Metabo ASR 35 AutoCleanPlus HEPA Vacuum

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Metabo ASR 35 AutoCleanPlus HEPA Vacuum Review – Model 602057800

ASR 35 AutoCleanPlus HEPA Vacuum

Manufacturer: Metabo
Model number: 602057800
Price: $599.99
Power source: Corded
Motor size: 11 Amps
Weight: 35.3 Lbs.
A versatile and capable vacuum system is a critical component of any modern job site. The Metabo ASR 35 AutoCleanPlus HEPA Vacuum Model #602057800 is an all-around excellent option to suit your needs. Metabo sent me a sample of this vacuum to review along with their SXE 450 sander. I used the Metabo vacuum with the sander as well as for a variety of cleanup tasks. Overall I found it to be a high-quality unit with excellent features and performance, while still being affordable.

Metabo ASR AutoCleanPlus Vacuum Review


  • Air Output Max: 157 CFM
  • Amperage Draw: 11 Amps
  • Vacuum Force: 3.6 PSI
  • Filter Surface: 1,333 Sq./Inches
  • Input Power (Max): 1400W
  • Container Volume: 9 Gallons
  • Suction Hose Diameter: 1 3/8″
  • Hose Length: 11 Ft.
  • Weight: 35.3 Lbs.
  • Cord Length: 26 Ft.
  • Warranty: 30 Day Performance / 3 Year Limited

Metabo AutoCleanPlus Vacuum Standout Features

HEPA Filtration Options

Metabo ASR 35 AutoCleanPlus Vacuum Review

From the factory, the ASR 35 includes a set of HEPA filters that are capable of capturing 99.995% of fine dust over 0.3 micrometers.

Class H Vacuum

A class H High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) means that it is rated for the safe absorption of the most dangerous or harmful dust particles. A filtration system of this degree is mandatory for the trapping of lead, asbestos, silica, or other health hazardous compounds. Class M represents medium risk, while L is low or moderate risk.

Right out of the box the vacuum is a Class H capable tool. If your needs are lesser, then Class M polyester (99.9% efficient) filters are available as well. The filters are easily accessed for replacement as well. The class H filters retail for about $180.00 while the Class M filters are $140.00 a set.

Metabo ASR 35 AutoCleanPlus Vacuum Review

The filter access panel has a twist-lock access lever that has to be unlocked with a screwdriver to open. A simple quarter turns and then push in to access the filter area.

Metabo ASR 35 AutoCleanPlus Vacuum Review

Metabo’s Electronic Controls

The ability to fine-tune this tool to a specific task is fantastic. Metabo includes a current control dial to adjust suction levels during use. This will prevent the ASR 35 from tripping breakers and creating further headaches. That feature is especially beneficial when working in older homes or on commercial job sites with temporary power installed.

Metabo ASR 35 AutoCleanPlus Vacuum Review


The settings for suction modes are also clearly labeled and easy to use. The “I” setting offers vacuum suction only, “AR” activates the vacuum-based off of any tool plugged into the socket with the AutoClean feature activated, and “IR” is regular vacuum suction with AutoClean activated.

Metabo ASR 35 AutoCleanPlus Vacuum Review

With the vacuum set to “AR” and a corded tool plugged into the socket, the ASR 35 will automatically turn on with the activation of the tool. There is no delay between activating the tool and the vacuum turning on. The vacuum also stays on for ten seconds after the tool turns off.

Metabo’s AutoCleanPlus

Metabo ASR 35 AutoCleanPlus Vacuum Review

Replacing expensive filters sucks. [see what I did there?] Metabo’s AutoCleanPlus (ACP) technology helps to preserve the life of the filters and keep the tool running longer and at peak performance. ACP uses MPulse filter cleaning during continuous use. Meaning that while you are using the vacuum, the AutoCleanPlus is cleaning the filters automatically to get every bit of that 157 CFM suction. When the vacuum senses the suction performance dropping, the filters are automatically vibrated to help clear them out.

ASR 35 Vacuum Performance

Metabo 602057800 has been on the market for a while. It was featured in February 2018 as part of the Tool Box Buzz Best Dust Extractor Head-2-Head where it competed against all of the biggest names in the industry.

I found this vacuum to perform well. The ability to use it as a wet vac for cleanups and other tasks such as plumbing fixture replacement, in addition to dust collection, make it a great all-purpose tool for remodeling or demolition contractors. It excels when being used for concrete and rock dust collection. With woodworking tasks it allows me to dial in the precise level of suction needed and leaves a near dust-free work surface. When working in my shop and using my corded sanders, I can’t see myself not using the Metabo on its tool activated mode.

With such a well-rounded set of features, the Metabo AutoCleanPlus vacuum is a great all-purpose option.

Metabo ASR 35 AutoCleanPlus Vacuum Review

Room For Improvement

Two areas of improvement for this tool in my opinion are the cord/hose management system and the included accessories. The ASR 35 has a cord winding mechanism to store the 26 Ft. power chord but lacks any refined method of storage for the 11 Ft. vacuum hose. There is a folding handle located on the top of the unit that acts as a hook for the hose but has no other method to securely store the hose.

Metabo ASR 35 AutoCleanPlus Vacuum Review

This folding lever is built into the top portion of the tool with a shallow “tool tray” area that is honestly pretty useless. I would much rather prefer some sort of better storage option for the hose in this area than what is offered. The hook works fine when the tool is stationary, but when moved around it tends to fall off. A better storage option would be appreciated by contractors working in and out of trailers and other vehicles.

Also, other than the hose there are no accessories included with the Metabo vacuum. For the price, I would like to see at least some sort of cleanup nozzle or attachment. A plastic disposable liner is included as well, which I managed to misplace immediately. I would prefer to have a couple of fleece filter bags included. These items are all available for purchase from Metabo and other retailers.

There is also currently no factory Bluetooth compatibility option for use with cordless tools.

Price and Availability of the ASR 35

As previously mentioned, the Metabo AutoCleanPlus vacuum has been around for a while. Currently, it retails for around $599.99. Overall, I think this is a competitive price for a unit with a great overall set of features. The high-quality build construction of the unit is also a big win and helps justify the price to me.

Our friends at Ohio Power Tool currently have the Metabo ASR 35 in stock as well as a full line of compatible filters, liners, tool dust collection shrouds, and other accessories. Follow the Buy it Now link below to purchase directly from them.

ASR 35 AutoCleanPlus HEPA Vacuum

Overall Impression

What I really love about this unit is how compact it is overall while still having a solid set of features and options for a variety of tasks. I can lug it around without any issues, safely drill or cut concrete, clean up a water spill, and also do fine dust collection for wood finishing all with one unit. The ASR 35 doesn’t corner itself into one niche task. It is like a swiss army knife for contractor cleanup. On top of all that, you are getting a quality designed and built tool from Metabo for a price that is comparable to many tools in its class.

Overall there were a few issues that I would like to see improved, but I still rely upon the Metabo ASR 35 AutoCleanPlus Vacuum for my daily clean up and dust collection needs.


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  1. Ryan

    Wes, would you have the chance to review the latest Metabo Cordless Vacuum?

    1. Wes Bartosik

      I have not as of yet, but it looks like an amazing upgrade. Especially with their new larger 10ah batteries. I hope to work with Metabo on more projects in the future.

  2. Zebra Crossing

    In your 2018 test were you testing the 130cfm version or the updated 157 cfm version?

    1. Todd Fratzel

      157 cfm version

      1. Zebra Crossing

        Hi Todd, are you sure? Your test was conducted in February 2018, and the 157 CFM Metabo wasn’t even announced until early 2019. I looked at the vacuum in the photo and found it does not say 157 CFM on the side. The updated current production 157 version says 157 in large text on the right hand side.

        I’d love to see updates measurements on the 157 version if you haven’t already done that.

        1. Todd Fratzel

          That’s the model in all our notes. As I don’t have that unit (we likely gave it away to someone) I can’t say 100%. But I will tell you when we do these tests, often times companies send us units well before they hit the market, to help get additional feedback and also to help create some interest in the market. But in all of our internal notes that’s the model and specs I’m seeing.

  3. Zebra Crossing

    Sorry, the above should say “I looked at the vacuum in the *video* and found it does not say 157 CFM on the side”

    1. Brian Fox

      I too am curious about this. They updated the unit very recently with increased CFM, likely to compete with the Nilfisk based units. It would be great to at least get test to see if the unit actually changed, or if the 157cfm is just marketing fluff.

  4. Brian Fox

    Looking at the photos of the unit on the shootout page, I am fairly certain that it is the old model. I own the upgraded unit, and the intake port was redesigned, the way the hose connects is slightly different, and the new one has a black rubber stopper to seal the unit when not in use. Also the inside of the vacuum intake is now all black, the old 130cfm model was red inside.

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