DEWALT DXGN6000 6000 Watt Generator Review

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DEWALT 6000 Watt Commercial Generator – Model DXGN6000

DEWALT 6000 Watt Generator

Manufacturer: DEWALT
Model number: DXGN6000
Price: $2,000
Power source: Honda GX340
Motor size: 10.7 HP
Weight: 189 lbs
Portable generators are an essential tool for residential and commercial contractors. They also work very well as backup generators for residential homes and small businesses. I recently started using the DEWALT DXGN6000 6000 watt generator at work and home and wanted to share my thoughts on this commercial grade generator. In addition I also have the optional wheel kit installed.

DEWALT Jobsite Generator

DEWALT DXGN6000 Specifications and Features

The DEWALT DXGN6000 is a great jobsite gas powered generator that can be set up with an optional wheel kit or lifting hook. The basic features and specifications are as follow:

  • Premium alternator provides low total harmonic distortion
  • Large long run metal fuel tank with fuel gauge
  • Job site tested steel frame with lifting hook
  • Idle control reduces noise and saves fuel
  • Full power switch with two modes of operation – full available 120V only power or simultaneous 120/240V
  • Digital hour meter for monitoring run time and tracking maintenance
  • Broad selection of receptacles including GFCI and twistlock
  • Hydraulic/ Magnetic circuit breaker provides overload protection
  • EPA, CSA and Carb Compliant
  • Optional wheel kit available DXGN010WK
  • Max AC Output:    6000Watts
  • Rated AC Output:     5300Watts
  • Max Current (120V/240V):     44.2Amps
  • Alternator Type:     brushless
  • Rated Current (120V/240V):     22.1Amps
  • Fuel Tank Capacity:     8gal

DEWALT DXGN6000 Generator Jobsite

Powerful, Smooth and Quiet Performance

Not all generators are created equal in my mind and it all starts with the engine! I’ve used all kinds of generators over the years and most are far too loud and don’t run very smooth resulting in unreliable voltage spikes. The DEWALT DXGN6000 addresses both of those issues with a quiet Honda GX340 engine that runs very smooth and maintains a very steady and reliable voltage. I’m a huge fan of Honda engines for small gas powered equipment like generators, pressure washers and tractors so I was very pleased to see DEWALT partner with them on this product.

According to the manufacturer the motor is rated at 79 dBA with the idle up from 7 yards away. Using a simple decibel meter on my phone I got a rating of 81 dBA which is noticeably quieter than some of my previous B&S motors. The motor is an  air-cooled 4-stroke OHV producing 10.7 HP with an estimated run time of 14 hrs at 50% throttle.

The engine starts very easy on the first pull whether it’s cold or hot. I really like the built-in low oil protection circuit that will not allow the motor to start if the oil level is low. This may seem like a nuisance but it’s very common for a generator to go low on oil and with many different people using it this helps prevent accidentally running on low oil.

DEWALT Portable Generator

Notable Features

The DEWALT DXGN6000 offers several notable features worth mentioning. They include:

  • Idle Control – This feature allows the engine to automatically idle down when there is no load drawn against the generator thus saving fuel, decreasing wear and lowering the noise level. There is an on-off switch located on the control panel that activates or deactivates this feature. In the on position the engine will idle down after detection of less than 40 Watts. The engine will return to the correct running speed immediately when a load of 350 Watts or more is applied. For applications with loads less than 50W or with near constant loads, such as home back up, it is best to turn the idle control feature off. The feature should be turned off before starting or stopping the generator and turned on when there will be extended periods of inactivity for the generator.
  • Voltage Selector – The voltage selector switch allows the generator set to produce 120 volts only or to produce 120/240 volts simultaneously. With the switch in the 120V position only the 120V receptacles may be used. All of the power from the generator is available at 120 volts but the 240V output is not available. In the 120/240V position all receptacles are operable however only half of the
    generator output is available at any one 120V receptacle. Full power may be pulled from the generator from the 240V receptacle. The switch should always be left in the 120V position when 240 volts are not needed. This balances the load on the generator more effectively.
  • Digital Hour Meter – Having an hour meter on a generator is a great way of keeping track of maintenance needs and overall use. Definitely a nice feature to have.
  • Assortment of Receptacles – The DXGN6000 gives you quite a few receptacle types to choose from which is very handy especially on remote job sites. The receptacles include:
    • Two: 120V GFCI Receptacles (20 A)
    • One: 120V Twist Locking Receptacle (30 A)
    • One: 120V/240V Twist Locking Receptacle (30 A)
  • Optional Wheel/Handle Kit – I really like the optional wheel kit (DXGN010WK) that comes with folding handles. The wheels are good quality and the handles make the generator easy to wheel around.

Overall Impression – DEWALT 6000 Watt Generator

DEWALT does a great job building tools for professional contractors and the DXGN6000 is no exception. The fit and finish on this generator is very impressive. The Honda GX340 engines runs smooth, quiet and starts easily. The idle control, assortment of receptacles and easy to read fuel gauge all add up to create a very good portable generator. I’ve used more than a dozen different portable generators over the last few years and this one stands above the rest.

If you’re looking for a durable, reliable portable generator for the jobsite or your home, I highly recommend the DEWALT DXGN6000 6000 Watt Generator.

DEWALT 6000 Watt Generator




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