Powermate PM7500 Cosense Generator Review

Powermate 7500/6000W Cosense Generator (model PM7500)

Powermate PM7500 COSENSE Generator

Manufacturer: Powermate
Model number: PM7500
Power source: Gasoline
Motor size: 420CC
Weight: 170 lbs
Generators are an essential enabler on most job sites.  So when we got a chance to check out the new Powermate PM7500 COSENSE Generator we were excited to put them to the test. I mean, who wants to fight with other subs while running hundreds of feet of extension cord to a limited number of outlets? It’s also important to find a generator that’s easy to use at home in an emergency when the power goes out. So we at Tool Box Buzz are big proponents of reliable and well-designed generators.  There are a few key factors we look for is a generator we recommend.  First, it has to have a reliable and durable engine.  Next, it has to provide an adequate amount of power for the job site (we usually start with 5000W and go from there).  It should also be reasonably portable and not break the bank.  Lastly, a good generator should not create unnecessary safety hazards.  These factors apply whether using a generator for work or backup power at home.

Quick Start Operation | PM7500

The Powermate PM7500 COSENSE Generator features a “PowerDial” design.  What is the PowerDial?  It integrates what are usually 2 different switches on most generators; the on/off switch and the choke/run switch. The PM7500 has a single switch to toggle from off to choke to run.  It’s also conveniently located on the front panel (not half-hidden on the engine like some other generators).  It makes it very easy to put the generator in the right setting before pulling the recoil start cord. This may seem basic but it is appreciated as an extra step to limit the chance of a new guy or inexperienced homeowner accidentally flooding the engine and delaying use of the generator.

We’ve used generators in the past that were a workout to pull start. That is not the case with the Powermate PM7500 COSENSE Generator. To get a good feel for the ease of pull starting the PM7500, I had my wife try to start it. What would happen if I wasn’t around during a power outage?  She was able to start the PM7500 within 3 pulls. That satisfied my criteria quite well!

Safety Features & Design

We at Tool Box Buzz live by the goal of never adding temporary safety risks to a job site or home unless absolutely required and controlled. The PM7500 COSENSE Technology exemplifies this commitment! The Powermate PM7500 COSENSE Generator has an internal carbon monoxide sensor that measures the CO levels in the ambient air around the machine.  If the CO level registers at an unsafe level then the machine automatically shuts off. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a serious safety risk and something OSHA regulates for good reason. Another OSHA-compliant feature of the Powermate PM7500 COSENSE Generator is the standard GFCI outlets. The PM7500 with COSENSE is designed to keep you safe and safety compliant which we love here at Tool Box Buzz.

The Powermate PM7500 COSENSE Generator also has internal safety features. While these are pretty standard features, we thought it was worth highlighting as the machine would be at higher risk of damage without them.  They include:

  • Top located Fuel gauge
  • Hour Meter: to ensure you stay up to date on essential maintenance
  • Low-Oil Level Shutdown: Prevents engine damage
  • Covered outlets: Provide protection from the elements/dust/debris
  • 25A Circuit Breaker: prevent circuit overload & electrical damage

Power & Performance | PM7500

The Powermate PM7500 COSENSE Generator is powered by a Generac 420CC OHV Engine. We love Generac engines.  They are durable and low maintenance.  These are essential features on a job site or in a home power/weather emergency situation. The 420CC’s equate to 10 HP. This, combined with an 8-gallon tank, give you 11 total hours of runtime at 50% load (14 hrs at 25% load). We ran a 160 Amp MIG welder, multiple grinders, a job-site 10″ table saw, and multiple 18-20V battery chargers in a variety of combinations throughout the workday with zero power-supply issues.

We also appreciated the mix of outlets. Specifically, we liked the addition of the 220V, 30A (NEMA L14-30R) outlet.  This worked great for some of our MIG welders but also allows for easier circuit panel (or RV) hook-ups. we tested it out using a 20′, 10GA heavy-duty extension cord and it worked like a champ. The picture below also shows the rubber, weather-resistant outlet covers. These did a great job keeping out dust and dirt on the job site throughout the week and seem designed to last.

Mobility Features & Design

The Powermate PM7500 COSENSE Generator sports well thought out integrated handle and wheels. We almost included this in the safety section since lifting a non-wheeled generator is an injury waiting to happen; the PM7500 weighs 170 lbs. The handle folds down for easy storage.  The wheels are large enough to easily roll over gravel or dirt surfaces.  The wheels are also solid plastic so there is no risk of getting a flat tire on a job site.

Final Thoughts |PM7500

The Powermate PM7500 COSENSE Generator is a great generator.  It offers ample power to support a wide variety of tools on the job site. It also has enough power to provide for basic needs at home in a power loss emergency. The run time is excellent and won’t require you to top off the tank on your lunch break or in the middle of the night.  It is easily portable with an integrated handle and wheels.  And best of all, the PM7500 has some great safety features built in to include a carbon monoxide sensor + auto-shutoff and standard GFCI outlets. The only recommendation I have for Powermate is that, for the price point, they should consider including a generator cover. This is a very low-cost add-on that can make a difference.

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Ben Fecteau

Benjamin is a former project manager, CNC-designer, and AWS-certified welder with experience running a commercial and industrial steel design and fabrication company. Before making the jump to commercial construction, he spent years renovating houses and building furniture where he became skilled in the art of home wiring, flooring, siding, and custom tool modifications. Benjamin has a Masters Degree in Education and is passionate about sharing his love of design with his sons and through community-based outreach. He resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and enjoys spending time with his family, in his workshop, and serving as an Air Force Officer.

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  1. Robert Hinton

    Hi Ben, I do have (3) questions. First is the noise. Does this unit make a lot of noise so that it would disturb my neighbors? If you know the db it produces, that would be helpful. Second, is there an Eco mode so that it runs at a lower level when the loads are light? Third concerns the kind of electricity it produces. Is it a clean sign wave? Thanks for your comments.

    1. Ben Fecteau

      Thanks for reaching out and reading! (1) The noise is on par with other generators I’ve used. It’s not as quiet as an inverter generator to be clear. If noise is a concern that may be a better option. But if I’m running a generator then typically it’s because of a storm-induced power outage and my neighbors are probably running one too or fully understand the circumstances. Powermate had this to say about the noise rating: “We do not have a decibel rating. The noise level can be impacted by the environment. Such as the machine being on a concrete slab vs being on dry grass.” (2) The runtime is based off of the draw. Powermate lists 50% draw = 11 hrs total runtime and 25% draw = 14 hrs runtime. It’s an integrated function of the generator and doesn’t require the operator to change any settings or select an “eco mode.” (3) I have no clue and couldn’t find out. If you’re worried about EMI feedback in the line, you could always add a power conditioner to the line. Hope this helps. Again, thanks for reading! -Ben

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