TBB’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

 TBB’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

TBB’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide will help you pick out the perfect gift(s) for that hard-to-buy-for tradesperson in your life. Especially if you’re shopping for someone who just wants tools but already seems to have too many. Or that special person talks about tools and hardware even when they know you don’t have a clue what they are talking about. Yeah… we’re here to help!  Whether you need that last small gift or are looking to start off with a big bang, we have you covered. We go through the heartache, pain, and suffering of testing out some of the industry’s uniquest (yep, that’s a real word), most practical, and just plain coolest tools and job site gadgets to create a full-spectrum holiday gift guide.

To help you out, regardless of your budget, we broke down the tools by price categories which are:

  • $50 and under:  The simple and/or “add on” gift
  • $50-100:  The standard gift category
  • $100-200:  The solid winner gift
  • Over $200:  Santa’s REALLY nice list!

And all of the tools in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide are ones that are in our job site kits or our Pros’ workshops. So hang some lights and then get ready to hang out with us for a bit.

$50 and under Gifts | The simple and/or “add on” gift

  • Craftsman Magnetic Cup Holder

If your Tool lover spends [too much] time in their workshop, and especially if they have a beverage or two while there, then this  is the perfect gift. Just sneak out there and look at any steel-topped surface like a table saw or jointer. See any rust rings? Well this inexpensive gift will eliminate those and give your person a place to put their drink after they work up a sweat and need to take a break. It’s magnetic and can also be mounted with screws, which we love.

Purchase at Lowes for $15

  • Microjig GRR-RIP  Push Block & Fit Finder


It’s always fun to get a new tool but it’s equally important to use them safely. If you want your Tool Lover to keep all their fingers intact then you should check out the Microjig GRR-RIP Push Block. It has “smart hooks” that fold up on a flat surface or stay down to catch the back edge of a piece of wood being pushed through the table saw or jointer. It has a long surface area and great grip to make it super easy to keep a solid hold on your workpiece as you push it through the blade. The Fit Finder is an ingenious tool for finding the half thickness measure of a piece of wood or metal material. You slide the “P2” piece to the height of the material and the “P3” piece automatically adjusts to the halfway mark. It’s awesome for making easy lap joints on a table saw or even finding the center of a pipe or round lathe blank.

Purchase the GRR-RIP Push Block for $35

Purchase the Fit Finder for $34

  • Spyder Shop Stool

Standing for long periods of time doesn’t always feel great. Especially on a concrete or hard packed floor. In work boots. So give your builder a sweet stool to take a break on. The Spyder stool is just the right height for a standard workbench, shop countertop, or draftsman’s table. The flared-out legs make it very stable and the boot bars give you a nice place to rest your feet while sitting.

Purchase at Lowes for $49

  • Kreg 1/4 in Shank Router Flush-Trim Bit

We’ve used flush trim router bits A LOT in or work shops over the years. But when Kreg let us test out their new flush trim bits that feature top AND bottom mounted guide bearings we were immediately excited. These allow you to trim 1 1/8 in. thick material. The 1/4 in. shank paired great with the Ridgid Trim router featured below but Kreg also makes these in a 1/2 in. shank version. Like any decent router bit they sport a carbide edge and work great for template cutting. If your tool lover uses a handheld or table-mounted router then these are a must have.

Purchase at ACME Tools for $15

  • Spyder Mach Blue Drill Bits

Drill bits are always a great gift because they sometimes break or get lost or just plain get dull. These Spyder bits look as good as they perform. The Blue finish also makes it easy to tell them apart from older bits that aren’t part of the set. The hex shank means they work with standard impact drivers as well as drill bits. The clear front case also makes it easy to keep track of missing drill bits before you store them away. They’ll love them!

Purchase at Lowes for $40

  • DEWALT Oscillating Multi-Tool Blade Set

We use our Oscillating Multi Tool (OMT) all the time, whether cutting trim or leveling off protruding nail heads. But these tasks take their toll and the blades, no matter how good, get dull or chip off teeth. This is a great set from a great manufacturer. It has a good variety of blade shapes for a range of common materials. The case is handy and keeps the blades securely in place. And at $35 it’s a great value for what you’re getting from DEWALT!

Purchase at Home Depot for $35

  • Crescent 4-Piece Chisel Set

Chisels may not be the first hand tool to come to mind but we use our consistently. Whether cleaning up a mortice and tenon joint or creating a just-right hinge recess, chisels are incredibly handy hand tools. This 4 Piece chisel set from Crescent holds their edge well and gives you the 4 basic sizes you need to tackle most any job. They are all steel construction with a large striking surface on the backside of the handle. The handle is really comfortable and grippy (you know what we mean) as well, so it won’t slip when you need to give it a good hammer strike.

Purchase at ACME Tools for $33

  • Apex 11-Piece Pass Through Wrench Set

You might be thinking, my tool person already has wrenches. Too many wrenches for me to keep track of. But do they have a through wrench? A through wrench is built for ratcheting down nuts on long bolts or threaded rod. This Apex through wrench is even better because the through socket port is on the backend of an adjustable wrench. You get 2 tools in one here which makes it great to throw in your bag or truck and use on a number of jobs or tasks. Plus, the black-edition finish just looks sexy.

Purchase at Home Depot for $34

  • Ryobi Li-USB Carver Kit

Sometimes you need a big saw or blade to make a big cut. But what about the smaller, detail cuts? Enter the Ryobi Carver kit. This rechargeable cordless charger kit comes with 3 blade designs: Straight, V-Gouge, and U-Gouge. It’s the prefect option for relief carving or restoration projects. Its lightweight and comfortable and delivers surprising power and utility for its size. And at $50 it’s not going to break the bank. This is a definite winner from Ryobi and something your tool lover might not have yet.

Purchase at Home Depot for $50

  • Gerber Knives | Lockdown Slim Pry & Shark Belly Plain

We love knives. They may be one of the simplest and oldest hand tools around. These Gerber knives are awesome. The Lockdown Slim Pry (left) features 7 essential tools from a standard knife to a bottle opener, to a mini pry bar. It’s housed in a low-profile design that is both modern and easy to slide into your pocket. The Shark Belly (right) is an everyday carry, single blade pocketknife with a modern sheepsfoot blade and textured Sharkskin Grip. It has a scratch-resistant pocket clip and holds an edge quite impressively. Both knives come with Gerber’s awesome limited lifetime warranty as well.

Purchase at Gerber for $45/$47

$50-100 Gifts | The standard gift category

  • Bora Tools 40 in. Parallel Clamp

We are big fans of Bora Tools Parallel clamps. They are often the go-to shop clamps. These 40 in. Bora parallel clamps are rugged and with the parallel face design offer even clamping pressure (up to 1100 lbs!) over the length of both clamping feet. They are designed to last with high quality steel and composite materials and come with removable work surface contact pads.  The orange color is easy to spot and they are built to last. The price point is on par compared to other manufacturers. So check them out at the links below.

Purchase at Bora for $56 (single)

Purchase at Home Depot for $100 (2-pack)

  • Microjig Blade & Bit Cleaning System

We are big fans of keeping our equipment in the best shape possible to extend tool life and overall performance. The Microjig Blade cleaning system is an easy way to meet this goal. It allows you to use all-purpose cleaner (we used Mr. Clean) and a gentle abrasive pad to easily (and safely!) clean circular saw blades up to 12 in. as well as both 1/4 and 1/2 in. router bits. This is especially helpful if you’ve been working with soft woods that may have sap or pitch in the lumber and can heat up and stick to the blade when cutting. The included magnetic blade handle is also great for changing out blades on your table or miter saw. And at $99 its a small investment that has some serious long-term advantages!

Purchase the Blade & Bit Clean System for $99

  • Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

We’ve featured a lot of tools and knives in our articles. Now we want to give you an option to sharpen them once you dull them out. This Work sharp knife and tool sharpener is our handheld offering to meet that need. it can easily sharpen every knife and tool you own. It uses flexible belts set at just the right angle to quickly restore the edge on your blades. The work Sharp knife and tool sharpener also has sharpening guides, and a two-speed motor and is very comfortable and user friendly. It even comes with a decent carry bag.

Purchase at Worksharp tools for $99

  • Elgin Rumble (and Rebel) Earbuds

You know we prioritize safety at Tool Box Buzz. Power tools pose a long-term risk to hearing. So grab a pair of Elgin OSHA-compliant, NRR 27 decibel rated Rumble ear buds. We love them because they combine great hearing protection with clear audio quality. The earbud design with silicone ear tips and over ear hooks also means they stay securely in place even when running vibrating tools or wielding hand tools. Ear buds also offer the added advantage of working great with eye protection or headgear, such as grinding shields or welding helmets. The battery life is great on these Elgin earbuds, and they are IP67 rated meaning they are dust and sweat proof, essential jobsite characteristics. Elgin also sent us a pair of the Rebel Earbuds (which have no neck wire) and with an even more impressive NRR rating of 25 decibels, they are also great. Plus, the impact-resistant case even has a built in LED flashlight. At $129 they are a better fit in the next price category though.

Purchase at Elgin USA for $99

  • Stanley Socket Set, Black Edition

If you need a full-spectrum socket set, as opposed to a small truck-friendly one (like the Apex set above), then check out this Stanley socket set. It has a sturdy molded case and everything you need at a great price to include both 1/4 in and 3/8 in shallow and deep sockets. And the black chrome finish with laser engraved markings is super easy to read which is great compared to all-stainless finish. This Stanley 69-piece socket set has everything you need and exceeds ANSI industry standards.

Purchase at Home Depot for $68

  • Gear Wrench 10-Piece Bolt Biter Extractor Set

Broken fasteners are an unavoidable headache for any experienced builder or tool hound. The Gear Wrench Bolt Biter 10-piece set is the perfect solution to this problem. Made of high-quality steel and featuring a fluted edge design, they are made to last. It’s also super convenient to have the right-sized drill bits in the same storage case. They are also bi-directional meaning they can also tighten, not just loosen. This is great for those times it’s easier to drive the busted fastener the rest of the way through the material its embedded in. These are a necessity for anyone in the construction industry.

Purchase at Home Depot for $70

  • Ryobi 18V 6-Port Supercharger

We love cordless tools and have featured countless reviews on Ryobi battery-powered tools over the years. If your tool lover uses Ryobi 18V power tools, then buy this. Why? Because instead of having to plug in one battery at a time, this charger allows you to plug in 6 batteries into a single charger. It charges them one at a time, in series, so when you head out to your shop later on, you’ll have 6 charged Ryobi 18V batteries waiting for you. And because it’s the intelliport SUPERCHARGED version, its cuts down on charging time compared to standard Ryobi 18V charging times. It works on Lithium or older Ni-Cd batteries and has an integrated USB charger to simultaneously charge a USB device while powering up batteries.

Purchase at Home Depot for $89

$100-200 Gifts | The Solid Winner Gift

  • Diablo 8″ Stacked Dado Blade Set

This Diablo 8 in. stacked Dado blade set checks all the boxes we look for in a blade system. The blades have a low-friction coating, Carbide tipped blade teeth (that are resharpenable), shims for precision adjustments, and a carrying case. The set is designed to fit standard 5/8 in. arbors and features negative hook angles to produce splinter free edges and flat bottom grooves as advertised. This set is even ideal for underpowered saws because it requires less power to feed. And at $115, these blades are an investment that will allow you to custom build cabinets and shelving using precision dado and rabbet cuts for years to come. There’s a reason Diablo blades are common in all our TBB shops and this set will show you why!

Purchase at Home Depot for $115

  • Little Giant 22-Ft Multi-Position Ladder

We are huge fans of a tool that has multiple uses. This Little Giant 22 ft. multi position ladder exemplifies this characteristic. It works as an A-frame, extension, 90-degree, or tressel-and-plank ladder. It has spring-assisted rapid locks to make position changes simple and secure. The wide flared legs make for a very stable base and help it meet or exceed all OSHA and ANSI industry standards. It’s crafted from aluminum and weighs in at a mere 38 lbs, yet holds up to 300 lbs. And best of all it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. At a sale price of $179 this is a great value for a great ladder!

Purchase at Lowes for $179

  • Milwaukee M18 FUEL Angle Grinder

As the saying goes, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. So don’t ask why Milwaukee is offering this kit for $199 (it’s usually over $500) and just buy it. Milwaukee FUEL products are among the most popular and prolific on any Professional jobsite. This Milwaukee 18V FUEL grinder is no exception. It features our preferred paddle switch design, multi-position mountable handle, and tool-free guard and blade adjustments. In addition, this M18 Grinder has REDLINK Plus, which is an electronic feature that allows the tool to talk to the battery to deliver the most power. This grinder is a beast and on par with any 11-Amp corded grinder we’ve used. It also comes with 2x 5.0 Ah RED Lithium batteries and a charger. This makes for one sweet gift! Find additional details at the TBB review article here.

Purchase at Home Depot for $199

  • DEWALT 5-Inch 20V Orbital Sander

There’s nothing better than the final sanding on a beautiful hand-crafted creation. And this DEWALT 20V, 5-inch orbital sander kit is the perfect choice to get it done. It comes with a comfortable and powerful sander, 2Ah battery, charger, and sweet canvas storage bag. It has all the features you need including a variable speed switch that allows you to set the sander to anywhere from 8,000 and 12,000-OPMs. You can also hook a 1 7/8 in. dust extractor to it or use it with the included one-hand-removable dust bag. It’s lightweight and well balanced and at $129, its $100 cheaper than usual. We also have a TBB review article for that too!

Purchase at Lowes for $129

  • Milwaukee M18 1/4 Sheet Sander

Keeping with our theme of finish sanding, the Milwaukee M18, 1/4 sheet sander is a great finish option for those tool lovers that already own (or want to own) Milwaukee tools. It’s a high-performing, variable-speed sander that oscillated anywhere from 11000-1300 OPMs. Additionally, it’s 2-stem clamp system for holding down the paper works perfectly. And the universal hose adapter and removable dust bag both did a great job collecting the dust we made. This sander also features Milwaukee’s REDLINK Plus (like the angle grinder above), to enable tool to battery communication and deliver optimized power. As far as cordless quarter-sheet sanders go, you can’t do any better than this Milwaukee one!

Purchase at Home Depot for $149

  • Kreg PRO720 Pocket Hole Jig

Kreg has made a name for itself in the pocket hole jog game. And the PRO720 exemplifies why. This multi-featured jig uses Automaxx clamping action to single-handedly clamp onto materials 1/2-1 1/2 in thick. The Gripmaxx surface holds material securely in place so the pocket holes are exactly where you want them to be every time. The chip ejection port (with optional shop vac attachment) helped keep the clamping area relatively free of dust and shavings while the on-board accessory storage was incredible handy in keeping the easy to lose bits, collet, and wrench securely in place. The blend of impact-resistant polymer and steel framing make this a durable, high-quality jig that your tool lover is sure to enjoy.

Purchase at ACME Tools for $109

  • Ryobi 18V ONE+ Hybrid Propane Heater

It’s easier to work in a comfortable space, so why not get your workshop dweller a heater to keep their space warm? The Ryobi 18V hybrid propane heater is a great choice. It offers the option to run off a standard Ryobi 18V Lithium battery or plug directly into a 110V wall outlet. A standard 20 lb propane tank will last you around 12 hrs if you run it at the lowest heat setting. Although it blasts anywhere from 30000-60000 BTUs. And have no fear, even the lowest setting puts off some impressive heat! It features an internal fan to help circulate the hot air and enabling it to effectively heat up to 2500 sq/ft. The electronic ignition is easy to use and its a very light unit making it quite easy to carry around.

Purchase at Home Depot for $149

  • Gerber Knives | US-Assist S30V & Dual Force Multitool

OK, OK. I know we already included some knives in a prior section. But some knife lovers have refined tastes. And some tool lovers are always after the newest and best multi-tool. Gerber has you covered in both cases. The US-Assist S30V (right) is a spring-assisted, bearing based single blade knife. It looks sleek and functions flawlessly. It’s boasts S30 high-grade steel, perfectly placed thumb studs, and a phenomenal cross lock system to keep the blade locked, whether open or closed. The Dual Force (left) is a multi-tool highlighted by its impressive slip-jaw pliers. In standard multi-tool fashion, it also boasts 11 other tools mostly housed within its butterfly opening design. It comes with a rugged nylon sheath. And as before, both tools also come with Gerber’s awesome limited lifetime warranty!

Purchase at Gerber for $151/$110

  • Ridgid 4 & 6Ah + “Free” Tool (Trim Router) Set

When we saw this Black Friday Only deal we couldn’t pass it up. Usually, a Ridgid 4Ah and 6Ah lithium battery set alone is $169. So add in a “free” 18V tool to pair with them and this literally feels like a steal. We opted to test out the 1/4 in. trim router and weren’t disappointed. Ridgid is an excellent entry-level Professional line and the trim router worked great on pine, cherry, oak, and poplar boards. It has a micro-adjustment dial, integrated LED light, 1 7/8 in. dust port, and soft start feature. Both batteries, the charger, and the router fit in the nice nylon carry bag as well. This is usually a $469 package so plan your black Friday shopping around it!

Purchase at Home Depot for $169

$200+ Gifts | Santa’s REALLY Nice List!

  • Gearwrench Men’s Heated Canvas Jacket

We already covered the value of staying warm while working. But what if you aren’t working in a workshop? Then look no further. The Gearwrench Men’s heater canvas jacket is awesome! The Cavas material is both super comfortable and machine washable. The battery securely zips into the interior pocket. We loved its chape as the battery felt way less bulky than competitor offerings. The 3 carbon fiber heat zones worked great and kept us toasty in the crisp New England fall weather. The included 5Ah battery lasted 8 hrs between low and medium heat. And It’s also water resistant so even when we were working outside and got caught in a light rain, we weren’t soaked to the bone. Yep, this jacket is great and so is this TBB review on it!

Purchase at Gearwrench for $220

  • Napier Outdoors Sportz Truck Tent

Does your gift target have a truck? Like the outdoors? Then grab this Napier Truck tent and let them combine them both. This tent mounts directly onto the bed of a standard pickup truck and provides an elevated campsite wherever you can drive. It features a sewed bottom for weather protection, front and rear windows (so you can get through the back window into your cab) and both a rainfly and awning. The Napier truck tent stores conveniently into a small bag so you can keep it in your truck for impromptu camping trips. It also boasts over 5′ 6″ of headroom so it doesn’t feel as compact as we thought it might. It’s not cheap at $299, but it’s a gift that is sure to make memories as you make your special person happy.

Purchase at Real Truck for $299

  • Work Sharp WS3000 Tool Sharpener

We couldn’t help but include a second Work Sharp sharpened on our list. One that we’ve reviewed in detail on TBB. This one is a more elaborate, bench-mounted option. This Air-cooled, dry sharpening system eliminates the mess of a wet system and delivers higher material removal rates without affecting the steel temper. It can handle blades up to 2 in wide. Switching between bevel angles is simple and fast since it’s as simple as adjusting the port (vs. a detachable jig). It uses a tempered glass grinding wheel which is calibration free. There’s also no need to change between fixtures, grade wheels, or use multiple machines get a razor-sharp edge. If your worker uses straight blades like knives or chisels with any frequency, then this is a fantastic tool!

Purchase at Worksharp for $280

  • Dometic Patrol 55 QT. Ice Chest

Long days in the hot sun will make a person thirsty, so why not think about a full featured cooler to keep your beverages of choice ice cold? The Dometic Patrol cooler is THAT cooler. It has a single-piece rotomolded design and extra thick PU insulation. The tough polymer materials are meant to withstand any rough & tumble environment. The large leak-proof drain makes cleaning your cooler easier and the Deep-freeze lid seal is absolutely airtight. The rope handles are heavy duty and sure to last. Lastly, the multi-use welded wire dock that can be used to hold a cup holder or a bottle opener. This is an investment as this cooler is the last one you’ll have to buy. And it looks pretty great too in whatever color you choose!

Purchase at Real Truck for $279

  • Skilsaw 10 in. Portable Wormdrive Pro Jobsite Table Saw

We saved the biggest gift for last but for good reason. It’s worth spending some hard-earned cash on if you are looking for that one big gift. The Skilsaw SPT99-11 is a phenomenal portable table saw. We’ve used it on a variety of jobsites, and it has always performed exceptionally. It is a 15Amp, 10 in. fully featured portable saw and comes with Skilsaw’s amazing folding stand. The 16 in. wheels truly make this jobsite portable (and easy to load in the back of a work truck too). We have always loved Skilsaw’s worm drive design which is featured on this saw. This saw has a 30 1/2 in. rip cut and 3 1/4 in. depth of cut capacity and on-board storage for the rip fence, miter gauge, push stick, and blade guard/anti-kickback paws assembly. The rack-and-pinion fence design is incredibly smooth and solid. It also has a left-tilting blade that cants over to a 45-degree angle. The 2 in., downward-angled dust port fits most standard shop vacs and does a solid job taking care of the sawdust created. And the sliding outfeed support rack is a well thought out integrated feature. See more details on this saw in our TBB article. This is a great value and sure to make any tool lover’s Holiday the best ever!

Purchase at Lowes for $649


We know shopping for tool lovers is definitely a labor of love. It makes you ask “What do you get someone who seems to already have everything?” Just trust TBB’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide to give you some great suggestions whether you are looking for the perfect small gift or that one unbelievable, big gift. Happy Holidays from the Tool Box Buzz Team!

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