Powermatic® Introduces New 15″ Bandsaw

New 15-Inch Powermatic PM1500 Bandsaw Blends Top Cutting Capacity with Innovative Features

Lavergne, TN – Powermatic® engineers didn’t skimp when they designed the new PM1500, 15” Bandsaw as the little brother of the popular PM1800, 18” model, which is the gold standard in commercial woodworking shops across the country. Just like its elite 18” sibling, the PM1500 features bigger-than-average resaw capacity, exclusive fully adjustable fence, multi-step blade tensioning, precision guide and thrust bearings and heavy duty steel and cast iron construction throughout.

“The Powermatic PM1500 Bandsaw has a full 14” of resaw height and 14½” of blade-to-frame width, creating a class of its own,” said Joan Duvall, Powermatic’s Director of Product Management-Wood. “This heavy-duty, high-performance bandsaw offers a solid blend of accuracy, innovative features, durability, ease of use and value for small to mid-sized woodworking shops and serious enthusiasts. It’s engineered to be the last bandsaw a proud owner will ever need to buy.”

Destined to be one of the most versatile machines in the shop, the Powermatic PM1500 can be used to resaw and rip lumber to size, cut curves for cabinetry or furniture making, create decorative scrollwork or even cut joints such as tenons and dovetails. Name a precise woodcutting task, and the PM1500 handles it smoothly, quickly and easily.

At 394 lbs., the PM1500 is no lightweight. The bandsaw’s sturdy cast iron table and trunnion assembly provides maximum rigidity for heavy work pieces. Even the steel cabinet doors are secured with all-metal, rotating cam locks. Overall dimensions of the saw are 30¼”L x 34-3/8”W x 80¼”H.

The bandsaw is driven by a 3HP, 1PH, 230V motor that’s hungry for hardwoods and other tough cutting jobs. Power is transmitted to the drive pulley system via a durable Poly-V belt, delivering a blade speed of 3100 SFPM. A magnetic switch protects the motor from potentially damaging power variations, and also guards the operator by preventing the motor from starting unexpectedly after a power interruption. Removing a magnetic key disables the machine when left unattended.

The PM1500 Bandsaw’s spacious 21½” x 16” cast iron table is precisely ground to insure flatness. The table tilts 45° to the right and 10° left, by using a cast-iron handwheel. A large scale makes setting the desired table angle and locking the table in place fast and easy. The table surface is a comfortable 40” from the floor. A standard miter slot is provided, along with a miter gauge that features a pivoting head with stops at 45 and 90° left/right.

The bandsaw’s exclusive Accu-Fence measures 19¾”L x 6½”H and slides along the fence arm on a steel guide rail. This large, extruded aluminum fence can be used lying flat on the table for inlays and furring strips or upright for crown molding and other materials. It also can be adjusted front-to-back, as needed to suit the project. This true T-style fence is fully adjustable to be square to the table surface vertically and parallel to the blade front and back. Drift correction adjustments are easy and accurate. An included solid-steel, chrome-plated resaw post can be mounted to an aligning slot in the fence, using a finger-operated knob.

The upper and lower blade wheels are crafted from iron castings that are precisely machined, painted and fitted with tires before they are computer balanced. They accommodate 153”-long blades, ranging from 1/8” to 1” wide. Both wheels run on dual ball bearings to assure smooth operation and minimize drag. The blade wheels’ massive weight creates consistent inertia that helps make smoother cuts in hardwoods. The bandsaw’s foot-operated braking system helps stop a coasting blade more quickly. A micro-switch automatically shuts off power to the motor when the brake pedal on the front of the saw is depressed.

All controls for blade tensioning are easy to access on the outside of the upper cabinet. Turning a large, cast iron handwheel sets tension by precisely moving the blade mount block up and down. A blade tracking window and white tires make viewing the blade easier during critical adjustments. In addition, a handy blade tension release lever provides full-tension, partial-tension and blade-release settings for making blade changes and relaxing the blade when not in use. The blade tension release has an electrical interlock to prevent the bandsaw from starting when the blade is de-tensioned or released.

The PM1500 Bandsaw is equipped with high-quality, ball-bearing blade guides. Adjustment of both the upper and lower guide sets is tool-free. A specially designed thrust bearing has a groove to accommodate different blade designs, including smaller scrolling blades that would otherwise require aftermarket blade stabilizers.

A 4”-diameter dust port located on the back of the bandsaw below the table is designed to evacuate debris in conjunction with a dust collection system having a minimum capacity of 600 CFM.
For more information on the Powermatic PM1500 Bandsaw (#1791500, $2,800), or to find a local dealer, visit www.powermatic.com. The PM1500 Bandsaw is covered by a 5-year warranty.

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