Oneida Air Systems Bench Top Dust Collector

Oneida Air Systems Bench Top Dust Collector Review

Oneida Air Systems Bench Top Dust Collector

Manufacturer: Oneida
Price: 599.00
Power source: 110 volt
Motor size: 535 CFMs
In this review we will look closet at the Oneida Air Systems Bench Top Dust Collector.

Dust collection is essential to keeping your shop and lungs clean, but not every shop has space or the budget for a full-size, hard piped dust collecting system.

When space or budget is an issue, often times the simplest approach is a shop vac connected to your tool, which will certainly capture large particles at the source. The reality is that there will still be some airborne dust which is usually the smaller more lung dangerous dust.

Adding a benchtop dust collector to this further increases the health and safety of your lungs, but also protects you when using a tool without an adequate dust port. [scroll saw, band, saw, grinder and sanders]

Oneida Air Systems Benchtop Dust Collection

We tried out the Oneida Air Systems benchtop dust collector. It was designed specifically to fit conveniently on a workbench behind the tool, where it moves airborne dust away from the source (and the user’s breathing zone) and into the unit’s dual-filter system. This portable unit delivers dust collection for tools lacking built-in or adequately sized dust ports, and for any activity that puts users in close proximity to airborne dust generation.

First Impression

The Oneida Air System is a slim powder-coated rectangular box that easily fits on top of a workbench – hence its name. The first thing that I did was take apart the filter and check this thing out. Behind the dual filters [pre filter and inner MERV-15 filter]  is an array of six fan motors. These fans combined to provide 535 CFM and can be controlled by a variable speed dial. The best part – they’re not loud like other dust systems or a vacuum.

One nice thing about this dust collector is that is powered by 110 volts so it’s plug and play. It also includes a supplemental 110V outlet for powering sanders. The dual-filter system accepts 3rd party replacements making it easier to obtain. Integrated, top-facing threaded inserts allow for fixed position mounting which could be useful in some applications.

Using The Oneida Air Systems Benchtop Dust Collector

I used the Oneida dust collector at my table saw and also with my random orbital sander, setting it up a foot or two away from me. I purposely created dust by not using my sander vacuum and table saw dust collector. The results were impressive as I could see the cloud of airborne sawdust get pulled into the Oneida filter. The air was cleaner and certainly safer.


The Oneida Air System is not cheap, it costs $599.00, and the dual replacement filter costs $100. These costs certainly get your attention, but the win here is to think of this tool as a health benefit and also a problem solver.  It protects your lungs and is a great investment for small shops that do not have the capabilities of a plumbed-in dust collection system.

Oneida Air Systems Bench Top Dust Collector

Dust collection is essential to keeping your shop and lungs clean, this dust collector allows you to bring dust collection into your shop immediately.

We recommend it!

Oneida Air Systems Bench Top Dust Collector – Video Review

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