Rockwell Announces New Brushless Tools with 20 Year Warranty

Rockwell Announces New Brushless Tools with 20 Year Warranty

Rockwell has announced plans to provide a 20 year warranty on their new line of 20V brushless power tools. The 20 year warranty not only covers the tool,but free batteries for 20 years once the tool is registered. The 20 warranty program marks the first time in the brand’s history that such a warranty has ever been offered.

Planned obsolescence wasn’t part of the equation with Rockwell’s new 20-year warranty program.  The stout line of brushless portable power tools is built for performance and longevity. The 20V group includes a drill-driver, a 3-speed impact driver, a hammer drill and a ½ in., 3-speed impact wrench.

rockwell 20yr warranty

“These days, you’ll find a 20-year warranty on a roof, mattress, automobile and maybe new home construction, but it’s rare to find it on durable consumer goods such as power tools,” said Jeanne White, Rockwell’s Senior Product Manager. “With a 20-year life cycle, this new line of brushless tools is built to perform and last.”

Rockwell’s 20V brushless motors feature 10 times the motor life and 25 percent more power than comparable, conventional brushed motors.  Highly magnetic rare earth metals increase power output. Plus, battery run time is increased by up to 50 percent per charge versus standard brushed motors.  These brushless motors have computer-controlled power distribution, which improves motor efficiency and durability by reducing heat, friction, noise and wear.

Brushless motors are more expensive to build, due to their internal components. On average, these tools cost 15 to 30 percent more than comparable, standard brushed motors.  However, by factoring the tool’s longevity, durability, longer run time, plus Rockwell’s 20 year warranty in combination with the Free Replacement Batteries for 20 Years program once the tool is registered, the real cost difference is marginal, making brushless power tools affordable.

20V MaxLithium Brushless Drill-Driver

The Rockwell 20V MaxLithium Brushless Drill-Driver (RK2852K2 retails for $165 on Amazon here: Rockwell 20V Drill Driver – RK2852K2, ) is compact and lightweight (3.4 lbs. with battery). Its compact size provides easy access in limited clearance areas.  The drill-driver has a short headstock and overmold on the back of the Rockwell’s New 20 Year Warranty Program handle for a steady grip. The tool is equipped with a belt clip to secure the tool when not The two-speed gearbox has no-load speeds of 0-600 and 0-2000. Its maximum torque is 531 in./lbs. The ½” metal chuck has 18+1 clutch positions to handle any number of drilling and driving jobs.

20V MaxLithium Brushless Impact Driver

With 1550 in./lbs. of torque, the Rockwell 20V MaxLithium Brushless Impact Driver (RK2860K2 retails for $160 on Amazon here: Rockwell 20V Impact Driver RK2860K2) is a serious deck building, assembly and remodelers’ tool.  It drives screws hard and fast in the densest materials. It channels concussions to the screw, not the user’s wrist or forearm. Its compact size affords easy access into limited clearance areas. The brushless impact driver has a ¼ in. chuck and accepts ¼ in. hex-shanked bits. The driver has a speed range of 0-2900 no-load rpm and 0-3200 impacts per minute (ipm).

20V MaxLithium Brushless 3-speed Impact Driver

Rockwell’s new 20V MaxLithium Brushless 3-speed Impact Driver (RK2868K2 retails for  $199.99) provides the user with three speed/torque options at the push of a button. Press the button to match torque and application. Each torque level has a digital indicator with level one at 530 in./lbs. of torque. This setting is ideal when driving smaller screws.  Press level two, and torque increases to 930 in. lbs. for medium jobs. At level three, maximum torque reaches1550 in. lbs., enabling the driver to sink 3 to 3.5 in. lag screws in hardwoods in no time at all.  The driver’s concussions are channeled to the screw, not the user’s wrist or forearm.  At 3.2 lbs.  (with battery), it has an excellent power-to-weight ratio. It’s expected to be available in November 2015.

The 3-speed brushless impact driver has a ¼ in. chuck and accepts ¼ in. hex-shanked bits. The driver has speed ranges of 0-1300/2100/2900 no-load rpm and 0-1600/2900/3200 impacts per minute (ipm).

Rockwell 20V MaxLithium Brushless Hammer Drill

The Rockwell 20V MaxLithium Brushless Hammer Drill (RK2853K2 retails for $183.99 on Amazon here: Rockwell RK2853K2 20V Hammer Drill) features two no-load drilling speed selections of 0-600 and 0-2000 rpm.  In hammer mode, the tool provides ranges of 0-7500 and 0-24860 bpm (blows per minute).  The hammer drill’s maximum torque is 531 in./lbs.  Its ½-in. metal chuck has 18+1 clutch positions to handle a full range of drilling in various materials. It’s the driver of choice when drilling into brick, masonry and concrete.

Rockwell 20V MaxLithium Brushless ½ in. 3-speed Impact Wrench

The new Rockwell® 20V MaxLithium Brushless ½ in., 3-speed Impact Wrench (RK2855K2, $259.99) is a compact, lightweight powerhouse.  This brushless impact Rockwell’s New 20 Year Warranty Program wrench busts loose and tightens stubborn nuts, bolts and lugs, and it’s not limited to automotive use. For deck building, it can sink 3 in. lag screws and since the user can choose the torque setting, it handles other assembly projects without the fear of shearing off the screw’s head.

This tool’s 3-speed digital gearbox has torque levels of 73, 132, and 220 ft./lbs. The user simply selects the torque level by pressing the tool’s digital indicator button.  Each button press advances the tool’s torque from low, medium to high. It packs a no-load speed of 0-1300/2100/2900 rpm with an impact rate of 01600/2900/3300 (ipm). Weighing 3.3 lbs. (with battery), the lightweight and compact impact wrench has a short headstock with a 1/2 in. anvil chuck. The tool’s compact size allows easy access into limited clearance areas. There’s comfortable overmold on the handle for a steady grip. Rockwell’s brushless power tools feature an LED light to illuminate the work area. The bright light is activated once the trigger is pressed and stays on for an additional 20 seconds after the trigger is released. Each tool also features a battery reserve power indicator.

Tool Kit Components

The Rockwell brushless power tools include two, 2.0 Ah MaxLithium batteries, a one-hour charger, a double-ended bit (drill-driver only) and a soft carrying bag for storage.

20 Year Warranty

The brushless tools are covered by Rockwell’s 20-year warranty.  Once the tools are registered, they are eligible for Rockwell’s Free Replacement Batteries For 20 Years program.

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