Irwin Releases New Line of Circular Saw Blades

IRWIN® Tools Announces New Saw Blades at 2010 STAFDA Convention

IRWIN® Tools recently announced several new saw blades for circular saws at the 2010 STAFDA Convention.

MARATHON Fiber Cement Circular Saw Blade

The IRWIN MARATHON Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) fiber cement blade has diamond tipped teeth to deliver up to 15 times longer life compared to standard carbide tipped fiber cement blades. The PCD blade can cut up to 9,000 feet of fiber cement board. The laser cut body provides a stronger tooth bond and greater cutting accuracy on the jobsite. And the 4T thin kerf blade produces less dust than a standard carbide fiber cement blade. Available sizes include 7 ¼” 6T, 10” 6T and 12” 8T blades. Depending on the size of the blade, the suggested retail prices range from $64.99 – $119.99.

Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blade

The IRWIN Metal Cutting circular saw blade line has laser cut anti-vibration vents to keep the blade cool for smooth and accurate cuts, while the anti-kickback tooth shoulder reduces dust and sparks for safer cuts. Great for cutting steel, such as black pipe, angle iron, threaded rod or aluminum, the laser cut blade delivers a stronger tooth bond and greater cutting accuracy. The metal cutting grade carbide teeth can withstand higher impact and reduce the wear for longer blade life. The 7 available sizes include 6 ¾” 40T, 7 ¼” 48T, 7 ¼” 68T, 8” 50T, 10” 80T, 12” 60T and 14” 80T. Depending on the size of the blade, the suggested retail prices range from $29.99 – $119.99.

MARATHON with WeldTec Circular Saw Blade

Construction framers now have a saw blade solution that’s Made Stronger to Last Longer. The IRWIN® MARATHON® with WeldTec™ circular saw blade that touts 50% longer life than the original MARATHON circular saw blade, is extremely durable even under extreme working conditions. The new IRWIN MARATHON with WeldTec features UC2™ carbide and E.O.T. ™ (every other tooth) grind technology – providing enhanced cut quality and making it the longest lasting blade ever. The welded tooth bond is 30% stronger than a brazed joint, so your blade will last longer if it hits nails or foreign objects.

“The IRWIN MARATHON with WeldTec is truly a groundbreaking innovation in power tool accessories,” said George Hartel, Director of Marketing for IRWIN Tools. “We sampled and surveyed hundreds of professional framing tradesmen who told us that this blade is the longest lasting, most durable and fastest saw blade they have ever used.”

The UC2 carbide (sub-micro grain) teeth are also 70% stronger than standard carbide teeth. UC2 carbide stays sharper, longer because the carbide grains used to form the teeth are smaller, providing the tightest packing of carbide possible for a quality, durable cutting edge. This allows for ultra compact carbide teeth that are extremely durable and provide best-in-class cut quality.

The IRWIN MARATHON with WeldTec also features E.O.T. grind technology, where every other tooth is ground slightly thinner for superior cut speed. The IRWIN MARATHON with WeldTec is Made Stronger to Last Longer. The IRWIN MARATHON with WeldTec also features innovative heat vents and expansion slots to help with straighter cuts and chip ejection. A reinforced shoulder also adds to its durability. The IRWIN MARATHON with WeldTec framing blade is available at industrial construction supply houses and hardware retailers nationwide. SRP is $11.99 – $12.99.

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