RYOBI’s Next Generaton of Lithium-Ion

RYOBI Signals End of Ni-Cd Battery Platform for Cordless Tools

It was only a matter of time and it appears Ryobiwill make a significant push to end the life of Ni-Cd batteries. This

week they introduced a new line-up of Lithium-Ion batteries and revamped the pricing significantly. The new offering will still offer one Ni-Cd battery but it will be priced the same as a comparable Li-Ion battery. So there will be little reason at all to buy the Ni-Cd battery when you can get an Li-Ion for the same price with far better performance.

In addition to the new line-up of Li-Ion batteries they are also going to be selling a 4.0 Ah battery pack which keeps them in stride with other manufacturers. The best thing about this line-up is the fact that any 18V Ryobi battery pack (Ni-Cd, Lithium, and Lithium+) will fit any 18V Cordless tool ever built by Ryobi.

New Lithium Batteries Ship This Fall

Starting in October all of the new cordless tools, combo packs, and kits will include the new Lithium+ batteries. They are also going to offer charger/battery packs so that users can switch over existing tools. If you’ve got an old ONE+ tool with a Ni-Cd battery you can go buy the new charger/battery combo kit for $59 and give that old tool a nice boost!


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  1. Jason

    Well I I have moved away from Ryobi construction tools. I really do love their lawn care products that little 18 volt weed whip has been a beast so far. I’m glad they are updating the lithium batteries because they must have changed something my older lion’s have held up better than than the new ones I have bought I had 3 go bad over one season.

  2. Richard Murphy

    Why does Ryobi have an 18V, a 24V, and a 40V Yard tool systems? I have many 18V tools and son suggests I get the 18V yard tools also, but I have read Amps = durability (run time) and Volts = Power (to do the job). I’m getting too old to fight with the Gas tools, but unsure what to choose. Also saw another brand rated at 62V, which supposedly means it is even MORE powerful. Help!

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Richard – Many tool companies step up to higher voltage for outdoor power equipment due to the higher power demands. The Amp Hours (Ah) gives an idea of run time, think of that as the size of the gas tank. Voltage can be an indicator of more power, but that’s not always true. Milwaukee for example can run their outdoor power equipment from 18V packs, but they are high amp hour packs with brushless motors and advanced electronics.

      I can tell you that it really depends on the tool you’ll be using. An 18V blower or string trimmer can work great. If you’re talking mower then you need to step up to higher voltages.

      Good luck.

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