Dremel Ultra-Saw US40

Sneak Peek at the Dremel Ultra-Saw US40

Dremel Ultra-Saw US40The Do-It-Yourselfers I know are always looking for that panacea to their DIY projects, such as a tool that can handle multiple tasks, or a faster, more efficient way to accomplish this task. Oh yea, and don’t forget that they expect all this at a reasonable price.

Well, the folks at Dremel were listening and recently upgraded their Saw Max to create the Dremel Ultra-Saw.

The Dremel Ultra-Saw, is a multi-saw that outperforms the Saw-Max in everyway, and even performs paint removal, tile cutting, grinding and concrete surfacing applications.

Saw-Max vs Ultra-Saw:

The Saw-Max has a plastic foot guard, 6 amp motor and a 3 inch blade. We found when testing the Saw-Max that it’s 3-inch blade wore away fairly when cutting ¾ material.   The Saw-Max can cut and flush-cut various materials, but there are no surface-prep accessories for tasks like removing rust, thinset or paint or diamond abrasive wheels for grinding.

The Ultra-Max weighs 6.5 pounds, has a metal foot guard, 7 amp motor and a 3.5 and 4 inch blade for faster cutting. An included side handle offers the user additional stability and control.

Dremel Ultra-Saw, a 3 in 1 tool:

The Ultra-Saw is a 3 in 1 tool for jobs like grinding and cutting metal in addition to wood-cutting and flush-cutting.   Add a few of Dremel’s accessories, and the Dremel Ultra-Saw offers the added ability to perform surface preparation tasks like removing paint, rust and thin-set mortar.

The result is the Dremel Ultra-Saw which is a heavier duty and more functional upgrade to the Saw-Max, in a more durable and functional package.


We have not tested the Ultra-Saw yet but it was designed to make the following cuts:

  • Metal cutting in materials, such as metal pipe, tubing and rebar.
  • Material removal or surface grinding, such as thin-set and mortar.
  • Wood cutting and flush cutting with an off set blade

The saw is also set up similar to the Saw-Max which has a great line of sight and the ability to make precise, straight, and controlled cuts. Changing the blade and accessories is quick and easy.

Dust Collection Attachment

One accessory that appeals to us is the vacuum adapter, sold separately. This attachment allows the user to connect a dust extractor to the Ultra-Saw and collect dust right at the source.

What’s In The Kit?

The US40 Ultra-Saw comes with:

  • 3.5″ metal-cutting wheel                          (US510-01)
  • 4″ carbide wood cutting wheel                (US500-01)
  • 4″ wood flush cutting blade                      (US600-01)
  • 4″ diamond abrasive surface prep wheel (US410-01)
  • side handle
  • kit bag


  • 4″ paint and rust surface pre wheel,      US400, $14.97
  • 4″ diamond surface prep wheel,            US410, $19.97
  • 4″ carbide wood-cutting wheel,              US500, $14.97
  • 3.5″ metal-cutting wheel,                        US510, $1.99
  • 3.5″ masonry cutting wheel,                  US520, $1.99
  • 3.5″ diamond tile-cutting blade,            US540,  $14.97
  • 4″ wood flush-cutting wheel,                  US600, $19.97
  • 6-piece cutting wheel set,                      US700, $39.97


The Dremel Ultra- Saw is an obvious upgrade and improvement over Dremel’s Saw-Max. It is going to be sold at Home Depot stores for $129.00.

Overall Impression

The Ultra-Saw clearly combines the compact versatility of the Saw-Max allowing one handed operation in tight compact spaces and offers a well-rounded set of accessories to allow users to tackle a wide variety of projects that involve quick but precise cutting, material removal, and grinding.

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  1. This is great news. I received a pair of the Saw-Maxs for a test run last year and while I wasn’t able to give it coverage, and despite some of the shortcomings you list (including perhaps under-performing blades) – I amazingly a year later still find myself reaching for it. This type of tool proves its worth over and over and is especially invaluable for cut outs. Thanks for the share Todd. and the best on the pavilion project. ~jb

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