RIDGID® 10” Cast Iron Table Saw – Model R4512

RIDGID® 10” Cast Iron Table Saw

RIDGID® Brand tools continue to impress me with both their quality and innovation. The Brand is certainly a hidden jewel throughout the industry in my opinion. Check out this new Contractor Style table saw that they have recently introduced.

RIDGID® R4512 Fact Sheet

The new RIDGID® 10” Cast Iron Table Saw has many high-end features and best-in-class mobility that go beyond what is expected on a professional grade table saw. The milled and polished cast iron core reduces vibration and provides a flat, level surface for trouble-free cutting so you can concentrate on the job at hand. The saw is designed for customization by the user by adding extension table or auxiliary tables for routers or other specialty tools.

Includes R4512 table saw, carbide tipped blade, blade wrenches, hex keys, push stick, miter gauge, rip fence, blade guard assembly, anti-kickback pawls, left and right extension tables, stand assembly, wheel caster set, switch key and operator’s manual.


  • Input: 120v/240v AC, 60 Hz
  • Motor: 13A (120v), 6.5A (240v)
  • Blade Diameter: 10”
  • Arbor size: 5/8”
  • Rip Capacity: 30” Right of blade, 15” Left of blade
  • Dado Capacity: up to 13/16”
  • Cut Capacity: Depth at 90°: 3-1/4”, depth at 45°: 2-1/4”


  • Front and Back Clamping Aluminum Rip Fence – extra large glides allow precise/smooth adjustment along the rail and large overmold handle provides comfortable and secure grip
  • Fence “T” slots – allow tool free installation and variable placement of accessories such as fences and sacrificial fences
  • One-step Mobility – easily reposition saw via single action foot pedal
  • Die-cast Miter Gauge with Positive Stops – adjustable stops make achieving desired angle easy. Also has built-in accessory slots for installation of auxiliary fences to support large workpieces
  • Built-in Accessory Storage – cabinet storage keeps accessories close at hand when not in use
  • Rail Spreader Bar – when combines with included hardware, spreader bar provides a convenient mounting surface for user extension table or accessory tables
  • Fully enclosed Cabinet – muffles motor noise and enhances dust collection
  • Integrated 4” Dust Collection Port – collects material and allows use with common 4” dust collection systems
  • 30” Max Right Rip Capacity – for ripping large material such as sheet goods
  • Machined “T” Style Accessory Slots – ¾” wide by 3/8” deep to accept most common accessory bars
  • Push Stick with Integrated Magnet – allows storage of push stick anywhere on cabinet or on unused areas of the extension table
  • Modular Tool Free Guard – easy installation via single action latch. Pawls assemble independent of blade guard.
  • Split Blade Guard – maintains constant contact with the table surface, even when the blade is beveled
  • Versatile Spreader – may be repositioned to the riving knife position allowing easy transition to non-through cuts


  • RIDGID® Lifetime Service Agreement. The industry’s only FREE Lifetime coverage. FREE parts. FREE service.

Price & Availability:

  • The RIDGID® 10” Cast Iron Table Saw is available at The Home Depot in stores and online for $499.

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  2. Dan

    Can the Ridgid R4512 be wired 120 or 220 V. ??

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Dan – See the info that Jeff posted.

    2. Jeff Williams

      It comes wired for 120 but the manual shows how to rewire it. Scroll to page 9 of the linked PDF for diagrams. http://www.homedepot.com/catalog/pdfImages/c2/c2e26e29-35a4-469c-8193-136092afdbd3.pdf

      1. John L

        This is the very first thing that people should do, if they are going to keep it in their shop. Wiring it to 230V will almost guarantee the motor to outlive the owner. I did that to my new saw in 1981, and it can take all I throw at it, and still keep humming. That and the air compressor should all be converted IMO.

  3. John L

    Just a little of my 2c here. This is almost the identical contractor saw that is also sold at Sears. Same high heels, and push-up bra, with different color clothing and lipstick. The only real difference between the two is that the Craftsman brand uses a 15A-120V motor, and this one uses a 13A-120V motor. That’s why the Craftsman model sells for about $30 more. Other than that, same thing.

    But there is one thing that tips the scale for Ridgid, and that is the full lifetime warranty for those who register their saw with Ridgid. That’s the real clincher IMO.

    I’ve had my Craftsman table saw since 1981, and the very first thing I did was change it over to 230V. Its humming along smoothly, and will outlive me.

    1. Jeff Williams

      Yup, we referenced that in the article. Saw is originally made by Dayton. Ridgid, Craftsman, Masterforce, and Dayton are more or less the same saw. The RIDGID saw is the only one listed as having a 13A motor. Even if the motors are different, getting a good quality thin kerf blade will make up for negligable motor difference.

      Like you mentioned the LSA is a huge point for the Ridgid saw. Another big bonus is that the RIDGID allows an extension wing where as the other saws do not due to the shape of brace between the front and rear fence rails. Check out the router table we added to our saw. Shop Made Tools: Router Table

      1. John L

        Yup, we referenced that in the article.

        Oh, there’s another article, other than this one, where it was referenced?

        1. Jeff Williams

          The other article is the review article that for some reason isn’t showing up in the Related Posts section. Here is the link to the review.

          1. John L

            Jeff, I looked at your picture of the saw upside down, and still haven’t figured out just how this saw would have a belt drive. It sure looks like a direct drive to me. Am I wrong here?

            If it is a belt drive, its one very short one.

          2. Jeff Williams

            It is a very short belt. Check out page 50 on the manual. R4512 Manual on HomeDepot.com

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