Diablo Unveils New Innovations in their Blade Technology at Diablo’s Media Event at STAFDA Show

Diablo’s Media Event at STAFDA Show

On Tuesday November 12th Diablo showcased their latest innovations in abrasives, and reciprocating blades at STAFDA’s annual convention where hundreds of vendors get a chance to showcase their  newest products, offer generous terms to distributors, and often give consumers, distributors, and journalists a sneak peak of upcoming innovations.

We at Tool Box Buzz had the opportunity to see Diablo’s newest products in action and even get to try our hand with these new blades. Plus Diablo demonstrated the impressive capability of their next generation recripocating blades that we are excited to cover when they are released. For now let’s take a look at their newest offerings available now.

 Diablo Unveils New Innovations in their Blade Technology at Diablo's Media Event at STAFDA Show 2

NEW 5-inch Random Orbital Sander Pad

Diablo has advanced their abrasives with a ceramic aggregate that is designed to remove material faster and prolong the life of each sanding pad. Additionally the design of the pads dust control has been modified to ensure effective dust removal without over thinking applying a new pad.


NEW Demolition Reciprocating Saw Blades

Diablo is one of the only tool/accessory company that also makes its own carbide allowing Diablo to create custom carbide solutions for specific applications. And when it comes to carbide this material is almost never found on a reciprocating blades, until now. Diablo’s newest demolition blade, the Demo Demon, features carbide which can quickly cut through hardened material imbedded in wood. Additionally, Diablo has a unique Tooth Per Inch (TPI) configuration that allows the operator to start a cut cleanly with a high TPI base and still quickly saw through material with a low TPI tip.



NEW Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blades

Diablo also showcased their new metal cutting Steel Demon Blade which features a strip of solid carbide specifically designed for cutting stainless steel. This blade was very aggressive and very fast. The speed and ease of cut these new reciprocating blades provide users makes the often awkward cuts you have to make with a reciprocating saw much safer and puts less stress on you and your crew when getting the job done.


DIABLO’s commitment to Quality

Which is ultimately what Diablo is about, their products are based on the core competencies of precision manufacturing, the BEST carbide for the cutting application, and quality assurance. One of the most impressive aspects of Diablo’s manufacturing process is their individual serial number that can associate any blade within minutes of the actual fabrication, allowing Diablo to diagnose issues in the process and rectify them with great specificity.

Diablo Unveils New Innovations in their Blade Technology at Diablo's Media Event at STAFDA Show 4

We look forward to loading our reciprocating saws with their new blades and are very excited to compare Diablo’s new products to current market offerings in the field.

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