Festool RTS 400 REQ and DTS 400 REQ Compact Sanders

Festool Compact Sanders

My first sander was a block of wood with sand paper. No I’m kidding it was a Craftsman 5″ square pad sander that had spring loaded clips for clamping the sandpaper down. That was in 1989 and I kept it in operation for at least 8 years. Its amazing to think about the advancements in sanding since then. Festool compact sanders are one of those sanding technology wonders!

Festool Compact Sanders

Festool RTS 400 REQ and DTS 400 REQ Compact Sanders


The new Festool RTS 400 REQ and DTS 400 REQ Compact Sanders weigh only 2.5 pounds, are super compact and were designed with a 25% increase in power from previous Festool models. Lightweight and compact sanders like the Festool RTS 400 REQ and DTS 400 REQ Compact Sanders allow contractors to work overhead longer before fatiguing. That may not seem important to you until you do it once or twice and end up with a sore shoulder or neck for a few days.

Both sanders offer 240 watts / 2.0 amps and are equipped with Festools MMC electronics. I used both sanders and was impressed with their weight, features and ability to remove / finish  material quickly.  While I still sometimes use a sanding block, I’m thinking these sanders will make my time on the job-site more efficient while producing a better level of quality.

Improved Sanding Pads

These sanders have modified dust extractor pad patterns. The dust hole patterns are more effective at pulling dust and this new pattern helps eliminate dust build up under pad. Other features include a pad protector that Festool designed to minimize pad damage, and to protect adjacent surfaces.

Festool Compact Sanders

Dust Collection

Festool wouldn’t be Festool without superior dust collection. These sanders have a bayonet style dust port connection and an optional, re-usable, filter bag with a quick release. Also available from Festool is a new connection adapter for the dust extractor hose. Festool improved this dust hose connection the tool port which is available as an accessory. The connection port is an improved innovation to create a better, more secure connection of the hose to the tool.  The new hose port is compatible on older Festool tools and vacuums. The new sleeve connector, part #487071, will prevent the hose from disconnecting as you move your tool.

Festool 567863 RTS 400 EQ Orbital Sander



  • New MC electronics that maintain a constant speed when the tool is leaned on – common with sander users.
  • New dust bag, spring loaded, flexible and easy to tow in Systainer.
  • Sanding pad profiles, rectangular and pointed front end.
  • Sides of sanders have rubber bumper guards to protect edges of adjacent surfaces
  • Robust switch
  • Rubberized over grip

Festool Compact Sanders

Fun Fact:

Festool was founded in 1925, they employ over 400 employees and take 3 to 4 years to develop a tool to market.





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