Porter-Cable Oscillating Multi-Tool Review – Model PC250MTK

Porter-Cable PC250MTK Oscillating Multi-Tool

At this year’s International Builder’s Show in Orlando I had a chance to get a sneak peak of Porter-Cable’s entry into the world of oscillating multi-tools. Over the last couple of months I’ve been using and testing the all new Porter-Cable PC250MTK Oscillating Multi-Tool. Porter-Cable might be a tad late to the game but I have a feeling many of you will think the wait was worth it when I show you a very cool feature.

The PC250MTK comes standard with the Tool-Free System™ which finally puts an oscillating tool on the market with a tool free feature to compete with Fein. Up until now all the other brands have been using a system that requires a set screw to connect the blade. The screw must be tightened and loosened with an Allen Wrench which frankly is a huge pain in the ass. With the new Tool-Free System™ from Porter-Cable you can quickly change the blade in just a few seconds and there’s no chance of the blade coming loose which is a common complain with “screw” type attachments that are found on other brands.

Product Specifications and Features

  • Tool-Free Accessory Change Requires No Bolts Or Wrenches
  • Powerful 2.5 Amp Motor Provides High Torque For Smooth Cutting
  • Variable Speed Dial Offers Maximum Control Across Applications
  • 10-Foot Cord For Access To Applications
  • Amps: 2.5 Amps
  • Oscillations Per Minute: 10,000-20,000
  • Oscillating Angle: 2.8 Degrees
  • TOOL-FREE SYSTEM™ Accessory Change: YES
  • Blade Change: TOOL-FREE SYSTEM™
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs

How The PC250MTK Stacks Up

The Porter-Cable PC250MTK comes with a good plastic carrying case and an assortment of accessories. The kit includes:

(1) 1-1/2″ x 1-5/8″ Precision Wood End-Cut Blade, (1) 1-1/2″ x 1-5/8″ Wood End-Cut Blade, (1) 1-1/2″ x 1-5/8″ Wood/Metal End-Cut Blade, (1) 4″ Half-Segment Wood Blade, (1) Carbide Grout, (1) Sanding Platen, (9) Sheets 60 Grit Sandpaper, (9) Sheets 120 Grit Sandpaper, (9) Sheets 240 Grit Sandpaper, (1) Rigid Scraper, (1) Flexible Scraper.

For the most part the Porter-Cable PC250MTK is very similar to all of the other oscillating tools that I’ve used. The big difference here is the Tool-Free System™ which improves the speed of changing accessories but also ensures that the accessory doesn’t loosen during operation.

This tool includes an easy to use dial switch for adjusting the motor speed. The barrel grip is comfortable and well balanced. I really like the long 10′ cable that eliminates the need for extension cords in many cases.

Tool-Free System™

The Tool-Free System™ really impresses me! Up until now the only oscillating tool on the market with tool free operation was Fein. However, the Fein system is at a price point that excludes many users especially in the DIY and home improvement arena. At first I was nervous that it might be a gimmick and unable to hold the blades in place during such intense vibration. However, I was more than impressed with the design and functionality. The spring loaded release holds the blades and accessories in place beautifully!

The big difference here are the blades. As you can see the back of the blades is open in a “U” shape so that the blade can slide under the receiving “teeth”. Other brands use a solid blade that just has a hole in the center for the screw.

The downside to this is fairly obvious. You have to use Porter-Cable blades and accessories. This tool will not accept other brands even ones that are now using the new Oscillating Interface System (OIS). Hopefully Porter-Cable will offer a robust selection of accessories so they can compete with others that offer a wide range of accessories.

Power & Performance

I tested the Porter-Cable Multi-Tool on several projects including sanding, cutting and scraping. This multi-tool has very similar spec’s with regard to the motor and oscillations of the Bosch MX25EK-33 that I reviewed earlier this year. Since I was so impressed with that tool I was eager to see how this one compared and I was pleasantly surprised. The Porter-Cable produced similar results and easily completed the tasks I was working on.

Final Thoughts

The Porter-Cable PC250MTK Oscillating Multi-Tool is very impressive! Finally a multi-tool that doesn’t require an Allen Wrench in order to change blades. This feature alone pushes the Porter-Cable tool to the top of the list just shy of the Fein. Frankly if you consider value then the Porter-Cable really beats them all out.

Having said that there are a few small issues that I think are worth considering when selecting your next oscillating multi-tool.

  • The Porter-Cable doesn’t have a dust collection system. With such a huge focus on dust within the industry I hope the folks at Porter-Cable make the dust collection feature a priority in the near future.
  • In order for this new tool to be really competitive with it’s rivals Porter-Cable must create a wide range of accessories. Some of the other manufacturers are starting to focus on producing a vast range of these in order to offer the most project solutions. Since Porter-Cable is not using the OIS system they have to offer all the blade options for this new blade style.

The price point on this tool is fantastic. Currently priced at $114 I think it’s a great value. If you’d like to order one of these you can at the following link:


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