New IRWIN SpeedHammer Power Masonry Drill Bits

New IRWIN SpeedHammer Power Masonry Drill Bits
Power through Rebar-Reinforced Concrete

Revolutionary SDS-plus Masonry Drill Bits Feature Tip with
Twice the Carbide for Longer Life and Durability

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. [November 17, 2010] — Rebar-reinforced concrete is found on most jobsites in North America, and professional tradesmen are often frustrated by damaged or broken masonry drill bits that result from hitting rebar while drilling in concrete – an all too common obstacle in construction work. IRWIN® Tools today announces the introduction of the SpeedHammer Power SDS-plus® Masonry Bit, a powerful solution for drilling through concrete that’s reinforced with rebar.

IRWIN’s SpeedHammer Power masonry drill bits are built to last. In fact, when drilling in rebar-reinforced concrete, they have twice the life of traditional masonry bits. With a patent-pending high-performance tip that’s manufactured with two times more carbide than traditional masonry bits, they are optimized for cutting through rebar at high speeds. IRWIN SpeedHammer Power masonry bits are manufactured with premium steel for improved core strength, maximum durability, and extended life. The flute is designed for faster, more efficient dust removal, and they have a specially-engineered groove design that minimizes friction, resulting in increased speed and longer life.

IRWIN SpeedHammer Power Masonry Drill Bit

“IRWIN Tools more than 125 years of experience in manufacturing all types of drill bits,” said Jon Schlosser, Director of Marketing for IRWIN Tools. “The launch of our new SpeedHammer Power Masonry Bits was driven by extensive research into user preferences. We’ve literally talked to hundreds of professional tradesmen, and have heard consistent feedback about what’s important to them on the jobsite. They repeatedly express frustration about having to constantly replace bits when drilling in rebar-reinforced concrete.”

“Longer life, durability, and speed are by far the most essential features pros seek,” Schlosser continued. “As power tools continue get more powerful, with vibration levels being dampened and controlled more efficiently, we can never lose focus on developing stronger bits that can last longer and hold up in the toughest of environments.”

IRWIN SpeedHammer Power SDS-plus masonry bits are available in 6-, 8-, and 12-inch lengths, with diameters ranging from 3/16 to 3/4 inches. They can be found at construction and industrial tool distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada. The suggested retail price ranges from $8.00 to $40.00, depending on length and diameter.

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  1. Zbig Ziemski

    Hi Todd,

    I read your review on the New IRWIN SpeedHammer Power Masonry Drill Bits with interest. However, looking on Irwin’s product catalogue this product was beaten by a competitor for life test and rebar durability.

    Any idea who the competitor is?

    I would appreciate a reply.


    Zbig Ziemski

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