Bosch CM8S 8-1/2″ Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw Review

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Bosch CM8S Miter Saw

Bosch CM8S Miter Saw

Manufacturer: Bosch
Model number: CM8S
Price: $469
Power source: 120V
Motor size: 12 Amp
Weight: 37 lbs
I’ve been a huge fan of Bosch miter saws for years. One of the only “gripes” I’ve had with their saws has been weight and portability for contractors on the move. With the introduction of their all new CM8S 8-1/2″ Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw that concern is starting to wane. This is certainly an exciting option for contractors doing punch list work, trim work, and small jobs that benefit from mobility.

Bosch CM8S Features

  • Bosch CM8S Miter SawPortability – Bosch exclusive design delivers a well-balanced saw with a top carry handle, and a weight of only 37 lbs. easily provides one-handed portability on and off the job
  • Easy access bevel controls – bevel lock lever and bevel turret stops are located on side of tool for quick and easy adjustments
  • Integrated expanding base extensions – expands up to 29 In. left to right for additional work-piece support
  • Large easy-to-read miter and bevel scales – uniform marks from 52˚ left to 60˚ right with 10 adjustable miter detents set at most common cuts
  • Adjustable front stabilizing foot – maintains saw stability when performing slide cuts allowing maximum capacity: cross cut 12-1/4” at 0˚, 8” at 45˚, 2-3/4” upright, 3-1/2 crown
  • Miter detent override – intuitive easy to access thumb-actuated override
  • Ergonomic ambidextrous trigger handle – form fitting handle provides comfort for all day use
  • Clear lower guard – for unobstructed view throughout the cut

Bosch CM8S Miter Saw with Todd Fratzel

Compact Design Packed with Features

If you ask me to describe the Bosch CM8S in only a few words I’d say it’s a compact design packed with features. In typical Bosch fashion the saw is very well built with great fit and finish. The first thing to come to mind when seeing this saw the first time is how small and light it is. In fact, it almost looks like a kids toy at first glance.

Don’t let looks fool you! The Bosch CM8S is packed with great features and it’s extremely portable. The following are some of the features that impressed me:

  • Expandable Table & Fence – The CM8S can be very compact which is great for mobility, but it can also “expand” when needed to help handle larger materials. The support table expands on both the left and right sides allowing the table to grow from 17-1/2″ to 29″. The left fence also expands to allow for bevel cuts and also to help provide additional support for longer stock.
  • Dust Collection – Even though this is a small, compact miter saw, Bosch took the dust collection pretty serious. They included a standard 2-1/4″ dust port along with a dust shroud behind the blade to improve dust pick-up. When attached to a good dust collection vacuum it picks up 75% +/- of dust. The saw also comes with a dust bag if you’re traveling really light!
  • Easy To Use Bevel/Miter Controls – All of the controls you’d expect from a larger bevel compound miter saw are included in the CM8S and they are easy to use and easily accessible. Built-in miter detents and bevel stops for common cuts are also included.
  • Front Stabilizing Foot – Being so small and compact means overall stability is a concern. Bosch addressed this in two ways; they included the expanding table, and they also included a front stabilizing foot just below the miter controls. The adjustable foot provides excellent stability when cross-cutting wide boards (like a 2×12). A very simple detail that proves to be quite effective.

Bosch CM8S Front Stabilizing Foot

Precision and Accuracy

My experience with Bosch miter saws has always been excellent with respect to precision and accuracy. The Bosch CM8S didn’t disappoint on this either. Right out of the box I was able to cut crown molding and get a tight fit. The saw includes easy to use adjustments that allow the user to make adjustments as necessary. One big benefit from using a smaller blade is the reduced blade deflection which really helps with compound cuts on wide boards.

Bosch CM8S Compound Cut

Cut Capacity

This “little” saw really surprised me with cut capacity. While you won’t likely be using this saw for cutting complex roof rafters or large crown molding, it really can handle most basic framing and trim applications. For 90 degree miter cuts it offers an impressive 12-1/4″ cross-cut (2×12) which means you can set this saw up and cut materials for framing from 2×4’s all the way up to 2×12 headers! When cutting 45 degree miters it will handle a 2×8.

Bosch CM8S Cut Capacity

The one place you may end up being “hand cuffed” a bit is the vertical cut capacity. The CM8S only cuts up to 2-3/4″ thick stock, so you can’t cut a 4×4, or even baseboard vertically if it’s 1×4 or larger. Not sure I’d use this saw for cutting larger 4×4 material anyway, and the baseboard material can be easily cut on the flat.


The Bosch CM8S weighs only 37 lbs while offering the benefits of a single bevel compound miter saw. This is such a huge benefit for small jobs, punch list work, and guys that work alone. The saw can easily be carried from the truck without the need to have a large mobile stand. Whether you’re using it on the tailgate or a set of saw horses this saw can be quickly set up and moved with ease.

Bosch CM8S Portable Miter Saw

The CM8S comes with two different handles. As you can see above, there’s a “wire” handle attached to the base which allows you to carry it with the base parallel to your legs (I prefer this position). There’s also a more comfortable handle on the top that allows you to carry the saw in the upright position. This handle is really comfortable, but because of how the saw is balanced, I found that my knuckles hit the dust port which is very uncomfortable. I’d like to see both of these carrying handle options refined so they are both more comfortable.

Overall Impression Bosch CM8S Miter Saw

The Bosch CM8S Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw is an excellent “compact” miter saw for people that need a very mobile cutting solution. This saw is very well built and offers all the options that larger single bevel compound miter saws have. This saw has plenty of power and it’s very accurate.

Currently there are only two options on the market for the 8-1/2″ miter saws including this model and one from Hitachi (Phil over at ConcordCarpenter recently reviewed that one here). The Bosch CM8S offers a more powerful motor but it’s slightly heavier. Both saws offer similar cut capacity and features.

Priced just under $500 it seems a bit high, however, with the quality of Bosch tools it’s sure to last a long time even under tough jobsite conditions. The bottom line is this saw is an excellent option for anyone looking for a compact, light weight, fully functional compound miter saw.

Bosch CM8S Miter Saw

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