Milwaukee® HollowCore™ Nut Drivers

HollowCore™ Nut Drivers Feature New-to-World Thread-Thru Design

Hollow Core Nut DriverMILWAUKEE, WI- Milwaukee Tool continues to deliver game-changing solutions with the introduction of HollowCore™ Magnetic Nut Drivers on their growing Hand Tool line. Featuring a new-to-world thread-thru design, the new tools are able to fasten at an unlimited depth in both threaded rod and long bolt applications, while remaining secure on the application material with a powerful magnetic driver head.

“Working side by side with users on the jobsite, we found that professional tradesmen were often modifying their nut drivers to work in long threaded rod applications by cutting off the back end and drilling out the core. This gave them the flexibility to perform applications such as running a 9/16” nut infinitely up a 3/8” diameter threaded rod for hanging uni-strut,” says Ryan D. Schwoegler, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool Corp. “Milwaukee’s understanding of our core user drives innovation like HollowCore. Our dedication to providing improved user solutions and game-changing designs will continue to pace our hand tool line.”

In addition, the magnetic driver head features a universal design, delivering the ability to not only fit 4X more fasteners including Square, 12 point, 8 Point and HEX, but the ability to remove rusted and stripped bolts as well.

The drivers also feature wrench-ready hex steel shanks that are forged and chrome plated for maximum durability and additional leverage. For added user convenience, multiple ID markings allow for quick tool identification on the jobsite.

With a focus on user-driven innovation to provide real solutions to jobsite challenges, Milwaukee now has over 175 solutions on their Hand Tool line. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the new products confirm Milwaukee’s commitment to best-in-class durability and their relentless commitment to provide innovative solutions to the end user that will increase productivity.

7PC Magnetic HollowCore™ SAE Nut Driver Set (48-22-2507) Includes:
• 9/16″ HollowCore™ Magnetic  Nut Driver
• 1/2″ HollowCore™ Magnetic  Nut Driver
• 7/16″ HollowCore™ Magnetic  Nut Driver
• 3/8″ HollowCore™ Magnetic  Nut Driver
• 11/32″ HollowCore™ Magnetic  Nut Driver
• 5/16″ HollowCore™ Magnetic  Nut Driver
• 1/4″ HollowCore™ Magnetic  Nut Driver

7PC Magnetic HollowCore™ Metric Nut Driver Set (48-22-2517) Includes:
• 13mm HollowCore™ Magnetic  Nut Driver
• 10mm HollowCore™ Magnetic  Nut Driver
• 8mm HollowCore™ Magnetic  Nut Driver
• 7mm HollowCore™ Magnetic  Nut Driver
• 6mm HollowCore™ Magnetic  Nut Driver
• 5.5mm HollowCore™ Magnetic  Nut Driver
• 5mm HollowCore™ Magnetic  Nut Driver

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  1. Keith

    A number of good design choices, one thing that’s particularly nice is the inclusion of the 9/16″ driver. Most companies offer it as an add on, if at all.

    The through core design seems to be spreading to more and more tools. Ratchets and now nut drivers. Most of the time, I’ll reach for a ratcheting wrench if there’s the room than look for any other choice.

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