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FEIN MultiMaster FMM 350 QSL w/ Starlock Plus

FEIN MultiMaster w/ Starlock Plus

Manufacturer: FEIN
Model number: FMM 350 QSL
Price: $349
Power source: 120V AC
Motor size: 350 Watt
Weight: 3.1 lbs
Oscillating multi-tools (OMT’s) have been around for quite some time and they have made it into almost every tool box and job trailer out there. Other than producing cordless versions of these tool not much has changed in the last few years until now. One of the fairly common problems in the past with OMT’s has been the blade clamping mechanism. In high demand applications many of the tools on the market would experience some blade slip resulting in less than desirable performance.FEIN MultiMaster FMM 350 QSL Kit

Earlier this year FEIN and Bosch joined forces to develop a new type of blade and blade locking mechanism called Starlock. Starlock blades come in several different formats including: Starlock, Starlock Plus and Starlock Max. We recently tested the new FEIN MultiMaster with Starlock Plus on the jobsite to see how it comes to the older versions we’ve been using for years.

FEIN FMM 350 QSL Features

  • Self-supporting motor with vibration decoupling for outstanding vibration and noise reduction.
  • Very powerful 350 Watt FEIN high-performance motor for optimal cutting speeds and maximum work progress.
  • Highest quality and stability thanks to metal gear case and consistent use of ball or needle bearings.
  • Convenient QuickIN rapid-clamping system
  • Electronic speed control with tacho generator for constant speed, even under load.
  • Integrated interface for mounting additional system accessories.
  • Softgrip zone provides optimal handling.
  • StarlockPlus tool mount with outstanding torque transfer, fits all Starlock and StarlockPlus accessories.
  • Wide selection of accessories available for all applications.
  • Oscillations: 10,000-19,500 rpm
  • Cable Length: 16.4 ft long

Starlock Blade System – The Future of Oscillating Tools

I love seeing all the advancements within the tool industry of late because the results are impacting jobsites all over the world. Without doubt OMT’s have become a huge part of the construction industry due to their incredible versatility to adapt to almost any situation on the jobsite. So the development of the Starlock blade system will no doubt further expand this category allowing users to do more tasks including more high demand tasks that require larger motors.

StarLock Plus Blade System

The Starlock blade system using some of the old approach to securing the blade with the addition of a 3D chuck system. Not only does the tool clamp to the blade as it did in older versions, but the blade itself has a 3D impression in it that allows the blade to wrap around the chuck for a significantly stronger connection. Another big bonus with the new system compared to the old is not having a loose pin that could be lost. There are not parts you remove in order to attach the blades unlike the older version.

StarLock Plus

The result allows the tools to have larger more powerful motors, and the tool can transfer maximum power to the blade without fear of the blade slipping especially under challenging applications like cutting stone or metal.

FEIN FMM 350 QSL – On The Job

In order to really appreciate the FEIN MultiMaster you’ve got to start using it on the job. The first thing that I noticed when using the new MultiMaster with Starlock is a feeling of security knowing the blade won’t slip regardless of the pressure or position the tool is subjected to. While I can’t really say that blade slippage was a big problem in the past, it did occur on occasion and always left me wondering. Starlock virtually assures there will be no slippage and allows for maximum power to the work piece.

FEIN MultiMaster with StarLock Plus

Blade changes with the MultiMaster are quick and easy. One of the best features on the FMM 350 QSL is the extra long cord. While we certainly see the end of the “corded” tool in the not so distant future, when a cord is needed, it’s really nice to have one long enough so you can get some work done without needing an extension cord. Not only is the cord long but it’s made from really good quality rubber.FEIN MultiMaster FMM 350 QSL

Final Thoughts – FEIN MultiMaster with StarLock Plus

If you asked me a couple years ago if there was anything FEIN could do to improve the MultiMaster I’d probably say no. The MultiMaster has been the flagship OMT on the market for years and that’s because it was powerful, very well built, and optimized for amazing cutting, grinding, and sanding. When I first saw the new StarLock blade system at a trade show I was really impressed. What impresses me the most is the opportunity to develop new tools with greater power and new blades for high demand applications. Putting StarLock on the already awesome FEIN MultiMaster platform is a huge development that all of us that use tools to make a living can be excited about.

Bottom line is simple, the FEIN MultiMaster FMM 350 QSL with StarLock Plus is an amazing OMT and worth every dollar. If you’re looking to upgrade your current OMT or purchase  your first one, this is the one to buy!

FEIN MultiMaster w/ Starlock Plus


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