Rockwell F80 Duotch Sonocrafter Multitool Review

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Rockwell F80 Duotch Sonocrafter Multitool

Manufacturer: Rockwell
Model number: F80 Duotch
Price: 129.00
Power source: Electric - corded
Motor size: 4.1 Amps
Weight: 3.3 lbs

Rockwell F80 Duotech Oscillation Sonicrafter Multitool RK5151K

Oscillating tools have quickly become a go-to tool on the jobsite for us carpenters and remodelers. While we all know that an oscillating tool works with a side-to-side movement, moving at approximately 20,000 strokes per minute, did you know that the blade oscillation is angled at approximately 3.2 degrees for optimized cutting and reduced vibration?

Rockwell DuoTechThis narrow angle of oscillation provides precise control over the tool and results in a precise cutting, grinding and sanding applications while optimizing the best angle for vibration and movement control.

The folks at Rockwell recently released their NEW Rockwell F80 Duotech Oscillation Sonicrafter which is the first oscillating tool to deploy two oscillating angles, 3.4 and 5.0 degrees.  This option of dual oscillating angles enable the tool to work harder and run faster. That’s five times faster than the basic Sonicrafter RK5121K. but what about movement and vibrations?

Why Dual Angles?

Rockwell determined that by increasing the oscillation angle, from 3.2° to 3.4 and 5.0o, they could increase the tools cutting efficiency.

As Isaac Newton taught us; “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  This brief physics lesson is real in the tool world.  By increasing the blade angle, Rockwell now had to deal with more movement and unwanted vibration. To combat this, Rockwell employed a counterweight inside the tools to offset the movement, and provide a smoother, more efficient cut.

Rockwell F80 Duotch Sonocrafter MultitoolAggressive Cuts Vs. Continuous Control

Both the Sonicrafter F50 and F80 feature the industry’s-best maximum cutting load of 35 lbs. of force. These tools can be pushed harder than any other oscillating tool before the blade stalls out.

Users now have the option of selecting the 5.0o oscillating angle when projects demand faster, more aggressive cuts with quicker results or 3.4o for continuous control.

Rockwell F80 Duotch Sonocrafter MultitoolWeight and Balance

The Rockwell F80 Duotch Sonocrafter Multitool is well designed.  It weights 3.3 pounds, has a narrow sleek body and a durable , metal front end with a tool-free blade / accessory level. I’m a big fan of its 10-foot cord and its variable spped control with settings from 10,000 to 19,000 oscillations.

Rockwell F80 Duotch Sonocrafter Multitool


The Rockwell F80 Duotch Sonocrafter Multitool has a 35lb cutting load allowing you to push into your cut.  Its really does allow you to push into the work being but the tool is loud.

The tools vibration feels normal, and line of sight is excellent. I did not notice  difference when using the Dutch oscillation selector switch.

Rockwell F80 Duotch Sonocrafter Multitool

Universal FitTM Accessory System

Rockwell pioneered Universal FitTM, the industry’s first true universal accessory system, which enabled Sonicrafters to accept other major brands’ accessories without adapters. Rockwell’s universal accessories are manufactured to fit all other competitive oscillating tools, giving consumers the option of using Rockwell blades and accessories without sacrificing fit or performance.

HyperlockTM Blade Change System

Sonicrafter oscillating tools feature a spring-loaded centering mount that positively engages accessories with the help of the HyperlockTM tool-less blade change system that provides one ton of clamping force to prevent accessory slippage. Slippage can sometime be the cause of that metallic sound we often hear.

I tried using some Bosch accessory blades on the Rockwell F80 Duotch Sonocrafter Multitool with limited success.  The accessory blade did not mount onto the tools points an was only secured by the clamping force of the HyperlocalTM system.

Hyperlock is available on the new F80, F50, F30 and basic Sonicrafter model (RK5121K). It’s also featured on the 20V Sonicrafter (RK2863K).

Rockwell F80 Duotch Sonocrafter Multitool

Room For Improvement?

I’m a big fan of you get what you pay for, the Rockwell F80 Duotch Sonocrafter Multitool is priced super affordable. Unfortunately, this tool requires the user to unscrew the accessory lever and pull out a pin in order to change the blade. Rockwell needs to graduate into pin-less blade changing.  I’m sure the reason they haven’t is cost and industry patents.

There is a lot of plastic on this tool, especially the accessory level. One concern is that a solid drop on concrete could damage this level – time will tell.

The box that this tool comes in is made of thin plastic and I found it annoying that the lid comes completely off.  I’d love to see Rockwell beef up the box and add a continuous hinge.

Overall Impression

At $129 the Rockwell F80 Duotch Sonocrafter Multitool is a great bargain and a great DIY tool or starter tool.

Rockwell F80 Duotch Sonocrafter Multitool

F80 Duotech Oscillation Sonicrafter RK5151K Specifications

  •     F80 Duotech Oscillation Sonicrafter (RK5151K, $159)
  • 5.0°, 3.4o oscillating angles
  • Vibrafree (Vibration reduction)
  • Variable speed
  • 4.2 amp motor
  • 5X* faster cutting *compared to the Rockwell model RK5121K
  • 35 lbs. max cutting load
  • Hyperlock tool-less blade change
  • Universal accessory interface
  • Constant speed control, which electronically maintains speed-of-cut under load. 
  • Oscillations per minute (OPM): 10,000-19,000
  • Metal front-end; metal Hyperlock tool-free lever
  • LED light
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs.
  • Cord length: 10 ft.
  • 10 Universal Fit accessories include (3) 1-3/8” end-cut blades, (1) metal, (1) precision,(1) standard), (1) 3-1/8” HSS semicircle saw blade, (1) plunge & saw blade, (1) flex scraper blade, (1) sanding pad, (3) sanding sheets, plus hard case.
  • Cost $ 159.00

F80 Duotech Oscillation Sonicrafter RK5142K

  • The F50 and F80 are the most powerful and fastest cutting Sonicrafters 
  • 5.0° oscillating angle
  •     Vibrafree (Vibration reduction)
  • Variable speed
  • 4.0 amp motor
  • 5X* faster cutting *compared to the Rockwell model RK5121K
  • 35 lbs. max cutting load
  • Hyperlock tool-less blade change
  •     Universal accessory interfaceConstant speed control, wcich electronically maintains speed-of-cut under load. Oscillations per minute (OPM): 11,000-20,000
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs.
  • Cord length: 10 ft.
  •     31 Universal Fit accessories include (2) 1-3/8” end-cut blades, (1) precision, (1) standard), (1)    3-1/8” HSS semicircle saw blade, (1) rigid scraper blade, (1) sanding pad, (26) sanding sheets, plus carry bag. 
  • Warranty: 3 years
  •  Cost $119.00

How Much and Where To Buy?

The new Rockwell F80 Duotech Oscillation Sonicrafter (RK5151K, $159) is expected to be available in June at Lowes, and other major retailers.

Rockwell F80 Duotch Sonocrafter Multitool Video Review

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  1. Jay Kay

    2/5 Score?? Ridiculous!! You review or quote highly with only the plastics as a bit of a let down. The rest of your review is very positive. But you then go and give it a 2 out of 5..
    like I said.. RIDICULOUS!
    Unless you’d care to explain WHY you have it such a dastardly mark!!

    1. Jay Kay

      PS You even say it’s “a GREAT bargain” and “GREAT DIY or starter tool”.
      You need to make your mind up. I was looking at buying this tool and would just like you to know your “review” is more confusing than helpful! Ridiculous.

  2. Randy Marchinko

    I bought one of these tools. It’s amazing. I’ve used it as well as other oscillating tools and I think it’s a fabulous tool. I like the two oscillating speeds and the noise level is lower that some others I’ve used. Blade changing is easy and don’t know what this “pin” is of which you speak.
    I was surprised at your rating. I give it a 5 out of 5.

  3. RobScorpio

    Yeah you don’t need to unscrew the pin all the way to change blades !

    Only negative is the gear change from 3.5 degrees to 5 degrees can come loose and grind the gears

    Also blade Angle is not an Angle like Reviewer thinks it is degrees of a circle so at 5 degrees the blade swings FURTHER bsmack and forth and cuts faster – NOTICEABLY faster .
    Tool is powerful It can cut 3/4″ plywood for trimming small spots and can grind off small pieces of concrete easily with diamond blade. The hyperlock really clamps the blades down .

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