Bosch MX25EK-33 Multi-X Oscillating Tool Kit Review

MX25EK-33 Multi-X Oscillating Tool Kit

I think the only thing more popular right besides oscillating tools are sub-compact drills and that’s not a guarantee! Bosch recently introduced their new MX25E line of corded oscillating tools. They were kind enough to send us their MX25EK-33 Multi-X Oscillating Tool Kit to test and evaluate.

Bosch MX25EK-33 Features & Specifications

  • Versatility – Designed for many applications and materials, including flush-cutting, plunge cutting, sanding, grinding, grout removal and scraping
  • 2.5 Amp Tool – Ample power for heavier applications
  • Variable-Speed Dial – For matching speed to application and material
  • Constant Response™ Circuitry – Maintains speed under load
  • Uses OIS oscillating tool accessories. Also includes OSCAD1 Adapter for use with many competitor accessories
  • Durable Accessory Holder – Easy to change and position accessories using Allen wrench
  • Ergonomic – Small grip circumference and softgrip areas for comfort and control
  • Compact – Small enough to reach into corners and other tight spaces
  • Ball-Joint Cord Swivel – For enhanced ease of positioning tool and for cord durability
  • Stacked Construction – Robustness, professional design and low vibration
  • Gears & Gear Housing Reinforced gearing for better force transmission; robust metal gear housing
  • No-Mar Plastic Ribs – Protects vertical surface in front of tool
  • Easy-to-use on/off switch
  • Easy brush access
  • Amperage: 2.5
  • Length: 10.9
  • Oscillating Angle: L/R: 1.4 Degrees (2.8 Degrees Total)
  • Oscillations Per Minute: 8000 – 20000
  • Weight (lbs.): 3.3

Thoughts On The MX25EK-33

I’ve tested probably a dozen different oscillating tools between corded and cordless models. Out of all those tests I would say without a doubt that the Bosch MX25E line of oscillating tools is the closest in performance to the Fein MultiMaster. The Bosch MX25E is very well built, rugged and has superior power to many of the other brands I’ve tested.

The 2.5 amp motor seems to make the real difference in my testing. This is apparent in both cutting, scraping and sanding modes with the tool performing tasks quicker with less effort.

The Bosch version is also slightly heavier than some of the other corded versions which I think is a benefit. The heavier tool seems to help transfer more energy to the work piece and less to your arm!


The Bosch MX25EK-33 comes with a great assortment of accessories. Frankly this is the only way to start out with one of these tools as it’s likely you’ll use all of them at one point or another.

The big deal in my mind on these new Bosch oscillating tools is the use of the Oscillating Interface System (OIS). As you can see above the accessories attach to the tool at 12 points. Those 12 points are on a 30 degree rotation which allows you to rotate your accessory ever 30 degrees. The new OIS is really the first “standard” to be introduced in the industry and hopes are high that it will become as standard as “SDS” has to the drilling world.

The MX25EK-33 also comes with a OSCAD1 Adapter. The adapter allows you to use non-Bosch accessories with your tool. This ultimately makes it extremely versatile and a life saver if you’re working on the weekend and have to run to the hardware store and live with whatever brand they sell.

Overall Thoughts

The Bosch MX25EK-33 Multi-X Osciallating Tool Kit is great. I was more than impressed with the power and performance of this new offering and glad to see a multi-tool that can compete with Fein. Combined with the new OIS interface the MX25E’s are sure to make a huge impact on the market this year.

In addition to the great tool performance you also get a nice case (only gripe is the plastic latches) and also a nice accessory box that fits in the case. Being able to easily store all the accessories is a huge deal with these as all the small parts can be a real clutter issue.

Overall I’d highly recommend the Bosch MX25E tools. It’s offered in both the MX25EK-33 and also a smaller kit the MX25EC-21 with fewer accessories. Both are now available on the market. Below are links to both online if you’re interested in buying one.

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  2. gf

    Do they make small sized oscillating multi tools to be used in confined spaces ? which would be the smallest one ?

    1. Todd Fratzel

      All of the multi-tools on the market are pretty similar in size. Although, the 12V models that some offer are slightly smaller footprint.

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