RIDGID 2 HP Fixed Router Model R22002

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RIDGID 2-HP Fixed Router Model R22002 Review

RIDGID R22002 2 HP Fixed Base Router

Manufacturer: RIDGID
Model number: R22002
Price: $159.00
Power source: Corded
Motor size: 2 HP
Weight: 10LBs

When most people think of routers they instantly think about a tool that can cut fancy edges. 2005’s Professional Woodworker of the year Jeremy Broun describes the router as the “most versatile tool in the world” and stated it “can be used in just about every aspect of a job but assembly.”

Over the past few months, I have been reviewing the RIDGID R22002 2HP Fixed Router. Mainly using the R22002 on window sills and mortising hinges into solid core door slabs, I have also used it to make dadoes when making a custom laundry cabinet for a customer.

RIDGID R22002 2 HP Fixed Base Route

RIDGID R22002 Out of the Box:

One of the first things that grabbed my attention was the large dual over-molded handles on the router, for control and precise routing. With great ergonomic style handles, holding and maneuvering the router was pretty simple and there was minimal vibration. This model comes with a clear base and LED lighting that make it quite easy to see your path. The plate glides nicely over the surface you are cutting with out marring the surface.

The R22002 has soft start technology for controlled, smooth starts which extends the life of your motor. Another great feature to mention are the dual LED lights on the router which provides great illumination of your work area to improved visibility.

R22002 Specifications:

  • 11 amp, 2 peak horsepower motor
  • Electronic variable speed
  • Micro-depth adjustment for precise depth control
  • Soft start motor
  • Spindle Lock
  • 3-point over-mold design prevents accidental marring of surfaces
  • Easily serviceable brush locations.
  • No-mar flat top allows router to be placed upside down for bit change
  • 3-year warranty and lifetime service agreement with tool registration

 Putting the RIDGID R22002 to use

On a recent home renovations I worked on, I needed to change out old flat panel hollow core doors with a more decorative 2 rounded panel solid core slabs. The casing and trim were nice, but the doors were an eye sore. Using the R22002 and the Ryobi A99HT1 Door Hinge Installation Kit I mortised new hinges into the new slab doors and installed them into the pre-existing hinge mortises on the door frame. Easily setting the micro depth adjustment, I was able to accurately set my depth in order for the hinge to sit perfectly flush.

RIDGID R22002 w/ hinge template

Depth Adjustment Feature

The depth adjustment feature is one that is definitely worth mentioning.  To use it, undo the locking clamp that holds the sleeve on, there is a orange locking lever you need to press in thus allowing the depth adjustment knob to be turned. You can then dial in for precise and accurate cuts.  You can rapidly adjust the depth of cut to 1/64″. RIDGID also offer a T-Handle to adjust the cutting depth when using the router with a router table.

Room For Improvement

There is one design improvement that I would like RIDGID to consider, and that is the on/off switch. It is located at the top front of the router and is inconvenient, if there is a need for a quick shut off. Taking your hand off the grip to turn the router off is not the safest option. My opinion is that it would be safer if it was located near a thumb to maintain a two handed grip when the tool is running.

Overall Impressions

The RIDGID R22002 2 HP Fixed Base route will not disappoint you or empty your pockets for that matter. The 2HP motor produces plenty of power and it has great adjustment controls for precise and accurately depth. I recommend you have this router in your shop or on the jobsite. It has definitely earned its spot in my arsenal of power tools..

RIDGID R22002 2 HP Fixed Base Router

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