New Products from JET Tools / Powermatic – 2013 Media Event

JET Tools & Powermatic Introduce New Products for 2013

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of traveling down to Nashville, TN to visit the folks at JET Tools and Powermatic. They were kind enough to host us at a very unique site in downtown Nashville called Fort Houston. Fort Houston is a 10,000 sq. ft. co-op with a full size wood shop, print shop, bike shop, photography studio and lots of work space. It was the perfect place to showcase several new products from JET Tools and a new table saw from Powermatic.

JET Tools being used at Fort Houston

JET Tools being used at Fort Houston

Powermatic PM1000 – Gold Standard Now Available for Small Shops

Powermatic has such a great reputation with wood workers who want the very best in their shops. Unfortunately not all woodworkers have the means for a really nice shop with plenty of space, power and budget. So I’m really excited to see that Powermatic has introduced the PM1000 which will allow many more woodworkers to get the “Gold Standard” on a tighter budget and it runs on just 115V service!

Powermatic PM1000 30 in Rip

Powermatic PM1000 – Cabinet Saw Features running on 115V Power Supply

The 10” PM1000 will be available in two models: The #1791000K, with cast iron tabletop and a 30” maximum rip capacity to the right of the blade, and the #1791001K model with cast iron top and extension table with 52” rip capacity to the right. The PM1000 is equipped with a blade guard assembly and riving knives to help reduce kickback.

“We see the PM1000 as the bridge for woodworkers who want to move up to a cabinet saw,” said Joan Duvall, Director of Product Management─ Wood.  “It’s loaded with features and meets the historic Powermatic gold standard in performance and value. It’s the right choice for woodworkers wanting to upgrade their current saw without overtaxing their woodworking budgets.”

I didn’t have the pleasure of trying the saw while we were there but I will say it’s one of the nicest looking (and from what I can tell nicest built) 115V table saws I’ve seen. I have no doubt this will be a very popular saw for woodworkers trying to set up small shops on a limited budget.

The Powermatic PM1000 (#1791000K, retail price $1,999.99) and (#1791001K, retail price $2,099.99) are covered by Powermatic’s 5-year warranty.  To locate a dealer, visit

JET 14 Inch BandsawJET 14″ Steel Frame Bandsaw

The start of the event in my opinion was the new 14″ Steel Frame Bandsaw from JET. Pictured at right the new bandsaw is filled with very nice features that frankly push this machine a notch or two above what I’d normally expect from the JET lineup. In fact, some of the upgrades on this bandsaw appear to push the quality much closer to the Powermatic brand.

Several features really caught my eye including:

  • The aluminum fence is exceptionally well designed and built. It provides great support for resawing and thin work.
  • Guide Wheels are VERY easy to adjust and do not require a tool.

This floor-standing bandsaw weighs 356 lbs.  Its rugged steel frame and wide base provide rigidity for smooth, stable operation and accurate cutting.  The saw’s overall dimensions are 30”L x 26”W x 74-1/2”H.

The 14” bandsaw is driven by a 1¾ hp, single-phase, 115/230V motor, which is prewired for 115V service.  Power is transmitted to the drive pulley system via a durable poly-V belt, delivering a blade speed of 3000 SFPM.

The bandsaw’s 21½” x 16” cast iron table is set at 39” from the floor, and is precisely ground to assure flatness.  The table tilts 0-45o to the right and 0-10o left, providing support for a wide range of bevel cuts.  A cast iron handwheel and large, easy-to-read scale are used to set the desired table angle.  A standard miter slot is provided to accommodate a miter gauge (optional accessory), as well as jigs and fixtures for specific projects.

An extruded aluminum fence measures 18-1/4”L x 6”H and slides on a steel guide rail.  The two-position fence can be used flat for inlays and furring strips or upright for crown molding and other materials.  The fence is fully adjustable with a laser-etched scale and micro-adjust feature.

If this new bandsaw is any indication about what the future tools from JET will look like I have a feeling we’ll be seeing lots of great improvements. Overall this bandsaw really impressed me. The JET 14” Steel Frame Bandsaw (#714500, $1,899.99) is available through

JET 8″ Bench Grinder

JET 8 Inch Bench GrinderJET’s new 8” Woodworking Bench Grinder incorporates the latest shop-friendly features and has a rugged cast iron base and motor housing for long life. The benchtop grinder includes two high-quality Norton® wheels: an 80 grit 3X Blue Ceramic Alumina K Grade wheel for coarse grinding and a 100 grit White Aluminum Oxide wheel for finish grinding.

The single-speed benchtop grinder is driven by a ½ hp, 115V single-phase induction motor.  The two 8” wheels have a 1” width and a 5/8” arbor.

Once again this new offering from JET seems to be an upgrade in quality and features over previous offerings. The JET 8” Woodworking Bench Grinder (726100, $329.99) is expected to be available in September.  To locate a dealer, visit

JET 15” Woodworking Lathe

JET 15 Inch LatheJET’s new 15” Woodworking Lathe, available in a standard version (Model JWL-1015) and variable speed version (Model JWL-1015VS), provides optimum control, as well as positive-locking indexing.  This sturdy, smooth-running 15” mini-lathe has the power, precision and versatility to turn out any number of projects, ranging from pens, bottle stoppers and drawer pulls to bowls, platters and chair spindles.

The new 15” lathe is powered by a 1/2 hp, single-phase, TEFC motor. The 4-amp, model JWL-1015VS delivers variable spindle speeds ranging from 200 to 3600 rpm.  Three speed ranges are designed to perform different types of woodturning tasks.  The slow speed range (200 to 1050 rpm) is best for detailed turnings, mid- range (300-1750 rpm) is great for sanding and finishing, and the high speed (600 to 3600) is intended for general woodturning.

These small lathes offer a small size yet they are built like much larger lathes. I’m sure these are going to be very popular with small shops.

The JET JWL-1015 Woodworking Lathe (719100, $479.99), JET JWL-1015VS Woodworking Lathe (719110, $579.99), JET JWL-1015 Bed Extension (719101, $129.99), JET JWL-1015 Stand (719102, $239.99) and JWL-1015 Stand Extension (719103, $99.99) are expected to be available in September. Visit for more information or to locate a dealer

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