Skil Benchtop Belt / Disc Sander Review

Skil Benchtop Belt/Disc Sander Model 3375

The folks at Skil recently sent us their new 2-in1 Belt/Disk Sander to review. This new benchtop offering features:

  • 4.0 Amp motor
  • Two-in-one sanding station – Belt or disc sanding for a variety of lengths and angles
  • Beveling table top – Allows for sanding 45 – 90 degrees
  • Belt angle adjustment – Allows for sanding at 0 and 90 degrees
  • Tension spring adjustment – For secure belt tracking
  • Pre-drilled cast-iron base – Easily mounts to bench top
  • Dust port – Accepts standard 2-1/2 in. shop vac hose, minimizing dust in work area
  • Miter gauge – For sanding miter angles on work piece
  • Safety switch – For quick shut-offs

Skil Model 3375 Specifications

  • 120V, 60 Hz
  • 4.0 Amp
  • RPM: 0-3,450/Min.
  • Disc Size: 6 in.
  • Belt Size: 4 in. x 36 in.
  • Belt Tilt: 0-90 Degrees
  • Disc Table Tilt: 0-45 Degrees
  • Table Dimensions: 6 in. x 9 in.
  • Belt Table Tilt: 45-90 Degrees
  • Dust Port: 2-1/2 in.

Our Review

The Skil Benchtop Belt/Disc Sander – Model 3375 looks just like several other similar 2-in-1 benchtop sanders on the market including; Grizzly, Rockwell and Rikon. Benchtop sanders like this one are very versatile in the shop for not only sanding but “nibbling” away wood in curved patterns, angles and other shapes that are often difficult to cut with a saw. We recently tested the Skil 3375 sanding several different types of wood in different shapes and patterns with satisfactory results.

Features We Liked

The Skil Belt/Disc Sander is small in size yet powerful enough to tackle most shop sanding tasks. Having this type of 2-in-1 belt/disc sander in a shop makes quick work of lots of unique sanding projects which we really like. The ability to swing the 4×36 belt sander from horizontal to vertical is a great feature and pretty standard on most sanders of this type.

Features Needing Improvement

We think the Skil 3375 could be improved greatly with a couple of simple upgrades. The adjustable table top and miter attachments could be improved to offer better accuracy and durability.

  • Adjustable Table Top – The table top itself is well built out of aluminum however the connection design isn’t all that great. The connection “arm” or “bracket” is difficult to align and adjust. We found it difficult to adjust the table top so that it was both plumb and square to the belt. The bracket feels a bit flimsy.
  • Plastic Miter Gauge – While the rest of this tool is built with a rugged cast base and metal parts the miter gauge is just plastic. I’d much rather see this be some type of more durable metal.

Overall Impression

The Skil Benchtop Belt/Disc Sander (Model 3375) is a really versatile tool which offers the benefits of a large bench sander in a small portable size. While this tool could use some upgrades we did feel it’s a good value for an entry level benchtop sander.

The Skil 3375 is priced around $100 which is about half of what some of the better known brands like Delta’s PCB420SA which retails around $200. So if you’re looking to save some money and plan on using this occasionally for small shop projects on occasion than it’s a great value. If you’re looking to set up a serious wood shop then this is not the tool for you.

Where To Buy

You can purchase the Skil Belt/Disc Sander at the following links:

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  2. will andrews

    Hey Todd,
    I have a small workspace and cannot fit a large belt/disc sander. In your opinion what small belt/disc sander should I purchase. I want the most power and sanding ability I can get in a small package.

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Will – It really boils down to money. If you want a VERY good quality benchtop sander I would recommend:

      JET 708595 JSG-96 6-Inch/9-Inch 3/4-Horsepower Benchtop Belt/Disc Sander, 115-Volt 1-Phase


      Grizzly G1276 Combination Sander 6″ x 48″ Belt 12″ Disc 1725 RPM

      If those are out of your budget….then you’re stuck in the range of this Skil model and similar ones.

  3. Kevin

    I have had mine for 2 years, only because I cant afford to replace it with something better. From day one it made an awful loud clicking sound and is almost deafening. Today the thing quit working. Motor still spins up but whatever has been clicking inside this sander has finally completely broken. The noise is louder than ever, but the roller that drives the belt will not spin with any power to move the sanding belt. Now, I have to replace it, and when I get the money, I doubt it will be a skil brand I bring into my garage.

  4. Steven J Ridgeway

    I bought mine at a pawn shop for $35 I love it it works great looks like new I’m still learning some of the functions of it a self are always been great

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