or broken blade. With the keyless blade change lever, you can quickly change out broken or dull blades with ease virtually eliminating all hassle.

DCS387 Reciprocating Saw is Evenly Balanced:

The balance of this compact reciprocation saw is spot on. The design of the saw is L shaped opposed to the typical straight design on other reciprocating saws which, in my opinion, gives you another option to put your non trigger hand. Without the battery on the tool it does seem to be a bit front heavy, but the 1.4lb battery balances it out evenly.

 DCS387 YouTube Video Review:

Our partner site A Concord Carpenter recently put out a tool review video on the DEWALT DCS387. To see the video review from the Editor, Robert Robillard, click on the link here: DEWALT DCS387 Compact 20 Volt Reciprocating Saw YouTube video

My first job using the DCS387

Just this week, a customer asked me to install a few interior doors in her house. Her house was constructed in the late 1950’s and the existing doors were solid. Instead of trying to pry and pull the jambs out with a pry bar, I used the DCS387 to quickly cut them out. The lightweight design of this reciprocating saw allowed me to easily work over my head without adding any extra fatigue or complications. With access not being an issue on this specific job, the DCS387’s portability, light weight design and option of the 4 blade position was my key to the easy door jamb removal.


My Overall Impression of the DEWALT DCS387:

While some say they like traditional reciprocating saws, I say bring on the funky looking, beast, of a compact reciprocating saw! I was extremely impressed using this bad boy. Whether you are using the DCS387 to cut in the traditional downward motion on a piece of pipe or wood or making upside down flush cuts on the bottom plate of a knocked down interior wall DEWALT’S Four Blade Positioning feature in my opinion is without a doubt the reason this saw will stand out over any other cordless reciprocating saw on the market today. After watching A Concord Carpenters video review on the corded version, DWE357, (video review here) it does remind me of a 357 magnum, which is compact, but packs a mean punch. This saw will definitely fit right into my collection of cordless tools.


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