DEWALT D25602K SDS Max Combination Hammer Kit Review

DEWALT D25602K 1-3/4-Inch SDS Max Combination Hammer Kit

with SHOCKS® & CTC®

Last summer the folks at DEWALT unveiled a new line of Combination Hammers with some great features like SHOCKS® & CTC®. They were kind enough to send us the new D25602K 1-3/4″ SDS MAX Combination Hammer Kit to test and review. So over the last 6 months the tool has bounced around the job site between our commercial road construction crew and our building crew. Needless to say the hammer saw a wide variety of drilling and chipping tasks along with a wide variety of users. Below is our review of this exciting new hammer.

D25602K Features & Specifications

  • 13.5 Amp high-performance motor provides high performance & overload protection; 210-415 rpm; 1430-2840 bpm
  • 9.5 ft-lbs. of Impact Energy provides fast drilling and powerful chipping
  • SHOCKS – Active Vibration Control® reduces vibration up to 50% while increasing user comfort and productivity
  • Complete Torque Control (CTC)® – Patented 2-Stage clutch provides maximum control in bind up situations
  • Rear handle mount increases user comfort in down-drilling applications
  • Trigger lock-on reduces user fatigue while chipping
  • Optimal Concrete Drilling 1/2″ – 1-3/8″
  • Amps 13.5Amps
  • Impact Energy 9.5ft-lbs
  • Vibration Control SHOCKS®
  • No Load Speed 210 – 415rpm
  • Blows/Min 1,430 – 2,840bpm
  • Clutch CTC®
  • Tool Length 18.6″
  • Tool Weight 15.1lbs

New Design Offers Less Vibration & More Control

The new D25602K 1-3/4″ SDS MAX Combination Hammer is a design founded on feedback from the construction industry. Feedback for these type of tools almost always revolves around vibration, comfort and what the experts call reactionary force or “getting bit” as my guys like to call it.

“Through our research with rotary hammer users, we identified the need to decrease vibration and increase control,” said Jeff Beck, Product Manager, DEWALT. “Our new line of combination rotary and chipping hammers not only features engineering and design advancements that offer the professional contractors the comfort, control, and performance they demand in a professional product, but it also maintains the lightweight, compact size users prefer.”

SHOCKS – Active Vibration Control®

SHOCKS – Active Vibration Control sounds pretty clever but the cool thing is it really works! As you can see in the adjacent photo the D Handle has a “shock” or “joint” between it and the main body of the hammer. The SHOCKS Active Vibration Control works extremely well and reduces the vibrations on the user significantly.

All of the workers who used this hammer on our job sites reported significantly less vibration and far less fatigue compared to older hammers that they have used. I had the chance last summer to try side by side hammers, one with SHOCKS and one without and the difference is truly amazing.

As someone who works in the field I’m excited about this new technology for two reasons. First of all is safety and reduced stress on users. Back strains are extremely painful on employees and costly for employers so any measure that reduces that risk is huge. Secondly the increased productivity on the job site when workers don’t feel fatigued is a huge bonus.

CTC® – Complete Torque Control

CTC or Complete Torque Control offers a patented two-stage clutch system. The first clutch setting, which activates at 30 ft-lbs. of torque, will be a sufficient setting for the majority of drilling applications. The second clutch setting, which engages at 60 ft-lbs. of torque, is designed for drilling large holes or coring applications. Once the tool has been unplugged and is then plugged back in, it will automatically reset back to clutch setting one, providing the user the setting with maximum torque control.

If you use these type of hammers on a regular basis you know why this feature is so important. Most hammers of this size are fully capable of breaking a mans ribs if it binds up. Having a good responsive clutch system is paramount for reducing injuries. The CTC works great and it’s easy to use.


The D25602K 1-3/4″ SDS MAX Combination Hammer packs plenty of power. We tested it in a variety of applications including drilling holes in concrete slabs, chipping tile off floors, drilling holes for mechanical chases and even chipping holes in precast concrete manholes. Regardless of the application the D25602K served up plenty of power.

Comfort Factor

Overall the D25602K 1-3/4″ SDS MAX Combination Hammer is really comfortable and well balanced. The overall size is small than similar hammers and it weighs only 15.1 lbs which is lighter than most around 20 lbs. When you combine the size of this hammer with the benefits of SHOCKS and CTC this is a very comfortable hammer to use.

Overall Impression

The D25602K 1-3/4″ SDS MAX Combination Hammer exceeded all of my expectations and then some. We seriously tried to push this hammer over the edge because the guys at DEWALT challenged us to. Well I’m happy to report that we were unable to find a limit or break the D25602K. This is a serious hammer for serious work that commercial contractors like myself require. It was built specifically for the industry based on consumer input and they really hit this one out of the park. If you’re in the market for a combination hammer I highly recommend the D25602K 1-3/4″ SDS MAX Combination Hammer.

If you’d like to purchase the D25602K it’s available at local DEWALT dealers and online at Amazon for $559.00 with FREE Shipping.

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