Hilti Breaker TE 1000-AVR

Tool Box Buzz rating:

1950 impacts/minute

Manufacturer: Hilti
Model number: TE-1000 AVR
Price: $ 1,909.00
Power source: 230 V Electric
Motor size: Single impact energy: 19 ft-lbs
Weight: 27.6 lb

Hilti “Second Generation” TE 1000-AVR Breaker

“Breaking the rules again!”

Like in the book “First, Break All the Rules,” by Curt Coffman and Marcus Buckingham, a book written on what the world’s greatest managers do differently.

Hilti too, is breaking some rules with their Hilti Breaker TE 1000-AVR by doing things differently!

The TE 1000 electric breaker was designed for a demolishing concrete and masonry at floor level or below waist level, concrete removal, concrete bushing, tamping, removing tiles, through penetrations in concrete, corrective chiseling such as adjustments to door and window openings and for heavy floor tile removal. Hilti Breaker TE 1000-AVR

Sexy Design – What’s New?

The TE 1000-AVR is one nicely designed tool with some sexy features. I first got a peek at it while attending the World of concrete trade show and later tested it our in our rock quarry on some 10-inch think, re-bar embedded, concrete, bridge deck slabs. Hilti designed this second generation with a brushless motor for long term reliable use, even with power fluctuations from generators or extension cords.

The SR brushless motor will extend the time between tool servicing. The second generation TE 1000-AVR Breaker delivers 19 ft-lbs of impact energy, and features a Power Reduction Switch for up to 30% less impact for precision chipping applications. A three chamber lubrication chamber ensures a well lubricated and long lasting tool service, which equates to a more rugged tool, fewer breakdowns, and less down time.

Hilti Breaker TE 1000-AVR

Breaking The Rules on Warranty

The Hilti TE 1000-AVR is backed by Hilti Lifetime Service, which includes two years of no-cost repair coverage.  There are always exceptions so refer to Hilti’s website for specifics. What we liked the most was that Hilti designed the TE 1000-AVR with a detachable power cord that allows for quick on-site replacement.

Hilti obviously recognized that cord damage was one of the most common reasons for a service repair, and redesigned this tool so the cord can be quickly removed and replaced. Now a  cord  replacement takes minutes, and the tool is back in service.  The BEST part is that Hilti also supplies a spare cord with every unit, eliminating the need to buy a spare or take the tool out of service if the cord is nipped.

Polygon Wave Chisel TE-SP

The NEW polygon wave chisel TE-SP helps to improve debris removal, reduce dust production, and reduce sticking or breaking in material. Hilti claims that this chisel produces up to a 30% increase in speed during concrete demolition by reducing friction between the chisel body and base material, leaving a wider opening for fast debris removal. The TE-SP Wave Chisel fits the following breakers:

  • TE 805
  • TE 1000-AVR
  • TE 1500-AVR

Hilti Breaker TE 1000-AVR Hilti Breaker TE 1000-AVR second generation takes demolition performance to a new level. When paired with the new Wave chisel TE-SP, the TE 1000-AVR delivers up to 50% more demolition performance with the lowest vibration in its class.

Hilti Breaker TE 1000-AVR Advantages

  • Low vibration
  • Maintenance-free brushless SR motor
  • Triple-chamber lubrication systems for longer service intervals and tool lifetime
  • Inline design for easier handling in demanding breaking applications
  • Detachable supply cord for quick and easy exchange of damaged/ broken supply cords
  • Optional TE DRS-B dust removal system collects up to 95% of dust

Using the Hilti Breaker TE 1000-AVR

We tested the TE 1000 with  the wave chisel on 10-inch thick, rebar embedded concrete bridge decks.   We estimated the concrete in these bridge decks to be a minimum of 8000 psi.  The breaker and the wave bit cut into the concrete with no issues. I did notice that the wave bit was easier to remove when embedded into the concrete and did not become wedged in. The TE 1000-AVR is a comfortable and lightweight breaker to use.  I especially liked the inline design and grip locations.

Everyone in the crew really appreciated the thought  Hilti put into including two detachable power cords, each of cours saying that “they would NEVER nick a cord, while they were using it.   Hmmmmm  – Who’s eating crow now?

Hilti Breaker TE 1000-AVR

While we all know its a light-duty breaker, all of the crew liked and appreciated the low vibration it has.  The lower vibration is due to Hilti’s innovative sub-chassis Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) system which keep the majority of vibrations away from the users grip.

While we did not the optional TE DRS-B dust removal system, I did get to test it out at world of Concrete. According to Hilti when combined with a HEPA vacuum this unit captures up to 95% of dust while chipping.  The polygon wave chisel TE-SP handled itself beautifully in the 10″ concrete bridge decks, the spiral wave design helped remove debris  and allows the bit ti easily to pull out when it was run deep into the slab.

Hilti TE 1000-AVR Video

Check out this short video with some demonstration clips and my thoughts on this innovative breaker.

Overall we felt the TE 1000-AVR unit was comfortable to operate, had plenty power and was perfect for the types of applications that we do in remodeling and renovations.


  • 230 volts
  • 19 ft-lbs impacts/minute
  • Single impact energy19 ft-lbs
  • Weight 27.6 lb.
  • Max. chiseling performance 476 in³/min
  • Dimensions 28″ L x 5.6″ W x 12″ H
  • 85 dB (A)
  • Dust removal module TE DRS-B (optional)

Hilti Breaker TE 1000-AVRHilti Breaker TE 1000-AVR Packages:

Performance Package TE 1000-AVR  Item #3523418 $ 1,909.00

  • 1x TE 1000-AVR 120V US Breaker
  • 1x Kit box TE 1000-AVR
  • 1x Pointed Wave chisel TE SP SM 36
  • 1x Narrow-flat Wave chisel TE SP FM 36
  • 2x Supply cord TE 1000-AVR 120V 5m

Dust Control Package TE 1000-AVR Item #3523420  $2,329.00

  • 1x TE 1000-AVR 120V US Breaker
  • 1x Kit box TE 1000-AVR
  • 1x Pointed Wave chisel TE SP SM 36
  • 1x Narrow-flat Wave chisel TE SP FM 36
  • 2x Supply cord TE 1000-AVR 120V 5m
  • 1x Dust removal system TE-DRS-B

Dust Control Deluxe Pkg TE 1000-AVR Item #3523419  $3,489.00

  • 1x TE 1000-AVR 120V US Breaker
  • 1x Kit box TE 1000-AVR
  • 1x VC 40-U 120 V Univ. vacuum cleaner
  • 1x Pointed Wave chisel TE SP SM 36
  • 1x Narrow-flat Wave chisel TE SP FM 36
  • 2x Supply cord TE 1000-AVR 120V 5m
  • 1x Dust removal system TE-DRS-B

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    Thank you in advance.

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