Hilti DSH-P Integrated Water Pump System

Hilti DSH-P Integrated Self-Priming Water Pump

When I hear the name Hilti, the first thing that comes to mind is a leader in the world of concrete tools and fastening.  We recently had the opportunity to attend Hilti’s 2017 media event.  

At the event, Hilti released their DSH-P Integrated Water Pump System.  The DSH-P eliminates the need for a pressurized water source to control the dust when cutting concrete.  The pump is designed to work hand in hand with the Hilti DSH 700-X and 900-X gas powered cut- off saws.  It is self priming and is powered by the saw.  

The greatest thing about the DSH-P is the portability it provides.  You are no longer limited to the length of hose for your water supply.  All you need is a bucket of water to provide dust control to your cuts.  It has the ability to pull a maximum of 5 feet of lift through the 10 foot hose that is included in the kit.  The DSH-P attaches to the drive of your saw by replacing the rear cover.

Just like the Hilti gas saws, the DSH-P is available as a Hilti fleet item, which means a 1 year no questions asked, repair coverage. The best part is Hilti offers 1 day repair turn around.  

The DSH-P Integrated Water Pump System eliminates the need for a pressurized water source to control the dust when cutting concrete, this is going to allow contractors who would normally dry cut work safer, with less airborne dust.We need to start thinking about concrete dust now, more than ever. It’s time to implement Silica controls:

Silica has been called the “New Asbestos”, and the U.S. Department of Labor and OSHA have issued rulings on reducing the permissible exposure limits for workers in our industry. These regulations go into effect on the 27th of September. As a measure of the seriousness of this airborne contaminant, OSHA has reduced the exposure limits to one-fifth of the existing amounts. These new exposure limits are 50 micro-grams per cubic meter over an 8-hour shift.

If you fully and properly implement the engineering controls, work practices and respiratory protection outlined, you are within compliance with the new regulation.

Get real familiar with the tools you are using! You are compliant if you follow the guidelines of Table 1. But you should know that the regulation puts a solid responsibility on both you and your tool manufacturer. For in each Table 1 Work Practice Control Method is the following language:

“Operate and maintain tool in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions to minimize dust emissions.”

The DSH-P Integrated Water Pump System was just one of several new releases from Hilti this year. Stay tuned to Tool Box Buzz for more updates on the 2017 Hilti Media Event.

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