Porter-Cable 15″ Drill Press Review

Porter-Cable 15″ Drill Press – Model PCB660DP

Porter-Cable 15 Inch Floor Drill PressThanks to the folks at Porter-Cable I’ve been testing their new 15″ drill press in my shop for the last few months. The new Porter-Cable PCB660DP, 15″ Floor Drill Press was introduced this summer and sells at Lowe’s.

I also wrote a detailed review of the PCB660DP on Home Construction & Improvement so I’ll only cover the basics here. If you want a more detailed review please check out the link for more information.

Product Information from Porter-Cable

Featuring first-class 4” spindle travel and X-Y axial projecting laser guidelines, the new PCB660DP delivers extra drilling capacity and accurate pre-alignment for precision and performance that woodworkers demand in the woodshop. In addition, a depth adjustment gauge enables precise drilling of repetitive-depth holes with a 5/8” chuck.

The PCB660DP includes a durable 13-15/64” by 13-15/64” cast iron table that tilts 45° right or left and rotates out of the way when the drill press base (20-3/8” by 11”) functions as a work surface. A quick-belt tension release knob allows woodworkers to quickly change between 12 operating speeds (300-3,100 RPM), and dual hubs provide left or right side handle locations for even greater ease of use and convenience.

An adjustable work light provides better illumination of work area is included and the rack and pinion table elevating allows for quick and easy adjustment of the work table.


  • X-Y axial projecting laser guides provide accurate pre-alignment of drilling location
  • Twelve operating speeds (300-3100RPM) allows for drilling in metals or wood and sanding operations
  • Dual left and right hubs allow for placement of crank handles on either side of drill head
  • Cast Iron work Table designed for wood or metal drilling, tilts up to 45 degrees for bevel drilling
  • Spindle travel up to 4″ provides extra depth capacity
  • Adjustment depth gauge allows for accurate repetitive drilling
  • Adjustable gooseneck work light for better illumination of work area

Porter-Cable PCB660DP Controls


  • Motor: 8.0 Amps
  • Motor Control: On/Off Toggle
  • Speeds: 12 (300; 390; 450; 560; 640; 700; 990; 1550; 1620; 1900; 2620; 3100 RPM)
  • Table Size: 13-15/64 x 13-15/64 “
  • Table Tilt: L and R: 45 °
  • Table Insert: No
  • Column Diameter: 2-7/8 “
  • Spindle Taper: MT2
  • Chuck Taper: JT3
  • Quill Diameter: 1.85 “
  • Quill Stroke: 4 “
  • Key Chuck Capacity: 5/8 “
  • Chuck to Table Capacity: 24-3/4 “
  • Chuck to Base Capacity: 44-3/8 “
  • Height: 64 “
  • Width: 16 “
  • Depth: 26 “
  • Weight: 151.10 lbs

Overall Impression of Porter-Cable PCB660DP

The Porter-Cable PCB660DP, 15″ Floor model includes some really great features at an affordable price point. Some of the features that stand out include:

  • Easy to adjust adjustable speed system. No special tools are required to adjust the pulley/belt system to change the drill speed between one of the 12 operating speeds.
  • X-Y Axis laser sight system. Easy to calibrate and a feature that helps speed up repetitive drilling operations.
  • Powerful quiet motor.
  • Well built chuck/spindle assembly that provided accurate repeatable results.

Priced at just $299 and available at Lowe’s the PCB660DP is a good value (learn about a Lowe’s Coupon that might help you buy this tool) . It’s a nice step up from bench-top drill presses for anyone looking for a reasonably priced drill press for their shop.

If I had one complaint (albeit small) it would be the work table. I think the table could be a bit larger and offer an area for a wood/plastic insert. Again this is a small issue as the drill press works very well and has some great features.

If you want to learn even more about this drill head on over to my other website and read the Porter-Cable 15″ Drill Press Review.

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  1. Dave

    Do you think this would be a good investment in this price range for someone that wants to do metal work? cast iron, steel, stainless etc

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Dave – I think it depends on the thickness of metal and how much action it will see. You might also want to read my review of the Delta 18″ Drill Press which is also really nice and a bit more rugged.

  2. Mike

    I have this and I can’t seem to figure out how to tilt the table, searching online has been absolitely no help.

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Mike – There’s a lever just under the table (on the front) that you turn to loosen the grip. Then you can tilt the table. Tighten the lever and you’re good to go.

      1. Michael

        I just bought one of these. Actually, there is no lever for tilting the table. There’s just a bolt that I suppose I can put a socket on.
        I haven’t even used the drill, yet, but the table is easily moved left and right even when the tightening handle is very tight. The ring that I suppose is meant to keep the rack in place is of minimal value. My initial impression is that the ring should have a keyway cut into it to capture the top of the rack.

        1. Mike F

          Same issue. The table moves left to right very easily and I cannot tighten it any more. Huge huge issue.

          1. justin

            try moving the table locking bolt to the other side. i initially had it on the same side as the vertical adjustment handle, and that’s the wrong side. from the other side it tightened the collar

  3. Mike H

    The quill fits loose in the head casting, which is unacceptable. So I ordered a new spindle assembly from Porter Cable, perhaps this one will fit better, if not I will have to take the new quill and have it hard chrome plated then ground to size. This drill press has been greatly modified and is used for production metal work, so no we can’t just get another press, but if I had known about this I would have gotten a different press.

    I don’t think it is asking too much for the quill to fit in the head casting without any slop regardless of the price of the drill press; after all it is Porter Cable and I expected better.

  4. duayne justice

    no way to keep table level small threaded bolt on one side and smooth on the other just slides in and out table moves and get unlevel what can i do

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