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Hitachi SDS Max Brushless Rotary Hammer DH52MEY

Hitachi SDS Max Brushless Rotary Hammer DH52MEY

Manufacturer: Hitachi
Model number: DH52MEY
Price: 1,149.00
Power source: 110V
Motor size: Brushless
Weight: 25.3

Hitachi flooded the 2016 market with a whole new line of hammer drills.  They are the AC brushless SDS Max Rotary Hammers.  These new hammers have been well designed with a TON of features.  I got a chance to test out the DH52MEY model and it didn’t disappoint. This smooth drilling rotary hammer drill was accurately designed with the contractor in mind.

hitachi-logo-picHitachi DH52MEY Features & Specifications

  • Ultra efficient AC Brushless motor allows the use of long extension cords without power loss
  • Internal inverter circuit to regulate uneven power supply when using a generator
  • UVP (User vibration protection) technology reduces vibration for comfort with extended use
  • AHB (Aluminum Housing Body) construction provides internal and external durability
  • Large change lever for selecting drilling mode
  • Push button rotation speed selector switch provides four power levels of impact and rotation speed when paired with the drilling application
  • Power indicator lamp illuminates when connected to a power supply
  • Optimized hammering mechanism for faster drilling speed and greater demolition performance
  • Large trigger switch for easy operation reducing fatigue
  • Constant speed control allows increased power to the tool when under load for smooth drilling
  • Continuous operation button for hammer mode to reduce fatigue during extended chisel applications
  • Needle pin slip clutch immediately disengages the gears if a bit binds on rebar preventing the tool from whipping around
  • Built in circuit protection against overheating, binding, and overload


  • 360 degree side
  • Depth stopper rod
  • 1 oz tube hammer grease
  • Plastic carry case
  • Full Load Speed – 260 RPM Max
  • Full Load Impact Rate – 2,200 BPM Max
  • Impact Energy – 16.2 ft-lbs
  • Watt Input – 1500
  • Drill Bit Capacity (Concrete) 2- 1/16”
  • Core Bit Capacity (Concrete) 4-29/32”
  • Modes of Operation – Hammer Drill & Hammer Only
  • Vibration Level – 9.8 m/s2
  • Shank – SDS Max
  • Chuck size – 2 -1/16
  • Dimensions – 23 – 1/32” x 10-3/8 x 4-9/16”
  • Weight – 25.3 lbs

Job Site Performance

Breaking up concrete or masonry products is never a fun task but Hitachi made it more comfortable for us.  We had the chance to use the DH52MEY on a few sites where concrete and stone had to be removed.

The first project was landscape finishing touches.  Yes we used a demo hammer for finish work!  There was rock ledge buried into the landscape that had a piece sticking out of the ground and needed to be removed.  It was very hard stone and chipped back in small pieces.  It took approximately an hour to remove and the Hitachi chisel bit held up.  It was still sharp after the project.  The demo hammer never heated up.  It was smooth with no uncomfortable vibration to the arms or hands.


The next project was removing a 10’ x 16’ concrete patio to allow for a deck to go in.  We were able to pry and prop up the 4” thick concrete and then use the DH52MEY to split it up.  The hammer drill sliced into the concrete like butter.  After the patio was out of our way we started digging for the 12’’ footings.  Since the Hitachi demo hammer was still on site, we used it to assist in digging and loosening up the rocky soil.  Once the large rocks were loosened up we removed them with a shovel.

The third project allowed me to try out the drill in rotary hammer mode.  This project consisted of drilling approximately forty ½’’ deep holes in a concrete foundation to mount a deck ledger. We then followed up by drilling ½” deep anchor holes in concrete footings for 6”x6” post mounts.  The 25lb rotary hammer was a little heavy while drilling the anchor holes for the deck ledger, but the weight combined with the impact energy and drilling speed saved us time and provided smooth drilling.  We were able to bore through these holes in no time.


The bottom line is that having the Hitachi 25lb demo hammer in your arsenal of tools is a no brainer.  Surely you will be finding more and more projects for it.  Hitachi offers a full line of chisel bits, an asphalt cutter, a floor scraper, and ground rod bits that work with the DH52MEY.  And that’s only a few of the accessories that you could get.  After looking at the full list of accessories, some of my future job site tasks will be getting easier with the wide range this hammer drill offers.   You can view the complete list on

Loving the DH52MEY Features

For me it’s all about the bells and whistles.  The Hitachi DH52MEY has plenty of features.  The internal inverter circuit that regulates uneven power supply from generators or portable power units is priceless for a mobile contractor.  This will help prolong the life of your tool.

The continuous operation button for hammer mode only is a feature that I personally look for in a tool.  This feature was used on all chipping projects and provided us the benefit of not having to constantly squeeze the trigger through the demo task. Looking at this feature as a long term standpoint will greatly reduce fatigue and/or hand cramping.


The selectable power level is useful during multiple applications.  We used full power for chipping projects and lowered the power setting to ¾ when drilling the ledger holes.  I also liked that the Hitachi DH52MEY offers large handles and buttons so the use of gloves doesn’t hinder operation of the tool.

Suggested Improvements

One improvement that would be beneficial to see would be if Hitachi included a couple of chisel bits with the demo hammer.  It would be a nice added touch if it came with 2 different style chisel bits.  There are currently no chisel bits included in the kit.  They need to be purchased separately.


Overall Impression – Hitachi Brushless Rotary Hammer DH52MEY

My overall impression of the Hitachi DH52MEY demo hammer is that it’s a smooth hard hitting hammer drill.  I found this rotary hammer to be comfortable and well balanced. It offers plenty of power in demo mode.

When we used it as a rotary hammer to bore out ½’’ holes, it was smooth drilling.  This is a 25lb demo hammer with a main function for demo work, but if you need this Hitachi rotary hammer to bore holes into concrete it with do it with ease.  The DH52MEY is a winner in my book.

Hitachi SDS Max Brushless Rotary Hammer DH52MEY





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  1. Rotary Hammer is the amazing for the mechanical,how can we purchase it,because it looks very useful,thank you for sharing it.

    1. Michael Hopp

      CanCrusher, The Hitachi Rotary Hammer can be purchased through the Buy link from the review. The Rotary Hammer has been very useful for us and would except the same for you.

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